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From another universe far away Vema comes to the timeline when kid Trunks and Goten already exist and Majin Buu’s havoc has just ended. When the Z-fighters meet him there in disbelief, Gohan tell him he was here already before to change his timeline and he went back a few years zamani so what brings him back. He tells them I have not been here before my name is Vema I heard a lot of great things about wewe guys. So how did wewe get to the level your at now and what happened with the androids in your timeline? Tien asked ? I was Training with my father Vegeta, me him and my mother were the only...
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Female Saiyans have never been shown to be able to transform into Super Saiyans,
however Akira Toriyama has stated that there ... :(
I'd like to see a female super saiyan, it'd be so cool! Akira should make Pan and Bulla super saiyans! I think Bulla could be a super saiyan because she's 1/2 Saiyan like Gohan and Trunks.Pan's 1/4 Saiyan but she's gohan's daughter too! >.< Also Fasha who is a pure blood saiyan could easily be a super saiyan if Akira made another storyline...
Well this is a wish at all... hehe xP
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