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posted by SuzutheNeko14
I was in a classroom I've never seen on my own. It was empty. Alone. Cold. I got out of my dawati and looked at the blank chalkboard. Blood was smeared all over it. I felt my foot brush against something on the floor. I looked down and found a teacher's dead body. I soon ran into the hallway and found I was the only one in the school. The lights flickered and soon went out completely. I tried running trying to find help. But, something got a hold of me. Hands, cold, huge hands. The grip was breath taking. I couldn't breath. I soon smelled smoke and fire. I tried to run but there was nowhere to go. The moto surrounded me as I fell to my knees. Those cold hands turned hot like the moto around me. Let go. It wouldn't go away. Please let go of me. I don't wan tto die this way.
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Fleetwood Mac-Dreams
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The Cranberries - Dreams