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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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This Duncan and Courtney picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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Source: A rare moment of Duncan and Courtney chatting with each other, taken with a hidden camera; on the Af
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Decode: One-shot 

 Courtney skimmed the headline on the newpaper. 
"Total Dram Contestants: Where are they now?" Courtney frowned and dropped thd newspaper onto the vanity. 
  "Courtney, wewe ready?" A voice Courtney recognized to be her friend, Max. She stood up and dusted herself off. The image in the mirror showed differences than it had two years ago.  Courtney's mocha hair was now Deep Scarlet Red and her skin paler than before. Her fashion sense had changed to darker colors. 
  "Yeah. I'm ready." Courtney replied. The stage manager handed her a microphone. She gladly took it and...
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i was in my house getting ready to go to the sinema when my mom wouldent stop bothering me to help her with some stuff, wich made me late to go to the movies, and at the same time alejandro wouldent stop calling me to see if i was near the movies.
courtney: dont worrry ill be there!!!!!
alejandro: please hurry up!!!!!!!!
courtney: ill be there :)
at that same moment duncan calls......
courtney: ohhh hujambo duncan.
duncan: courtney i forbit u to go to the sinema with this guy.
courtney: and y is that?
duncan: u dont know him like i do, i know hes gona steel u from me, and i cant let that happen.
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 Courtney's Journal
Courtney's Journal
*ding dong*
Courtney: Who is it?
Duncan: Its me!
Courtney:Oh.... Come in!
Duncan:*Opens door* Wow, wewe look....WOW!
Courtney: wewe too.
Duncan:You ready to go?

..................20 dakika later.................

Duncan:well..were here!
Courtney:What is this place?
Duncan:You'll find out soon.
Courtney:This is fancy,how are wewe going to afford it?
Duncan:Don't worry Babe.
Duncan:here is our table.

*after dinner*

Duncan:You wanna go outside on the Balcany?
Courtney:O..Ok!*feeling eager*
Duncan:Look at the stars.
Courtney:There wonderful!Look its a shooting star!
Duncan:You want it?
Courtney:How are wewe gonna get a shooting star?
Dunacn:Like this*pretends to catch the shooting star* and here wewe go*Shows her the ring* Courtney will wewe marry me?
Courtney:eeeeeeeee Yes!Yes!Yes! A million times yes!

i'd like to give thanx to vamp_grl_123 for helping me with this story!
 This is a good couple!
This is a good couple!
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kwa me :D
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Sorry i havnt updated this earlyer

*Courtneys POV*

"Hey Mommy! Kindergarten is going to be SO much fun!" The over-excited 5 mwaka old says. "I'm So glad that your excited." Her mother replys. "Lets Go! Lets go!!" The little Girl says. "Okay Courtney, Calm down, We'll be there in time!"

Courtneys mother starts the car and Courtney jumps into the backseat. "I cant wait!" Courtney says squeeling. Courtneys mom smiles as they drive out of their driveway.

About 10 dakika later they arive at the school. "Come on Mommy!" Courtney says while Unbuckleing. Courtney jumps out of the car and courtneys mom...
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Hiya! My sis is being a brat so I can't use the computer as much :( I really hate my sis! Name's of D+C kids (I KNOW we all forget} are Lauren, Clarie, Dani, and Jacob! (srry if I messed up at the names at any point!
Lauren's P.O.V
The infamous couple of Duncan and Courtney we're about to kiss in the onyesha when my mom came in and yelled! She alisema "YOU GUY'S SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN IN THAT CABINET! I expected this out of Lauren and Clarie But Dani! Jacob! HOW COULD wewe DO THIS? WE TRUSTED YOU!" Then my dad cam in and HE started yelling at us! I don't know...
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Is it wrong to fall in upendo with the wrong type of person? Is upendo even a word, au is it a made of vocablary used to define someone's unbelieveable passion for somebody. My farther always alisema to find a nice young lady, who I have to protected, and care for. But what if it turn around?

What if the lady is stronger than you? What if she's faster, au smarter than you? What if she wants to feed on you?

Could wewe really go that far to be with her? I mean my town, hunts there kind, to make sure there is none left standing.

When your in this kind of situation, who can stand kwa wewe love....or your people.....
“okay.” I whimper…. I’m terrified now.

“we are going to ask that everyone but three support people leave the room.”

“Okay…well, I guess we will go.” says Geoff as he grabs the gang and heads for the door.

“Wait“. I say threw tears. “I…..I need wewe guys hear. Trent and Bridgette, please stay.”

“You want me to stay?” Trent asks.

“Yes. wewe are like a big brother to me… I upendo wewe like wewe are… and AAAUUUUGHHHH” a huge wave of pain hits me hard.

“You are going to have to hurry, because we need to start pushing soon.” says the nurse as she and the doctor...
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