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This Duncan and Courtney picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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I was setting at a meza, jedwali in a dark room. I looked over at a mirror that i knew was a two way. I knew they were watching me.

Two cops walked in.... one looked around 40 and the other no older than 35. they set down at the meza, jedwali and started asking me questions.

COP ONE: what is wewe relationship with Courtney Blackwell?

ME: she is my girlfriend......

COP TWO: How long have wewe been going out with her?

ME: since right after total drama action..... around 2 years.

COP ONE: Have wewe ever touched Courtney?

I looked at him. Hatred burning my eyes.

ME: NO! NEVER I upendo Courtney.

COP ONE: So...
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