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Hair Products Needed to Get Robert’s Look
•Matte styling product, such as American Crew Fiber. Fiber is a paste-like, strong-hold product that is extremely pliable. It is ideal to create Robert’s bed-head look without looking too perfect.
•Round hair brush, such as Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Round Brush. These brushes come in S, M, L, and XL sizes. Choose a size depending on hair length. Shorter than Robert’s? Use a smaller size. Hair the same length as Robert’s will need a M au L.
•Blow dryer, such as Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Dry v.1. This dryer has a low...
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posted by JennyRocker197
A normal guy would say: “I upendo wewe Baby!”
Edward Cullen would say: “You are my life now.”

Normal Guy would say: “I think I am falling for you.”
Edward Cullen would say: “The Lion fell in upendo with the Lamb”

Normal Guy would say: “You hair looks like a haystack; go brush it!”
Edward Cullen would say: “Your hair looks like a haystack but I like it.”

A normal guy would pick a bila mpangilio song from a bila mpangilio artist and dedicate it to you.
Edward Cullen would sing wewe a song he wrote for wewe while playing the piano.

If wewe die, a normal guy would find another.
If wewe die, Edward would...
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Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

On June 20th 1901, Elizabeth and Edward Masen gave birth to Edward Anthony Masen in Chicago Illinois. In 1918 his family were suffering from the Spanish Influenza, Edward was 17 years old.

A young doctor named Carlisle Cullen was treating him and his mother, both were on death’s door. After fighting hard against the disease Elizabeth Masen finally succumbed, in her last breaths, she asked Carlisle to do what was in his power for her son. Carlisle saved him, gave him immortality, he changed him into a vampire. Carlisle and Edward have lived together ever since, Edward...
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hujambo i just decided to start this book about renesme edward,bella and there life in edwards point of view im goin to skip just a little bit to when renesmme is 18.enjoy!

bella what are we going to do are daughter is in upendo with a ware wolf.edward wewe dont understand we should support her.its kinda hard to do that when your a vampire and your daughter is in upendo with a mbwa mwitu thats all jacob is a wolf.edward calm down please.i will but if he tries to hurt my daughter ill kill him.dady hujambo nessie please dont yell jacob wont hurt me.nessie i never alisema he would i just alisema if he did i would kill...
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This is my longest chapter yet and is deddicated to my sister who told me to post my stories on the net. Enjoy!

Nahul was standing opposite me and the rest of us but there was a problem, behind Nahul there was a pack of sixteen blood thirsty, red eyed vampires.
“It’s just like Victoria,” I heard dad mutter, automatically placing himself in front of mum and I. I had heard about Victoria before, the crazed vampire who had wanted to kill my mum when she was human; she had created an army of newborn Wanyonya damu and my dad had eventually ripped her head off with the help of Seth (my best wolfish...
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posted by marthatsal
I found this makala in "The Modler-Life,Love,Fashion and Randomness" but i couldn't post the link here so i decided to copy the article! Here it is!

Edward Cullen! The Perfect Man!

A few years zamani when I kept hearing about Twilight this and Twilight that, I thought it was another lame Harry Potter-esque book for 12 and unders. How can anything about Wanyonya damu and mtu-bweha be taken seriously after all? The zaidi momentum the Twilight saga gained, the zaidi curious I became. What was all this fuss about? So finally I asked a classmate who had read the vitabu why she thought they were causing such...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
This not any of my work all rights go to Jessica L

Well Alice's vision was correct- as she knew it would be. We sat down at the Cullen family table, and had a little talk. It went well at first, with Alice explaining that she had something difficult that she wanted to tell everyone, and everyone pledging their support. Then when she alisema that she could tell the future, there was a full moment of silence. Just silence.

I saw it forming in Rosalie's mind before it happened. The jealousy. She was thinking that now Alice had something over her. Something to make her special. Something unique,...
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posted by marthatsal
I found those reason online, i didn't come up with none of them but when i read this post i thought i was great and SO TRUE! I am an Edward Cullen Lover, if wewe like him too i think you're gonna enjoy this! Please feel free to add your reason "Why Women upendo Edward Cullen" if wewe have some!

Reasons why women upendo Edward Cullen

*A normal guy would say: I upendo wewe baby
Edward Cullen would say: wewe are my life now

*As wewe leave the house a normal guy would say: Bye See ya!
Edward Cullen would say: Hurry back to me

*While you've gone far away, a normal guy would say: I miss wewe
Edward Cullen would say: It's like you've taken half myself with wewe

*If wewe died, a normal guy would find another
Edward Cullen would kill himself because "life without wewe isn't worth living"
posted by AngelicaCullen
 Jake and Ness.
Jake and Ness.
I searched desperatly for jeans in my closet.All I could find though was a silky purple blouse and white cotton pants."Well this will have to do."I mumbled to myself."At least you'll look sexy during the fight.I mean,the Volturi might as well change their minds at the thought of killing you..."Jacob looked over me head to toe."Hah-hah.So funny."I replied harshly."I wasnt joking."He looked hurt."I'm sorry honey."I swept him into my arms.I dug my way through his hair to his face."I'm gonna cut my hair today.I would have yesterday,but got too distracted.."He smiled."You know,I was thinking...Maybe...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
Have wewe ever wondered what was Edward's POV of New Moon?I thought I would try to do what Stephenie did kwa uandishi Edward's POV for Twilight with Midnight Sun and write his POV of New Moon.

This is my first ever attempt at uandishi fanfiction,so please be kind.I hope wewe enjoy it.

Chapter 1: My Beautiful Bella

After coming nyumbani from my hunting trip,I went to my room to get ready to go to school.As I was getting ready,my eyes drifted to the picture on my dresser and I smiled looking at it.The picture was of my angel,my reason for existing,my beautiful Bella.It was a picture of the two of us at...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
This not any of my work all rights go to Jessica L

Charleston has so far been as interesting as can be expected. People here are your average, typical people. The area of town we have moved into, just south of Charleston, West Virginia, is typical as well, an average set of row houses, where each one looks the same as the next, but they are all spaced out far between the first. We don't live in the suburbs of course, we live in the countryside right outside of the suburbs. There is a little land on our property, and good old Dr. Cullen can get away with telling people that the row houses...
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As it is his brithday I thought I would write an makala on why we freaking upendo him so much !! <3
( Also I was very bored)
All the reasons are in no particular order expect the last.

5. His Eyes- Yes those golden eyes that make wewe melt within one look.
Those that cab stare deep down your souls and recgonise every single about you. Mmmm !! 

4.His Hair- He has one of the most orginal hairstyles in the world. Bronze hair ? New to me :)
And it is so good that people can't help copying like *cough* Mike*cough*.

3.His fathering skills- At the age of 17 he seems like a pretty good father to me....
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posted by Renesmee_XD
This not any of my work all rights go to Jessica L

I hate moving. Of all the parts of being a vampire, leaving the places wewe finally grow accustomed to and begin to call nyumbani is the worst. I have no home, I am a vagrant. Carlisle likes to say that the nyumbani is where the moyo is, but do Wanyonya damu even have hearts? Our hearts do not beat, they do not pampu blood. So would that even count? Perhaps I am over thinking again, being a downer in my own skin.

At any rate, we have moved on from our home, the one true place since I was human where I really felt at home. I am not even sure why it is...
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-Edward bought Bella a small silver phone. The kinds everybody has when there's an emergency. I wonder what's so special about the small silver phone.

Bella holds small sliver phone kwa it's edge. Almost dropping it.

Bella: Euw. It's small. and silver. and it's a phone. Omg its a small silver phone!!

Edward: Silver is sexy. Would wewe prefer a green giant phone instead, Bella?

Bella: No. Not green. I hate green. Green is wet. Green is damp. Green is Forks. I hate Forks.

Edward: If wewe haven't come to Forks then wewe wouldn;t have met me, your sexy, gorgeous, perfect boyfriend who's also a vampire...
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posted by zeimed8
NAME: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
DATE OF BIRTH: June 20, 1901
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Chicago, Illinois
EYE COLOR: Green (human); gold/black (vampire)
HEIGHT: 6‘2"
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Edward is thin and lanky but muscular. He has untidy
bronze hair and boyish looks.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: He can read the thoughts of anyone in close proximity to him,
with the exception of Bella Cullen.
EDUCATION/OCCUPATION: He has two medical degrees but has never worked as a
doctor. His other graduate degrees are...
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These are my fave Edward nukuu from the Eclipse book.Enjoy them and fall in upendo with Edward all over again.

I’ll let wewe pay me back, if that makes wewe happy. If wewe want, I can charge wewe interest.

Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.22

There’s no hurry. I won’t let anyone hurt you. wewe can take all the time wewe need.

Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.25

I’ll never forgive myself for leaving you. Not if I live a hundred thousand years.

Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.33

I don’t know how to phrase this properly. It’s going to sound cruel, I suppose. But I’ve come too...
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posted by AngelicaCullen
Well,theres a lot that has happened in the time we have been gone.The Volturi have parished because of "misterious plague" au so the humans think and me and Jake are trying for kids.So far we've been succesful concidering well, I'm pregnate!!!Carlisle flew down to the island and did the ultra-scans with nothing but a black dot appearing.I'm growing bigger every siku and cinsider myself "obese" though Jake finds it strangely attractive.I can't even walk down the hall without a whistle au two escaping his lips!So immatuer!Well anyways Jake wants a boy and I want a girl.So, we made a bet.If its...
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Title: Ten bila mpangilio facts about Edward Cullen
Pairing: Edward/Bella, all other canon Cullen pairings implied
Rating: PG13
Summary: Ten things about Edward.
A/N: Again, this goes beyond the format, but I see no way of cutting it down, so it's staying as is *g*

1) Edward’s first thought, upon awakening from death, is that he’s gone to hell, deep down into the fiery pit where pain is everlasting and the damned quench their thirst in rivers that overflow with blood. He’s felt its eternal fires burning him from the inside out, flaring in his ruby eyes even after the pain has faded and left him feeling...
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posted by Robssesed
I upendo Edward but I think these are kinda funny so I will pakia it! 10 WAYS TO ANNOY EDWARD CULLEN!

1. Keep imba "I know a song that'll get on your nerves" so it will be stuck in your head for ages!

2. Tell him that He is a sparkly fairy!!

3. Tell him that he let Bella down kwa getting her pregnant and she went through the pain hoping it was a boy and it was a girl!

4. Tell him that Bella is younger than him and she didn't drink blood once!

5. Tell him that only werewolf are stupid enough to bite pillows cause they are pups and upendo to play he should have zaidi dignity!

6. Ask how Tanya is

7. End every argument with BITE ME EDWARD!!

8. Whenever he complains au argues, reply with “What are wewe gonna do Edward? Go to Italy?”
posted by Conner95
Ok well every reader has their own image of edward!!!! and i am so sure he is a HOTT drop dead gorgeous 17 (well technically) mwaka old boy.That every girl dreams of dating.lol!
But what i am saying is do wewe think Robert Pattinson fitts that part well. Dont get me wrong .I was a huge Cedric Diggory fan, i thought he did well in that part he played the pretty boy that everybody likes. but can he live up to your image of edward?
Well at first i wasn't ecstatic about it but i think i was wrong i have watched so many movie trailors he grew on me. and well he's got the crooked smile down!!!
So leave your maoni please i really want to know what wewe think!!!