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Pick up from the lobby of your hotel in Abu Dhabi For a fabulous spectacular evening, jiunge the elegant Arabian Dhow for an evening’s cruise on Duabi Creek. Admire a luxurious Arabic and International chajio, chakula cha jioni menu while viewing the illuminated souks, banks and palaces of the unique Dubai city. Pickup from hotel starts from 06:30 pm onwards.

Tour includes:

- Pick up services from your hotel & return.
- All transfers kwa an air-conditioned coach
- English speaking driver during the tour
- chajio, chakula cha jioni on Dhow Cruise
- All taxes & service charge.

Tour excludes:

– Extras not mentioned above.
- Personal expenses & tipping.

Price per person:
- From 2 to 3 Pax: 105 Usd
- From 4 to 6 Pax: 105 Usd
- From 7 to 10 Pax: 105 Usd

Tour schedule: Every Day.
Dhow chajio, chakula cha jioni Cruise Trips From Abu Dhabi
Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Hurghada flight toCairo – Cairo Sightseeing – fly to Luxor

pick up and transfer to your hotel in Hurghada Airport A / C van flight to Cairo kwa Appointment Your guide Egyptologist tour, visit the GreatPyramids of Giza, the Cheops pyramid, which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and Khafre and Menkaure pyramids (Cheops, Chephren, Menkauraa pyramids), Valley Temple, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, where u can see, one of the largest and oldest treasure in the world , u see tha haraohs statues, Tut Ankh Amun Golden Mask and boxes of gold, everywhere visit...
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Tour Itinerary

Our trip start pick wewe up from your hotel inHurghada kwa our REP and drive to Luxor kwa air-conditioned vehicle to visit the famous Karnak Temple the largest place of worship that was ever built. Its ancient name Ipet-isut means “the most sacred of places.” The temple, or, zaidi correctly, the complex of temples, was built zaidi than two thousand years zamani kwa generation after generation of pharaohs. Within the complex, the great “Hypostyle Hall” is an incredible forest of giant pillars, Lunch will be served at local restaurant during the trip, then wewe will be moved into...
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Start the 2 days trip at the Quriyat fishing village where there will be a short picha stop at the harbor which is absolutely spectacular and yet completely rural!. Proceed to visit the Bimah Sinkhole, it is a fascinating limestone crater been created many years zamani and the hole is large and filled with blue-green sea water.

Drive on to the white beaches of Finns for a photo-stop and/or a swim (1/2 hour). Continue to Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi where wewe will enjoy the pre-packed picnic lunch in the serene surroundings of the beautiful Oasis. Drive on to Sur where wewe will experience the fishermen’s...
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Drive to Barka to visit samaki market and witness local people how they barter fresh catch fish. Proceed to visit Rustaq South Al Batinah region, surrounded kwa the central Al Hajir mountain range and an abundance of tarehe palm groves and Aflaj.

Rustaq is an area of healing warm springs, the most notable being Ain al Kasafa. Its waters runs at 45°C and are regarded as a cure for rheumatism and skin diseases due to its sulphur content.

You will also stop at Nakhal derived from “Nakheel” which means “date palm” in Arabic language, famous for its fort situated at the base of Jebel Akhdar, it...
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Day 1: Arrive Casablanca

- Meet at Casablanca then transfer to your Casablanca hotel.
- Overnight in Casablanca.
Day 2: Casablanca & Meknes Tours

- Tour to visit the sighseeing in Casablanca, Volubilis and Meknes.
- Continue to Fez and overnight.
Day 3: Fez City Tours

- Full siku of sightseeing in Fez the spiritual capital of Morocco.
- Overnight at your hotel in Fez.
Day 4: Rabat City Tours

- Morning drive to Rabat for a full siku trip to its highlights.
- Overnight in your hotel in Rabat.
Day 5: Travel to Marrakesh

- Depart to Marrakech viewing the High Atlas Mountains landscapes.
- Arrive Marrakech...
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 Can wewe see the Pyramids?
Can you see the Pyramids?
Hi guys, my name is Dee and I come from Malaysia. Now I have always upendo to travel and here are my reasons on why Egypt is my dream destination, ready?

1) Cairo

This city has managed to preserve the pyramids which is just stands outside of the city, I upendo to see the tombs of their Egyptian kings.

2) Alexandria

Another great tourist attraction that I long to go, hopefully I could go on a cruise on the River Nile.

3) Ancient Egyptian Mythologies

Like their Greek counterparts, I have always been very fascinated with the Egyptian mythologies. I have also read that the very first cinderella was made here, my younger brother loves Cats too!

4) Egyptian Music

I upendo Middle Eastern music, because they fascinate me and I would upendo to grab a copy to put it into my iPod!

An Egyptian Moment

So, here are my four reasons on why Egypt is my dream destination.
 Fort Qaitley, Alexandria
Fort Qaitley, Alexandria
 Egyptian Myth
Egyptian Myth
 muziki brings us together!
Music brings us together!
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 great MASR
great MASR

Arab-Israeli War of 1973, armed conflict between Israel and the Arab countries of Egypt and Syria, fought during the mwezi of October 1973. Egypt and Syria initiated the conflict to regain territories that Israel had occupied since the Six-Day War of 1967. Although both sides suffered heavy losses during the 1973 war, Israel retained control of the territories. Because the conflict began on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur and took place during the Muslim holy mwezi of Ramadan, the war is also called the Yom Kippur War kwa Israelis...
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Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Sharm flight toCairo – Cairo Sightseeing – fly to Luxor

pick up and transfer to your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, transfer to Sharm El Sheikh Airport A / C van flight to Cairo kwa Appointment Your guide Egyptologist tour, visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Cheops pyramid, which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and Khafre and Menkaure pyramids (Cheops, Chephren, Menkauraa pyramids), Valley Temple, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, where u can see, one of the largest and oldest treasure in the world , u see tha haraohs statues, Tut Ankh Amun Golden Mask...
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Pick up from your hotel in Dubai to enjoy Helicopter tour in Dubai. Seeing Dubai from an aerial view is truly exceptional. Experience this through the Helicopter tour which takes off in marina and flies over the world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab, the prestigious Jumeirah beach, pwani and Palm Jumeirah. A different side of the city will be revealed soaring over the zaidi modern skyline through Sheikh Zayed Road. The diverse aspects of Dubai will further be felt overlooking the creek before landing. Transfer back to your hotel.

Tour includes:
– Pick up services from your hotel & return....
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One of the newest and most luxurious Nile River cruise ships sailing between Luxor and Aswan, the Darakum offers its guests truly unforgettable Nile holidays. You'll be treated like a pharaoh as your Nile river cruise drifts pasts tombs and temples on this grand tour of Classical Egypt
Ms Darakum Nile Cruise
Is one of the Largest and most Luxurious vessels on the Nile River between Luxor and Aswan providing the services and facilities of 5 nyota Deluxe. The crew and the management on the MS Darakum assure comfortable and enjoyable Cruise on the Nile River.
The mashua is very modern, contemporary...
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Your best choice to Cruise the Nile, Compare rates and facilities of zaidi than 50 Cruise-ship on the Nile River in Egypt. Enjoy the warm weather and visit the ancient Egyptian tombs and temples in Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan.
As soon as wewe board one of our special boats, something inside wewe will stir as it transports you, in majestic splendor, through a magical mystical land.... It will steal your moyo away!! One of the most relaxing things for a visitor to do in Egypt is cruise along the Nile. One sky tours egypt introduces wewe to the remarkable sights of Upper Egypt and is ideal for...
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Pick up from your hotel in Dubai for full Dubai city experience. Dubai has emerged as a cosmopolitan metropolis that has grown steadily to become a global city and a business and cultural hub of the Middle East and the Gulf region. Dubai is one of the juu tourist destination in the world. There are a number of sites of interest in Dubai, due to the epic boom of construction on a large scale in Dubai; many tourist attractions are being built to attract tourists. wewe will visit Burj Khalifa, Dubai aquarium, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab with the famous High chai with seven course set...
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 kusoma Area
Reading Area
M/S Hamees Nile Cruise is one of the largest and most luxurious ships on Nile River, cruising between Luxor and Aswan. This five nyota deluxe Nile cruise is designed to the highest standard, with prime consideration aliyopewa to the comfort of all travelers in all ages. Nile River between Luxor and Aswan. M/S Hamees Nile cruise is built according to the rules and regulations of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), including all safety and insurance aspects as well as the hygiene standards
MS Hamees 5* deluxe Nile cruise ship is one of the most luxurious cruises in Nile River. MS Hamees Nile cruise...
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Pick up from Kusadasi hotel to enjoy a full siku sightseeing tour in Ephesus city. It is considered one of the great outdoor museums of Turkey, in fact perhaps of the world. It is also considered one of the best preserved classical city of the Eastern Mediterranean, and among the best places in the world enabling one to genuinely ‘soak in’ the atmosphere of Roman times. wewe will visit Odeon, State Agora, The Prytaneion, Domitian Square, Hercules Gate, The kisima, chemchemi of Trajan, Temple of Hadrian, Celsius Library, the Gymnasium, the Grand Theatre, the Arcadian Way and finally wewe will handicraft center to have a presentation about authentic Turkish arts. Return back to your hotel in Kusadasi.

jiunge us for Muscat memorable sunset cruise, this tour creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing, tranquil evening on the ocean. Your tropical sunset at sea will be highlighted kwa spectacular maoni of some of Muscat most pristine coastline. toast the end of another perfect siku in paradise as wewe watch the sun slowly disappear beyond the horizon. Watch the hills of Muscat disappear with the setting sun, to be backlit kwa glittering starlight au the light of a glorious moon. There is nothing zaidi romantic than a sunset sail so book yours today.

Pick up from Muscat port then drive drive through the beautiful embassy quarter of Muscat en route to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque which is the famous religious landmark of Muscat and splendor of unique Islamic architecture (Islamic dress code to be observed). Then drive to Nakhl Oasis where the highest fort in Oman is standing proudly on juu of a hillock. Continue to the Al Thowara Oasis to admire the natural water springs and get the lunch among the palm trees before returning to Muscat kwa afternoon to visit Al Alam Sultan’s Palace where 2 forts “Jalali” and “Mirani” built kwa the...
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Pick up from Agadir port to enjoy a siku trip to Marrakech city. It is a major city in the northwest African nation of Morocco. It is the third largest city in Morocco after Casablanca and Rabat, and lies near the foothills of the snow capped Atlas Mountains and a few hours away from the foot of the Sahara Desert. Its location and contrasting landscape has made it an enviable destination in Morocco. wewe will Visit Menara Garden, the Saadian tombs, Bahia Palace, the Koutoubia and Dar Si alisema museum. wewe will also have time to enjoy visiting the souks and finally Jemaa El-Fanaa. Return back to your cruise in Agadir port.

Many influence, are apparent in the architecture of Petra; Assyrian, Egyptian, Hellenistic and Roman. Most of the visible remains tarehe from the Roman period, yet somehow kubeba a unique Nabataean stamp. It is mostly the rock-cut tombs which remain today, though freestanding temples built of stone, the Qasr Al-Bint Temple and the Temple of the Winged Lions can also be seen.
.One can imagine the impression the ruins made upon him, for he was fully able to appreciate the importance of his discovery and correctly identify the city as ancient Petra. In spite of the fact that he was obliged to conceal...
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Pick up from to Istanbul port then transfer to full siku sightseeing tour in Istanbul city visiting Topkapi Palace nyumbani of the Ottoman sultans for nearly 400 years, the moyo of the vast Ottoman Empire. As well as a royal residence, the palace was a setting for state occasions and royal entertainments. Byzantine Hippodrome of Constantinopole, Blue Mosque one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. The National Mosque of Turkey was built in the early 17th century. Its name is derived from the blue tiles decorating its interior. St. Sophia is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a...
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