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this isn't mine, but I found it on Youtube! The poster gave me permission to use it. If you've seen "Wildlife" you'll know what scene I'm talking about
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A/N: hujambo guys, I'm here with another update! Have fun with this Chapter! xD

Disclaimer: I own nothing and Dick mbwa mwitu owns it all, but if I did own them, Elliot and Olivia would have already jumped each other years ago, and would be much happier now ;)


NYPD krisimasi Ball

8:03 P.M.

The room was spectacular, the already white walls only intensifying the Christmassy look. There were red and green streamers lining the walls, and a single, massive krisimasi mti in one of the corners. It was easily fifteen feet high, and under it were presents that had...
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 laughing :)
laughing :)
A/N: okay, so i just pulled this up from the dregs of my computer...apparently i got bored over x-mas and decided to write some eo lol xD

well, here ya go :)

discription: Elliot and Kathy got divorced, and now he, with no place to go, is living with Olivia. He has been living with her for 5+ months. Kathy and Elliot's break-up (God don't we all wish that were to finally happen???) wasn't very pretty. Background info and such are in his flashback; don't skip ahead to that, It may disrupt the flow of things :P


SVU Precinct

December 23rd, 2009

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Maybe Tonight...Maybe I'll fall...Maybe he'll crash through my walls...maybe at last upendo will come back and take me deep into his arms...Maybe the heart, that falls apart finally wins...Maybe tonight I'll finally fall in upendo again...

Olivia sat slumped at her desk. The squad room was empty, that was why she was here. Tears rolled from her cheeks, falling softly onto the letter she was clutching. It was cruel. Her boyfriend had broken up with her...Through a letter. He didn't even have the guts to say it to her face.

It was then she felt a familiar hand on her shoulder.
"You alright, Liv?"...
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Title: Whole Again – The first Meeting

Author: Rosalyn

Shipping: Elliot/Olivia

Genre: Angst, Romance

Note: My first EO fanfiction (and my first english one ^.~)
Thaks to Eline_K for the beta <3


“I want a new partner.”
That was what she alisema to the captain.
Now sitting at her dawati at her new job at Computer Crimes, the words of her former partner Elliot came to her mind.
“Look, we both choose each other over the job. We can never let that happen again. Otherwise we can’t be partners.”
And they echo in her head again and again causing her a bad headache.

That was right before she had left...
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