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So since 2 AM (3 am CET) last night, the running order has been announced for tomorrow's final. Over the week, countries were drawn into the first au sekunde half of the final, so here is how it went:

1: France
2: Lithuania
3: Moldova
4: Finland
5: Spain
6: Belgium
7: Estonia
8: Belarus
9: Malta
10: Russia
11: Germany
12: Armenia
13: Netherlands
14: Romania
15: United Kingdom
16: Sweden
17: Hungary
18: Denmark
19: Iceland
20: Azerbaijan
21: Greece
22: Ukraine
23: Italy
24: Norway
25: Georgia
26: Ireland
posted by Ashley-Green
This album is the compilation of all 43 songs which made it to the final and semi-finals of Eurovision. With a rich cultural mix of languages (though English certainly dominates) and styles (ranging from a Capella to operatic pop) there’s something for everyone in this album. Despite the lack of the all-important visuals which are included in the live performances, most of the songs still manage to deliver well (with the marked exception of pseudo-mainstream attempts such as ‘Celebrate’), with their impressive vocals and melodies intact.
Generally considered to be a gimmick kwa those not...
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posted by zanhar1
Over the decades Eurovison has brought so many great songs to life. I was truly a task to narrow it down to just ten. However I picked ten and then picked out my inayopendelewa lyrics from each.

1. Ne Ver', Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi - t.A.T.u. (Russia)

Ne zazhigaj i ne gasi.
Ne ver', ne bojsya, ne prosi.
I uspokojsya, i uspokojsya.

2. 1944 - Jamala (Ukraine)

Where is your mind?
Humanity cries.
You think wewe are gods.
But everyone dies.
Don't kumeza my soul.

3. Yodel It - Ilinca (Romania)

So bring it on, bring it on, I’m a dreamer.
If wewe don’t believe it, come and see me, I will teach you.
If wewe never try, you’ll...
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She’s imba softly in the night
Praying for the morning light
She dreams of how they used to be
At dawn they will be free

Memories they haunt his mind
Save him from the endless night
She whispers warm and tenderly
Please come back to me

And when the golden sun arises far across the sea
The dawn will break as darkness fades forever we’ll be free

Never forget what I did, what I said
When I gave wewe all my moyo and soul
Morning will come and I know we’ll be one
Cause I still believe that you’ll remember me

She mourns beneath the moonlit sky
Remembering when they alisema goodbye
Where’s the one he used...
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posted by Emmanouela96
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) was formed on 12th February 1950 kwa 23 broadcasting organisations from Europe and the Mediterranean at a conference in Devon, United Kingdom. It was on the 6th of June, 1954, that Montreux became the venue for the first transmission kwa the EBU's Eurovision Network of the nargisi Festival and its flower-bedecked procession floats. The first Eurovision viewers eagerly watched on four million televisheni sets in homes, bars, and duka windows in Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2009 | Semi Final 2 - The 19 entries

Igor Curkov feat. Andrea
Liepa Tena

Written kwa Vjekoslava Huljic
Composed kwa Tonci Huljic
Broadcaster: HRT

Croatia will be represented kwa a duo of young singers Igor and Andrea. They will perform in Moscow in croatian the song Liepa Tena composed kwa Tonci Huljic and writen kwa Vjekoslava Huljic who also sent songs for Coratia in Eurovision in 1995, 1999, 2001. Croatia made their debut in 1993. Also the 13 of 26 Yugoslavian entries being Croatian and Yugoslavia's only winning song Rock Me, performed kwa Riva, was from Croatia. Two...
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posted by Krevetka16
I was browsing through the picks and one swali caught my attention the most, it was Ratdog's question: Do wewe think the voting is fixed au based on country's neighbours and politics?

I personally do believe that the neighboring countries vote for each other, however I think that it is inevitable for this to happen, not only because of language similarities. Its the culture in total that matters. For example, if wewe look at the scandinavian countries who vote for each other. They all have similar sounding languages which originated from the same branch. Also, generally speaking they seem to...
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Eurosceptic, analphabetic
Try not to be hermetic

Euro Neuro don’t be sceptic
Hermetic, pathetic, analphabetic
Forget all cosmetic, wewe need new poetic
Esthetic, ecletic, dialectic

Euro neuro, don’t be dogmatic, bureaucratic
You need to become pragmatic
To stop change climatic, automatic
Need contribution from the institution
To find solution for pollution
To save the children of the evolution

Euro neuro (Euro neuro)
Euro neuro – monetary break dance
Euro neuro (Euro neuro)
Euro neuro – give me chance to refinance

(Blaue grotte ausflug do Zanjica)
(Heute habe hobotnica)

Euro neuro I don’t like snobism...
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Melbourne, Australia - Each year, Australia holds a Eurovision weekend from Friday to Sunday where the First and sekunde Semi Finals are shown culminating in the Final onyesha on Sunday evening. During the Final the Australian public get their chance to televote for their winner.

This year, the Australian public vote differed significantly from the European vote. All weekend there were huge Eurovision parties in Melbourne, Sydney and the other major Australian cities.
Although Australia cannot vote in the actual Eurovision Song Contest, each mwaka the public do televote to decide their winner and...
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