Eurovision Song Contest ESC 2016 - Your inayopendelewa song from the sekunde Semifinal (Running Order)

Pick one:
LATVIA - Heartbeat
POLAND - Color Of Your Life
SWITZERLAND - The Last Of Our Kind
ISRAEL - Made Of Stars
BELARUS - Help wewe Fly
SERBIA - Goodbye (Shelter)
IRELAND - Sunlight
LITHUANIA - I've Been Waiting For This Night
AUSTRALIA - Sound Of Silence
SLOVENIA - Blue And Red
BULGARIA - If upendo Was A Crime
DENMARK - Soldiers Of upendo
UKRAINE - 1944
NORWAY - Icebreaker
GEORGIA - Midnight dhahabu
ALBANIA - Fairytale
BELGIUM - What's The Pressure
 MariLena16 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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