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Hatch your dragon eggs into living, breathing, fun-loving companions to care for and train for the Dragon Games! Tons of fun activities including: dress-up, dragon camp decorating, flight training, magical breathe training, adventures and more!
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Parent: The Pied Piper
Parent's Story: The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Roommate: Ginger Breadhouse
Secret Heart's Desire: To work with the greatest musicians in the land and become the most inspiring DJ in fairytale history!
My "Magic" Touch: I can hypnotize people with the flute, though I prefer records and turntables.
Storybook Romance Status: The one for me needs to have spelltacular taste in music.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Mice and rats follow me when I play my music. It's my least inayopendelewa part of my story.
inayopendelewa Subject: Woodshop. All that buzzing and sawing creates unique beats wewe can't hear anywhere else.
Least inayopendelewa Subject: Science & Sorcery. Remixing the wrong ingredients can result in a total fairy fail.
Best Marafiki Forever After: Ginger Breadhouse really knows how to put together a tasty mix. Also Justine Dancer shares my upendo of muse-ic.
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Parent: The Dark Fairy
Parent's Story: The Sleeping Beauty
Powerful Qualities: Spirited, Sassy, Assertive
Roommate: Bunny Blanc
Secret Heart's Desire: To be the Queen of vichimbakazi and the Queen of Villains! Why? Because I rule!
My "Magic" Touch: When I cheer a spell, I can make any curse zaidi powerful!
Storybook Romance Status: There are some wicked cute guys at school, but a relationship would just clip my wings.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: People always forget to invite me to parties. Good thing it's my destiny to arrive unannounced.
inayopendelewa Subject: General Villainy. Even when I'm winging it, I'm crown of the class.
Least inayopendelewa Subject: nyumbani Evilnomics. The person in front of me gets the last ingredients every time. Every time!
Best Marafiki Forever After: Briar Beauty is my best frenemy forever after, and Duchess swan is wicked cool.