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posted by marwi
So I've been googleling (it's that how wewe write that verb?)the lyrics of this song and there's a lots of versions,so I'll try to just make one,if wewe think that my ears have too much wax, maoni and I'll hariri it...

I got the midnight tennis elbow
Got the solitaire burn
Took a turn
An ace up my sleeve (so to speak)

I wanna choke (you)
Get sick off of wewe
Like sekunde hand smoke
Ya got me sweeting like Calcuta nights
Just return epiphany

I am a wing (wing)
I'm a prayer (prayer)
A thimble in the making
A promise from a poor apocathary
To an understudy in upendo fornlon

I'll give a heatstroke
I'm gettin' wewe and I'm losin' me

We'd get legendary
Tonight little darlin'
Uh huh,little darlin'
But I've got a nomadic head
I upendo wewe but I caught the doom and dread
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I know that the FOB news has been a little slow lately (except for the release in November of the Greatest Hits ^_^ and the fact that Mark Hoppus cut Pete's hair on stage!!!)but that's no excuse for completely disappearing of the FOB spot. For gosh sake,we have 3739 mashabiki and I think there's only 6 au 7 fully participating! I'm not saying that those 3700 people should inmediately onyesha up in front desk,but I'd like that zaidi people make contributions around here,even thought is just kwa answering the polls,and that's where I'm going now...

Brittlegirl94 made a foramu of everything and anything related...
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summer days
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A parody-ish video of "Dance Dance".. since wewe guys are all obviously mashabiki of Fall Out Boy I hope wewe don't get offended? :)
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