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YellowCow posted on Aug 02, 2011 at 02:37AM
Props To Greeny For Helping Me Make This!

Gifted Academy Is The Nicest Academy In The Entire World For Teenagers. Everyone That Attends Seems To Get Into Harvard, Juliard Or Yales. You Have To Be Rich, Or Get A Scholarship. Being Musically Talented, Smart or Artistic Gets Scholarships. But There's A Secret. Hidden Away, Under A Floor Board In The Girl's Bathroom, Is A Book, A Charmed Book That Whatever You Write In It Comes True. A Book Club, That Only The Scholarship Students HAVE To Join, Find The Book And All Read The Oath. The Oath...Oddly....Gives Them Each ONE Ability. And The Knowledge That They Are Now The Guardians And Protectors Of This Book. They Must Protect It From Anyone Who Tries To Get It. This Book Can Kill. This Book Can Destroy. This Book Can Bring Life. And This Book Is Under Your Protection.

Required Info Below ^_^



Scholarship Or Rich?:(If Scholarship Name Gift)



* Pic If Wanted^_^ *

Again:) Thanks Greeny!!


Caroline, Plays Electric Guitar, Has The Best Singing Voice, Dances Awesomely- YellowCow (Me)
Zoe Damien, Really Good In English- Greenstergirl
Zane Damien, Plays The Drums & Is Way Good- Greenstergirl
Isabella Marcus, Rich, Has A Scholarship, & Has A Talent For Singing-Rapunzeleah123
Alexon, Artistic, Can Draw Future Without Knowing- Alex13126
Levi Summers, Dancer- POPclogger216
Ella, Scholarship-she's a prodigy actress with a great voice-ArtemisDiana
Joe Kolsby, Scholarship, Sketching and painting-Demititan
Stella, Scholarship Or Rich?: Scholarship- Has a mesmerizing voice, with wicked dance moves, & some electric guitar!!- percyLover101
Alice James, Scholarship, very flexible- monkey0502
Portgaz D. Ace, Amazing author & illusionist- sonoboreas
Tiara Carter, scholarship for her great skills in writing and is pretty good at singing but can't dance- pink-bookworm
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