ndoto The Fallen Mist

makorra327 posted on Jul 25, 2012 at 07:39AM
Chapter One

They tried to catch her. They tried to kill her. But they all failed...they all were buried, by her. In the town of Eros Forumis, the sister city of love, was hero who was misunderstood and hated by her fellow villagers. She was to be forever banished into the Everwood Forest. Nymphs were her only conpanians. But she never really had contact with town she was imortaly a Mist Sprite. They were rare and only female spirits. usually known for being gentle hunting sprites of Artemis, they had used small knife and bows and arrows. They could turn into mist and read the emotions of animals and mortals but the gods were off limits. Nobody knows what happened to the sprite named Dannitera. One legend was that she fell in love with a young man and Artemis rejected her. Dannitera was outraged and took revenge on the gods by no longer praying to them. They called her The Dark Mist, The Darkness and the most common of all: Nightmare Minerva or in other words War of Night *Minerva-roman goddess of war* This is her tru story. But is really like the legends? Only time could find out.

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