Feminism Feminism Rocks kwa churchofstfu

ivoryphills posted on Jun 09, 2012 at 10:05PM
I was depressed. After watching so many anti-feminism videos and reading some anti-feminism comments (some of these made by the very minority Feminism helped: women), my body went on a complete break down: a migraine, a broken heart, higher amounts of euphoric hormones that sent my brain into an imaginary world where people are equal and are given equal opportunities to prove themselves (as well as a lot of hard core yaoi sex scenes. In fact, to be honest, there are a lot more of the latter than the former). As much as my search for pro-Feminism had hurt me to the point of depression and a sort of loathing, my stubbornness wouldn't let things be.

I knew that there are pro-Feminists sites like this and there are men who can talk about Feminism without resorting to lies like "Feminism is actually the leading cause of women's depression/ the destruction of the family structure/ the lizard people of the planet Zcalez (scales) dominating the Earth" And can go so far as to praise it and make it continue until some sort of good balance (if not complete balance) is achieved. So with as much courage as I can muster, I googled "Feminism rocks", thinking my results were going to be like "Feminism sucks" when this Youtube video came up: "Femknism Rocks". Excited yet still wary, I clicked and watch and was absolutely blown.
In this video, the vlogger, churchofstfu, not only told some truths as to why Feminism is still needed (like even with the college degrees women earn, we still don't get top positions, or the fact that the women in Third World countries faced harsher dictatorships not only by the government but by their own loved ones) but brought in some key points as to why Feminism is hated to begin with, like anit-feminists use Feminism as a scapegoat for almost all of the issues like male unemployment rate, the rise of abortion, etc. (much the same tactic that white supremacists use towards anti-racists/Democrats, by the way). Watching his video, I couldn't help but think, "this dude rocks! Thanks man!"

Feminism No majibu