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 :.: YOU'RE GOING TO upendo ME:.: ~
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This Fluttershy picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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FlutterShy falls out of CloudsDale during upinde wa mvua Dash 's race and gets caught kwa a flock of butterflies. She sees wanyama for the first time.

" What is this place filled with so many wonders ? Casting its spell that I am now under. Squirrels in the trees and the cute little bunnies. Birds flying free and bees with their honey.
Oh what a wonderful place and I owe it all to the pegusas race !!! If I knew the ground had so much up its sleeve id of come here sooner and never leave !!! Yes I upendo everything !!! "

Sonic Rainboom Explosion

wanyama Run Scared
Fluttershy Comforts them
Her cutie mark appears
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