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posted by HMKOlovesBTVS
I think that Fred, in asking Wesley for help in Supersymmetry, was simply desperate for revenge. Yes, she *obviously* made the wrong decision in wanting to send the prof. to a hell dimension, but if wewe think about how evil he is and what he put her through, wewe can see how a desperate Fred would feel. The dakika she found out what he had done she knew she could not do it alone, and due to Gunn's heroic image (fighting crime on the streets, helping the helpless) she knew he would not help her, and she didn't want to 'corrupt' the image he had of himself - a capeless superhero doing what he...
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posted by srsloveslayer
GUNN: what if we can't manage it all? the job, the romance,...emotions are tricky. they can wingu our judgement, wewe know, like the carosel last night. what if it doesn't work?

FRED: so we're back to that?-what if wesley makes us choose?

GUNN: iv'e been fighting vamps and demons since i was a kid. that sence of doing good - of waking up in the morning and making the world safer-better... i've always had that

(Fred looks down. A smile appears on Gunns face as he looks at her)

GUNN: but i never had a Fred before. If we had to, i choose you-i came on too strong, didn't i?

FRED: No. wewe came on just right