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Surfing to Be Official High School Sport in Hawaii
ABC News
By JAYMES SONG AP Sports Writer Hawaiian chiefs and royalty used to glide across the Pacific centuries zamani as form of expression, to onyesha courage and to compete. Today, it's big business and people ride waves across the world. "Hawaii is the birthplace ...
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Verlander, Young Give Tigers 2-1 Lead Over Yankees
ABC News
By NOAH TRISTER AP Sports Writer The Detroit ace was finally out of the game after a tireless, 120-pitch effort, and closer Jose Valverde was in trouble again. Two...
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The Dutch national football team (Dutch: Nederlands Nationaal voetbalelftal) represents the Netherlands in association football and is controlled kwa the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), the governing body of football in Holland. The team was first assembled in 1905.

Football team is colloquially known as "Het Nederlands Elftal" (Dutch Eleven), "Dutch," referring to the Netherlands as a whole (even though it is actually the name of a smaller area), and the "Oranje", a tribute to the House of Orange-Nassau. The Dutch keep record in the biggest World Cup ever to win the final. I finished...
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