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macgaulyver posted on Oct 19, 2010 at 01:22AM
I was reading one of Lina's articles and towards the end she comments "Six is an incredibly difficult person to figure out." And you know what...he is. So, like most people, I have thoughts about "stuff" that interests me...and then I like to talk about it:-) So I will place my long-winded analysis of the force of nature that is Six in its own comfy forum post for all to read and react to should you be so inclined;)

After several viewings of "The Day That Everything Changed" Something hit me about Six's exchange with White and then with Holiday in the first half of the episode.

On the surface, Six appears to be the prototypical militaristic hardass that's all duty and no compassion. However, during one viewing of the episode I realized that Six, in his exchange with White, wasn't being a good little soldier boy at all. White is directing Six to reign Rex in, or else essentially. To which Six replies, "What do you suggest? Have him neuralized like the others?" Initially I had taken this as an affirming statement of White's agenda - but it wasn't. Six was actually calling White out. The series thus far has shown White to be the type that if things aren't going his way, he indeed attempts to "neutralize" the situation or the individual. Six's tone in response to White, if you listen, actually seems to be peppered with distain.

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LinaTrinch said…
big smile
Six is awesome lol

I will be reading what you post here.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita macgaulyver said…
I appreciate the "thumbs up" Lina! Thanks for humoring me:-) I started to doze off while I was writing up the first post. So, now that I'm lucid again, I'll continue.

OK - so, moving on the to the Six/Holiday back-and-forth while Rex is running laps in the Zoo (still referring to "The Day That Everything Changed" ep.). This took me a few viewings to pick up on also because there are two shades of Six coming through.

As they both watch Rex run through the Zoo, Six initially tells Holi "There's obviously something seriously wrong with him." Okay, here's the genunine military disciplined side of Six's personality coming through - Which is why the more humanistic and developmentally more perceptive Holiday quickly normalizes Rex's behavior, attempting to help Six understand. Rex is 15, male, runs on pure adrenaline and consequently lacks discipline - Holi gets it - and then takes it a step further. She reminds Six that Rex has no clue who he really is or where he came from; that's a heavy burden for a 15 year-old to carry and she's implying that Six and Providence should be mindful of this. Six gets her implication and responds, "How he feels isn't the concern of Providence. As long as he takes down other EVOs and deactivates them." Now, seeing as how Six was getting all "military disciplinary" about Rex a second before, its easy to take this statement in the same context - but its not. Six is commenting, very tongue in cheek, on White's agenda. This is the down-to-Earth reasonable Six coming through. He knows White isn't concerned about Rex's well-being per se outside of being able neutralize all EVOs, and his tongue-in-cheek expression of this betrays the fact that he doesn't approve. But he's duty-bound to White and Providence for some reason that hasn't been revealed yet - this is implicit in White's warning to Six earlier to reign Rex in "or else" essentially.

I think MoA and the GenRex braintrust of writers layed out Six's character pretty well in the first episode. But it doesn't become appearent until the viewers have the following episodes as a point of reference to understand what was really going on under the surface during the first episode. Frankly, I think this is brilliant. There's much MUCH more interrelational subtlety going on in this series than I think most people realize - and that's okay. Its part of the writer's design to trail you around a bit, giving you a bread crumb here and there that ultimately leads to a big reveal down the road. Then you get the fun of looking back, slapping yourself in the forehead, and WHOAing all over the place:-) While I could write endlessly about the clever subtlety in the writing of this show, I'll step off of my soapbox and give any brains reading this a rest from my musings for now:-)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LinaTrinch said…
Hrmm. You raise a good point that I didn't realize. I assumed that when Six said 'Providence' he was talking about himself as well, but that's obvioulsy not it. At least, it's obvious now.

As for the 'or else' or the 'alternative', I'm not really sure. I've honestly considered that Six does have blackmail placed against him. But where in Holi's case, it's her sister, I think it's much deeper in Six's case. (This is an honest guess, shot in the dark, kind of deal BUT) I think Six's blackmail is Rex and Holiday. Though, that's ruled out for several reasons, but I still have my argument. White (in the first ep) threatens to 'neutralize' Rex (or Six implies that he is) showing that Providence or White doesn't necessarily need him, per say. As in the case of Holiday, her intellect can be replaced with another, but it's hard to say that she'll just go and 'jump the gun' with her sister under White's thumb...

Actually, ignore me. I don't think that argument makes any sense. BUT White having blackmail on Six is plausible, but I'll probably have to see it to believe it. I believe he started out with Providence willingly, but now only stays for his make shift family (and the fact that Rex would end up with an Evo slamming his face into random concrete if he's not there half of the time). That's more plausible, considering the most recent eps events. That Six defied orders and left Providence to help out Rex's crush (so unlike Six).

So, yeah. There's my insane ramblings on the subject.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita macgaulyver said…
I totally had the same thought that White was blackmailing Six using Rex in some way, and potentially Holiday as well. I also agree that whatever White has on Six is pretty deep.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Elidy said…
I agree. White definitly has Six in SOMETHING. It could be something involving Rex and possibly Holiday, or it could be something from before the Nanite event. Just a guess.