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Dib's pov

I had to reunite Ellie with her family,I had to,and I would do whatever it took,as long as I succeeded.

And not only would I be able to unite Ellie to her family,but Sarah too! I knew how much they had meant to them,and if they weren't happy,no one was happy,especally not me.

I couldn't stand seeing them like this,and I wouldn't stop till they were happy,I couldn't.

I felt Ellie getting drowsy,as she started to droop a little bit in my arms,I picked her up,and cradled her like a child,walking back to our room so she could get some sleep.

"You'll see everyone soon...I promise." I alisema setting...
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Sarah's pov

My head hurt like a bitch, I opened my eyes, I looked around I didn't see Ellie. I knew I wasn't in Zim's base anymore.

"Where am I?" I thought

I pushed myself out of the kitanda my legs gave way they felt like jelly.


I rubbed them trying to get feeling back into them.

I heared something unlock.

"Zim!" I yelled

But it wasn't Zim it was the tallest my moyo droped to my stomach. I took deep breaths

"Don't onyesha fear Sarah" I told myself

"Well look who's up" alisema the tallest Purple

I didn't answer I just glared

"Ahh I see wewe won't talk Sarah" alisema Red

"How the fuck do wewe know my name!"

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Sarah's pov

Both Ellie and Zim wouldn't let me do anything without help me it was annoying! I mean I wasn't even allowed to get up a go to the bathroom without Zim carrying there and Ellie helping me to the tub!

Zim wouldn't go to school till I I was 1000% better!

My body still ached and I felt like shit but my moyo was racing everytime Zim carried me, for the frist time it felt like someone cared for me that I was wanted.

I had a terriable nightmare that someones had kidnapping Ellie and me. The figures seemed familiar in a werid way. They were cold and hearless they scaried me in a way like...
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Sarah's pov

The pain was horrible and it was unbearable. I lay on the kitanda trying not to songesha but even breathing hurt. I was praying that Ellie was ok and I wished I could walk to hurt Dib for kidnapping her I could care less about the sleeping dart I was worried about Ellie.

What if he had done something to her? If he had hypnotized her,or something would do......or what if he really HAD won her over?

"No Sarah,she wouldn't do that,you and her would always rant on and on about ZIM,u know she wouldnt hurt him." I alisema to myself

I cringed it even hurt when I moved my mouth.

"Fuck wewe Dib.." I said...
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Dib's pov

As soon as ZIM found me I ran nyumbani to further prepare my plan to save the girls. I couldnt stop thinking about them,I could give them so much zaidi than ZIM could,and I had to save them, I just had to!

I had to think of ways to break into his base without being caught,or being seen kwa anyone.

I would have to kidnap them in their sleep.I would have to wait till the night before I would be able to slickly steal them away from him.

A few hours later

I waited for awhile,till I knew it was the perfect time to strike.

I smoothly would sneak into ZIM's house and steal the girls away in the night.........
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Sarah's pov

Zim just stared at us.

"Umm Zim u ok" I asked

He still stared at us.

"ZIM? hello?" alisema Ellie

"WAFFLES" yelled Gir

He still stared at us.

Suddenly the computer had obviously had it with our shouting and took matters into it's own hands.

It took two giant robot arms and grabbed his head,shaking it back and forth.

YOU-FREAKIN-STARING-AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yellled the computer.

"Whoa easy there" I said"

ZIM snapped out of his what seemed like a trance and quickly scolded the computer.

AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!"ZIM yelled

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Author's note Girsmurf22 and I wrote this!!!!!!!

Zim's pov

I was looking up bila mpangilio hymyan thingings .

"Hymyan are so stupid!"

"I like PIGGIES" yelled Gir

"Gir Don't touch anything while at the horrible place called skool"


The siku was normal with Dib-stink following me and being a pested.

"Well well if it isn't ZIM?"said Dib-worm.

"Do wewe have to stalk me each and every morning sometimes
I swear to god your gay at heart."
I responded.

"NO I'M NOT!!!! anyone who knew
you were an alien
would stalk wewe to." he said.

"What so your watching my
every move?" i asked.

"Yup wewe said...
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Dib's pov

Zim and I sat at the giant conference table,both placed in the tallest chairs on opposite sides. As we sat listen to the report, It was worst then school all they talked about were the legal issues,the problems,what we could and couldn't make them do,crap WORSE THAN EARTHS GOVERNMENT HAD BEEN! and THAT,was alot to say in itself,considering how horribly it had been run on Earth.

Zim was balancing an Irken type of pen on his face to keep busy,other Irken shot him questioned looks,making me chuckle.

Just as I was picking up a pen to sign another long and boring document,the unimaginable...
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Sarah's pov

Ellie fell back asleep and I went to see if Zim was ok.

I went down to the lab and started to look for Zim. It felt werid being down there but I wanted answers, I had a right didn't I?

I saw Zim sitting on his at his dawati with his head down I knew he wasn't asleep.

"You Ok?" I asked

He jumped and turned around.

"How do wewe girls do that?"

"What would that be Zim?"

"Sneak up on me!"

"Humans Girls can be light on their feet"

"So wewe can't sleep too I see"

"No Ellie woke me"

"IS she ok?"

"Confused but she be fine, so wewe care for us?"

He blushed.

"I ummmm I ummmmm"

I giggled

"You laugh at Zim!"

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posted by titanicdragon
Authors note girsmurf22 helped out on this wewe rock sis!

Fae's pov

I remember Ms. machungu, bitters turning in to demon threating to kill my Dibby and Zimmy.

I giggled at the thought they were my best Marafiki and knew I could trust them. That's why I did what I was asked I had to keep them safe! Even if I never saw them again, knowing they were alife made me feel a little better.

I looked at my new surrounds black and only candles gave light. It was cold in the room I was in.

"I'm in hell!" I thougtht to myself

A door open a ghostly like women came in and gave me some chakula and water. Then left, I look around...
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Fae's pov

I ran home, well to the warehouse that is after school. I felt bad for leaving the guys in the dust but I wasn't ready to tell yet and a part me probably never would. I Lost my ablity to trust a long time ago.It wasn't fair on them but I was scaried!

I think I gave Zim the slip I wasn't for sure since I couldn't read his mind I wish he just leave me alone!

After my mother died when I was ten my father wanted me to have a mother to raise me and teach me to be a good women. Problem was she religions and well my gift was the sigh of the devil. At first it was fine but after my father married...
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Fae's pov

I wasn't like most humans I was Telepathy it was a gift but a curse.Yes I was like Sookie Stackhouse from True blood, but I lived on the streets since my parents tried to kill me I had the scares to prove it too. They tried to kill me in my sleep so I would be caught off guard but I heard their plan and got ready. I fought back I still had the scares on my arms and faces that would never go away same with the betray in my heart.

Your parents were suppose to be there for u, upendo u protect u! But to my parents thought me as a demon because of my curse/gift whatever u wanted to call it....
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Maggie's pov

Dear dairy,

I sat in my room within the Masstive thinking about my older brother Zim. The Tallest took me in after my parental units died I was special in there eyes since I could speak any alien language very well, they want to use me to translate what they were saying to the worlds we conquered. My brother was declared defective and was sent on a false mission to die. When I learn of this I start to work on a device that could transport Storm and me to his base.

It took over a mwaka to make but within that time they told him the truth. They got pissed off because he called so much...
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Author's Note I don't own Invader Zim I own Maggie and Storm they are all mine. ZAGR, MADR, ZADF,MAGF
(Maggie and Dib romance) (Zim and Dib friend ship)(Maggie and Gaz friendship)

Name: Maggie

Race: Irken

Looks: A little taller the Zim, dark red eyes, long curle anntenas, pak red spots, dark grenn skin

Disguise: long black hair, brown eyes, light skin (yes she has a good disguise)

Age: 15 human Irken 169

Personality: Kind, smart, protective of Marafiki and family, calm, funny sometime

Talents: can speak any language, fighter, has a good mermory and loves to build stuff.

Background: Born from a tube,...
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Luce's pov

I finally got the letter! I finally learn magic! I was so happy! The letter said

Dear Ms.Luce Dragonrider,
We are pleased to inform wewe that wewe have been accepted at Dragon's pango School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a orodha of all necessary vitabu and equipment.

Term Begins on September 1.

Yours sincerely,

Mary York

Deputy Headmistress


First-year students will require:

Three sets of plain work robes (black)

One plain pointed hat (black) for siku wear

One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide au similar)

One winter vazi, pazia (black, silver fastenings)


All students...
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