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posted by bessiebuzzer
As I stood there froze they began to clap I got really eager and in a squeaky voice I said
Me: So am I in au not???
Will: Of course
as soon as he alisema that I let out zaidi squeaks of excitement
Will: Well go sit inayofuata to Mercedes
Me: OK
as I sat and will taught the lesson I found myself staring over at Artie. I thought about the one in a million chance that Artie would ever like me. I had realized the kengele rang and everyone except artie had left
Artie: hujambo your pretty good.
Me: Ya I gu- guess
I was stammering I felt my cheeks get bright red and then he siad the words
Artie: I gotta go and catch up with my girlfriend
The word "girlfriend" stung inside my mind
Me: Girlfriend whos that???
Artie: Brittany
my moyo sunk I could not beleive that.Because of my anger I uttered the words I wish I had not siad. It made me so mad to here the guy of my dreams has a girlfriend. That is when I siad it
Me: That idiot!!!
He stood there shocked. I ran out of the room crying and to the only place I could
The Bathroom....
I wait there feeling angry,sad and disgusted (It kinda smells horrible in the bathroom)
As I hear someone walk in.
????: Rosemary
I did not wanna answer but I needed someone to make me feel better
Me: I am in here
As I unlock the door.She walks in...
Me: What do wewe want.
Brittany: to talk to wewe about what happened with Artie
Me: I am sorry for calling wewe dumb now go back leave me alone and live my dream.
Brittany:What do wewe mean live your dream???
I thought about telling her but I hesitated.I mean I would be pretty mad if the new girl was in upendo with my boyfriend. She sat there staring eyes wide. I felt guilty and in a quite murmur I alisema I am in upendo with your boyfriend
she was quite I felt any sekunde she would slap me
after I felt no pain to either cheek.I look up at her face and I realize she is smiling.....
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