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posted by SierraDawnV2
What is an Acid-Monster?
An Acid-Monster is a creature that was descended from Acid Demons. They were in-bred with humans to create the zaidi docile form. 
Types of Acid-Monsters

Docile-Bloods have been extremely watered down. Compared to the two original Acid-Monsters, they would snap like twigs in hand-to-hand combat. Their Acidic components have Lost potency over the many years of misuse, therefore making them weak. Ninety-percent of Acid-Monsters are Docile-Bloods.

Feral-Bloods , however, had sworn to keep to their bloodlines, creating a very incestuous...
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posted by SierraDawnV2
 She was pulling the gari back nyumbani when she smelled copper... And she heard a faint scream, before it was cut off. She paused in her tracks. 
'Whatever's going on is not good... I'd better just say here until things stop,' she reasoned. She pulled her gari off of the path and into the trees. That's when she saw a familiar face running towards her. The stench of copper and salt grew stronger as he approached. She looked closer at the panicked child, who was only two years older than her. It was her best friend, Panzi. Well, everyone called him Panzi. His real name was Paznidas. He was drenched...
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