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posted by fallout54
Russel was in his room in kong studios, uandishi a list. It was a orodha of faults, if wewe will. He felt like HE was responsible for the death of Noodle and Del. He was still uandishi sadly, when 2d came in. "Hey Russel," he asked. "What the heck's that?" The african american sighed. "Look, I feel really bad for Noodle, wewe know?" Russel got steamy eyed. "First Del, now her. I feel so alone." 2d looked at him, straight in the eye. "Russel. They are in a better place. It's gonna be okay. Besides," 2d smiled. "you have us. Murdoc and I will help." Russel smiled back, still teary.
"Noodle will be okay. And so well Del. Trust me." 2d got up. "Now, practice is in half an hour. Try and keep your chin up." After 2d left, Russel made one last fault. Making the list.
Here are some little thoughts
1. Del will return and raping will ensue.
2. The sound will change. The sad songs will sound like payphone and the happy songs will sound will sound like counting stars.
3. There will be a muziki video about Gorillaz. Gorillaz, IN SPACE.
4. Future collaborations will include: Demi Lavado, Eminem, Ish, Taylor Swift, Cody Simpson, and Arianna Grande.
5. The group will return to KONG studios.
6. Russel will become normal sized again.
7. Murdoc and 2d will have a stronger relationship, from from worst enemys to frenimes.
8. A phase long arc will involve Cyborg Noodle being resurrected kwa Paula Craker, and coming after Murdoc and Noodle.
9. 2d will eventually stand up to Murdoc and an intire muziki video will involve a fist fight between the two.
10. Another idea for a arc... TIME TRAVEL!
Post ypur own ideas in the comments.
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Finally freed from their dressing room, Murdoc & Co. are still kept from hitting the stage. Uploaded kwa gorillaz
o2 priority walk
damon albarn
murdoc niccals
cyborg noodle
Gorillaz + Converse track. Full official extended / explicit 13-minute version. Officially leaked kwa the radio 107.7 The End.
andre 3000
james murphy
do ya thing
Gorillaz perform their song Feel Good Inc. live at the 2005 MTV European muziki Awards. Uploaded kwa gorillaz
feel good inc
de la soul
MTV european muziki awards
posted by cubuffst
It has been officially announced that Gorillaz have a song in the upcoming DJ Hero 2 game release due later this year! For zaidi on the game, visit DJHero.com. zaidi info coming soon…

When the party starts this October, budding beat chemists, imba sensations and all of their Marafiki will moto up two turntable, zungushwa pande mbalimbali controllers and a microphone and experience hits from the biggest names in muziki as they’ve never heard them before in Activision Publishing Inc.’s (Nasdaq: ATVI) DJ Hero® 2. Taking the soundtrack to “the most innovative and immersive muziki experience of 2009”* and recipient...
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