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A/N: YAAAAAAAY!!! I’m finally back to updating this story! And aren’t wewe excited?! I know I am! *squeals* Oh maaaaan, I have missed updating this story. *sigh* But I am here now, and it is great.
I have officially updated each of my other CB stories (Never Again: A Chuck & Blair Story, Unable & Queen Bee For A Reason), which wewe should all look into and read and review. Also, don’t forget to vote on my profaili page for which one wewe would like me to focus on after I have finished with this story. =)
As promised, I am going to get back to the drama in this chapter. Not that I didn’t absolutely upendo uandishi CB fluff, but there is zaidi that is to come with them in this story, to be sure. ;p And the Vanessa storyline will be getting MIGHTY interesting VERY soon. So, I hope there are actually some of wewe out there who read this story for her too…though CB are kwa FAR the most interesting. ;p hehe.
And without further adieu! So What If I’m Jealous. =)
*Remember-I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended. All characters and prompted situations belong to their rightful owners.
Ch.9—Humphrey’s Confusing Realization
    Finding her way nyumbani had been harder than she realized. She had gone up and down nearly every street, and yet found herself in constant forgetfulness of where she was. She couldn’t go to work today, that much she was sure of. But so many thoughts ran ramped in her mind, she could hardly think straight. She passed out on the sidewalk last night? Dan found her? What exactly had happened after her panic with texting Blair using CHUCK’S PHONE?! She paused in her power walk. Chuck’s phone. She looked back towards the direction she had come from, grazing her eyes across the street. It wouldn’t be there, wewe idiot.
    She looked around frantically, and saw what looked to be a quiet diner just across the street. Making sure to look both ways, as to avoid another freak accident, she walked on over, and opened the glass door in a rush, collapsing into the first empty booth she laid her eyes on.
    Moments later, a waiter paused at her table. Her head was in her hands and the idea of ordering chakula at this point was beyond stressful, though it probably would have been good for her, since she had refused it at the Loft.
    The Loft. She whined softly. Dan. Nate. Jenny. Nate…and Jenny. Together. Nate. Nate.
    “Miss?” the young man, questioned hesitantly. From the looks of her, he was afraid she’d look up and her piercing gaze alone would send him into inayofuata Tuesday. He couldn’t have been any older than fourteen.
    Vanessa looked up agonizngly slow, and turned her eyes to the boy. She forced a smile, and could see him visibly relaxing.
    “I’m really not hungry right now,” she tried to keep the desperation out of her voice.
    He nodded, looking around, unsure of what to really do. Because who comes to a diner with no intention of eating?
    “Anything to drink?” he prompted, shakily pulling out his small notepad and pen ensemble.
    She shook her head, allowing onto the placemat in front of her.
    He scratched the back of his neck. He should just leave this poor girl alone. He really should. But it was his first siku on the job and he did not want to see the disappointment radiating off of his boss’s face when he reported back with no orders whatsoever.
    “N-not even, w-water?” he stuttered, wincing at her possible reaction.
    Vanessa’s face was still implanted on the table, except for the paper thin placemat that seperated skin from marble. She nodded, and he breathed a sigh of relief.
    He scribbled down the order on his pad, scampering back towards the kitchen. “One glass of water…” he muttered to himself.
    Being slammed up against the brick ukuta behind school had certainly been an interesting experience for Blair. The attack itself sounded as if it had hurt, and maybe it would have had she not been burning up already with the intense desire she felt for a certain bass, besi with an always intriguing agenda.
    “Chu—Chu—Chuck,” she breathed out, almost panicking from the lack of oxygen she was receiving. Her hands were gripped to the collar, alama of his shati for dear life, fearing that if she let go she would fall somewhere between oblivion and the lake of fire.
    “Blair,” he growled, sinking his teeth into her exposed neck , as he let his hands roam the rest of her body, winding her legs around his waist.
    She threw her head back, allowing her eyes to roll back at the feel of him all over her and yet not specifically where she was feeling the need for him. She gulped, trying to tunga herself.
    “Chuck,” she pushed at his chest weakly, as his lips found her untouched ear lobes.
    She moaned.
    “Yes?” he purred.
    “We’re gonna…we’re go—ahhh,” she cried out louder, as he hiked his hands up her short skirt.
    “Shh, baby,” he smirked against her. “I’m going as fast as I can.”
    She slipped her hands into his messy hair. “We’re gonna be late for class,” she whispered hotly against his opposite ear.
    He groaned, pushing his body tighter against hers.
    She gasped. “Chuck!”
    His smirk widened. “Screw class,” he mumbled, once again losing himself in her long neck.
    With his grip loosening around her legs, Blair found herself pushing against him with a new strength. Now back on the ground, she took him kwa the shoulders and spun him around so he was now pinned against the brick.
    “Ow, sheesh, Blair. Since when did wewe instigate how rough we took it?” he rubbed the back of his head momentarily from the impact.
    She could only smile at him. “Since always,” she nearly squealed, releasing her hand placement on him to grab her mfuko wa fedha, mfuko lying just beside them.
    “Where do wewe think you’re going?” his eyebrows narrowed.
    She clasped her hands together and smiled sweetly at him. Too sweetly. “I actually want to get into Yale, deary,” she said, matter-of-factly, turning to skip away towards school.
    He grabbed her kwa the wrist though, and even through her struggle, she could not break free.
    “Bass! Bass, I’m serious!”
    He only smirked and drew her towards him, her heels flimsy bases for staying in place. She tried pulling her head back, so as to avoid him entrance to her lips. But he simply laid those luscious lips of his own on her hand, clenching in his tight grip. He could see her resolve faltering as his lips continued to plant those butterfly, kipepeo kisses up her arm, just like he did the night before.
    “I….I could shout rape,” she gulped, wimpering.
    Now, he was just flat out smiling. He paused, and looked up at her. Now when he pulled on her arm, she willingly came to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as his mouth invaded hers once again.
    “That didn’t work the first time,” he mumbled in between kisses. “It’s not gonna work this time,” he whispered, lowering his mouth to that ever intoxicating neck of hers.
    She moved her hands to the sides of his face and brought his eyes to meet her own. She stared into them lovingly. “I really need to get to class, Chuck.”
    He brought his own hands up, and gently massaged the sides of her face in small circles. He kissed each area before moving on to massage the next. And if he wasn’t mistaken, a quiet moan had been uttered on her part.
    “One class isn’t going to kill you,” he whispered huskily.
    So she gave in, and kissed him a little longer.
    “Dan!” Nate called from across the courtyard. He had just finished a class, in which Chuck had not been in attendance, not that this was really a surprise, but when he had talked to Serena momentarily he had discovered that Blair hadn’t been in her class either.
    “Nate,” Dan smiled at the blonde running after him. “What’s up?”
    “Well, I uh…just, wanted to thank wewe for taking me in like wewe did,” he fumbled out.
    Dan looked at him strangely, but then nodded. “Anytime, man. I would’ve felt horrible leaving wewe where wewe were.”
    Nate just gave a small smile, then allowed the uncomfortable silence to continue. “So….about this morning, with uh…”
    “Oh, with Vanessa?” Dan turned to look at him, intrigued.
    “Yeah,” Nate cleared his throat.
    “Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with her. She seemed pretty frazzled, but she wouldn’t even stay and eat. Completely unlike her,” he said, going off on his own tangent.
    Nate simply nodded along, spinning different theories through his head.
    “I plan on talking to her later. She was really talking crazy. And this morning when I went to see how she was, she was muttering ‘chuck’ and ‘blair’”
    Nate stopped. “What?” he asked, confused.
    Dan turned to look at him, “Yeah, I know. Really. Talk about weird.”
    “Hey man, I’ll catch up with wewe later, all right?” he said, turning and walking away in the opposite direction.
    Dan stood there speechless, entirely too confused for his own good. “Uh, yeah, sure. Good talking to wewe Nate,” he muttered on to himself.
    Just then Jenny passed by, and Dan grabbed a hold of her. “Hey Jen.”
    She stopped. “Yeah?”
    “You haven’t talked with Nate much today, have you?” he asked.
    She gathered her vitabu in her arms and avoided eyecontact. “No, not really, why?” she asked, scratching the back of her neck awkwardly.
    “Well, I just…” he rambled, unaware of her current position. “What are wewe doing at school?”
    She gulped. “I…I….what do wewe mean?” she asked, skeptically.
    He just looked at her completely confused. “Uh…….nothing,” he made out.
    Jenny just looked at him like he was crazy, and began to turn away.
    “Wait, Jen!” he said, reaching for her arm, but she spun around first.
    “Yes, Dan?” she asked, a little irritated.
    “We’ll talk later?” he was almost pleading, and she honeslty didn’t know what to make of it.
    “Sure,” she said, turning away. This time he didn’t stop her. He just ran a hand through his hair, trying to contemplate all the possible scenarios that might be going on at that precise moment. Nate. Jenny. School. Blair. Chuck. Vanessa? It was stressful just to think about. He looked around, searching for something….some sort of an answer to help him discover what EXACTLY was going on and how it happened to be connecting all of them.
    Then, he spotted them. Chuck and Blair. In a hot ‘n heavy makeout session against what could hardly be counted as a school wall, what with the grafitti plastered all over it. But there was no struggle between the two of them. In fact, they seemed to be quite enjoying themselves. Now, was probably not the right time for him to be interrogating them, especially since he wasn’t exactly on the best of terms with either of them. Well, maybe Blair he could negotiate with…maybe.
    He shook his head, turning away to head home, but he made a mental note.
    Call Blair.
    “And so then!” she huffed, in the middle of her third cup of coffee. “I came here,” she twirled her finger in the now warm beverage.
    “Wow,” the waiter stared at her with wide eyes. He had no idea how he had gotten away with sitting across from their still only customer, listening to her extravagant tale of how she ended up in the diner.
    “Yeah, I know. How crazy is that?!” she nearly shrieked.
    The boy had to stifle his own laughter. But she giggled along with him.
    “What’s your name?” she asked, retaining her normalcy.
    “Kevin,” he lifted his nametag up for her to see.
    “Ah,” she pointed towards it and winked, “that would make sense.”
    He shook his head again, but another laugh fell out.
    “So, wewe want to inform me of how wewe ended up in this crappy diner?” she asked, looking around. Then, gasped at her sudden accusation. “No! I mean, not crappy…new, and…customerless,” she gulped.
    He laughed openly now. “No, it’s okay. Really.”
    She smirked, watching the curly haired youth as he fidgeted with the buttons on his shirt. When he looked up, she was staring at him, waiting for his response.
    “Oh,” he chuckled, “My sister’s dating the cook.”
    Vanessa nodded. “that would do it.”
    “Yeah…” he drawled out.
    She leaned back in the seat, grasping the coffee cup firmly in her hands, and sighed.
    “So, what are wewe going to do now?” he asked, hesitantly. He may have gotten to know her a little bit, but that certainly didn’t take away the natural shyness he was so known for.
    “Well, Kevin,” she set the cup back down on the table. “I was thinking,” she leaned in, “Maybe I should live here,” she remained as serious as she could, until the boy himself was laughing harder than she’d heard him since she got here.
    She leaned back again, gazing out the clear window directly to her right, watching as cars passed back and forth. Kevin noticed her delay and continuing any conversation and straightened himself up. She turned and peered at him then.
    “You going somewhere?” she asked.
    He cleared his throat and shook his head. “Nope. I’ve got a story to tell you,” he beamed, proudly.
    She laughed, but leaned in intrigued. “Oh, really?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow.
    “Hey, you’re not the only one with creepy diner stories!” he defended.
    She smirked. “Well then, let’s hear it,” she said, raising her coffee cup to take another sip.
    The two got Lost in conversation, of the most superficial nature, mostly supplied kwa the energy bubbling out of both of them from the coffee and from the apparent situations they had found themselves in previous.
    Neither noticed when a mysterious looking man walked into the diner. They didn’t notice when he went to the bar, asking if there was a Lost and found in this particular business, au if somebody had recently misplaced a possibly important item. They didn’t notice when he refused to stay and eat au drink. And neither noticed when the stranger headed for the exit just as quickly as he had come in, leaving the silver phone lying still on the countertop.
A/N: Okay, it seems I am incapable of uandishi a chapter without CB fluff now. Lol. XD But I promise! It will not be this fluffy forever…. I have come to grips with how I’m actually going to go about the drama….and I’m not promising anything VERY specific….but SOON CB will be having some dilemmas. ;p Hope wewe loved this chapter! Please review!!!!!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDDD
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