Gossip Girl Season 2 Premiere Thoughts?!

dave posted on Sep 02, 2008 at 06:13AM
Wow, I'm surprised this thread hasn't already been started! What did everyone think of tonight's episode? I don't really like the Nate story-line with the older woman, because I feel like it's just going to distance him from the rest of the crew. I wish they had addressed where Vanessa was. I thought it was kinda corny that Dan became a player since it was so different from who his character is, but was happy about him getting back with Serena (the perfect couple thanks to the new and improved Grandma Van Der Woodsen). The Jenny storyline was a bit corny. But I loved the twist with the Lord with the Blair and Chuck story though. This should be interesting. I totally thought the big Vitamin Water ad was a bit annoying though. Despite all the little issues I had with the second season premiere, I was really psyched that Gossip Girl is back!

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Sophiii said…
Oh I am just so happy it's back! I thought it was just so sad for Chuck and Blair. I felt like crying in the end, when Blair said that thing about " just eight letters". I'm really liking their story-line, the whole make-the-other-one-jealous-scenario, as heart breaking as it is.
I find Nates storyline totally useless. It really is putting distance between the other main characters and him, and I just don't see the point of it. It's obviously just a passing phase.
The Lonely Boy becomes Playboy-story, well, it really is against Dans character, but I guess it's beliavable enough, him getting more confidence with the girls because of Serena. And as much as I enjoyed the two random-chicks pouring their drinks on him (it caused a major laughing-attack for some reason), I am unbelivable happy that he is back with Serena! I love the new Grandma Van Der Woodsen, she is adorable! I used to absolutley hate her. The abscence of Vanessa was really wierd, I would have liked to know what was up with her.
Jenny's storyline wasn't so great, but I'm just happy that Eric had a part.
All in all, I really liked it!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita germany123 said…
Im not sure aboot nice grandma van der woodsen..if the whole cast turns nice..they just will have to keep bringing back new characters who are the bitches :D

as much as i enjoyed dan and serena..erm fireworks?? really??

all in all it wasnt as edgy as i expected...
the nate storyline is totally irrelevant- unless we find oot "the husband" is his..well they dont have jobs do they!? erm headmaster soon!?
i felt things were a bit rushed...a little too convenient for GG but..i enjoyed it.