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posted by Dark-Blood
The Goths in South Russia

One of the most revolutionary reconstructions of history propounded kwa Professor Rostovtseff in his hivi karibuni book on Iranians and Greeks in Southern Russia (Oxford chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha Press, 1922), would appear to have passed unchallenged; and yet, if it were accepted, it would surely mean that no inconsiderable part of the history of the Roman Empire and its invaders would have to be rewritten, au at least conceived in a new light. From the results of the excavation of German graves in South Russia dating apparently from the first century B.C. and from the first and sekunde centuries of our era, he has demonstrated that the Dnieper basin was gradually occupied kwa German tribes during the early period of the Roman Empire, and that it is only in the light of this fact that we are able fully to understand the invasion of South Russia kwa the Goths. ‘The Gothic invasion was not the first, but the last act of the activity of the Germans in South Russia.’
posted by sawfan13
Are the legends true about you?
Were wewe really dead au alive?
Ruined plans for the future
Did suicide have to be the answer?
Almost like Romeo and Juliet
Except wewe lied to me.
You alisema wewe would die for me
But people just think I was a single destroyed soul.
We were both going to run away together
The Shakespere play had an effect on us
But wewe ran away and never came back
Felt like a dagger in my heart.
You just licked the blood from my blade
Told everyone that I took my own life.
You were the only witness
Soon everyone would know
That wewe did it all
And my name shall be clearer.
It gets colder and colder...
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I really mean it! What would wewe be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would wewe be able to do if uandishi fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would wewe do if it's illegal to do a cover of your inayopendelewa song on YouTube? What would wewe do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would wewe do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet...
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Twas midnight in the warm summer. The stars so bright and lovely, along with the full moon lingering in the sky. She looked out of her window, sighing about what she is missing out on. The outside world. Oh how Lacrymosa wanted to be in the outside world. Mother never allowed it. Lacrymosa cringed and shuddered at the thought of Mother. What a monster of a being she was. Horrid woman. Very overprotective of her little Lacrymosa. A widowed woman with only one child is usually very protective of her children, but Lacrymosa's mother was quite different. She was overbearing. The Queen of Lithiumina....
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Woken up kwa a cold bucket of water around midnight. The Queen hovered over me, grabbing my arm tightly, yelling,"Get up wewe lazy foolish disgrace! wewe have to go out and dig for my new well. The water has been contaminated, so we need something to keep it fresh and clear so I won't thirst to death!" "What about others? We're all thirsty, ma'm." She slapped me across the face awfully hard, and threw me outside along with an old rusty shovel. I ran to the area that wanted me to dig up the well, as I started digging. She watches me as I dig, sometimes with her friends, laughing, tossing hot, sticky...
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Adolescent peer crowds such as Punks and Goths are mainly identified kwa their strikingly unusual au even shocking appearances. Although many studies find these crowds, few have tried to explain why some youths take on these startling au shocking appearances. We hypothesized that an off-putting appearance is a way to cope with behavioral inhibition kwa limiting social contacts. Using data from 1,200 7th–11th graders, we compared peer crowds characterized kwa their startling appearance (“Radical” crowds) with three theoretically relevant comparison groups. Results showed that youths affiliating with Radical crowds were zaidi inhibited than other youths, including those in crowds previously shown to be shy au socially anxious. Inhibited Radicals, however, had poorer emotional adjustment than inhibited youths in other crowds. If Radical styles are a way for inhibited youths to cope kwa limiting social contacts, the strategy does not seem to be beneficial for emotional adjustment.
posted by Dark-Blood
On 24 August 410 the Goths under their king Alaric entered the city of Rome and spent three days pillaging it. They then moved south towards Sicily, possibly in the hope of escaping to Africa, but Alaric died and the Goths retreated back through Italy to Gaul, from where they were driven into Spain kwa Roman forces in 414. The sack of Rome was kwa all accounts of little material significance in the long and complex history of Roman engagement with barbarians; it was in fact the Goths' third visit to the city in three years, and on the awali occasion the senate had allowed them into Rome and...
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White veil, nyota lament
While I'm looking at the sky I'm listening to you
The words that don't matter
only angels are crying
Warm rain is kissing my face
maybe one siku the time will come
You're speaking this way though I know, you're lying
I don't ran away from your arms

She is the black and the white
She is the sorrow and the hope
She is the last Gods' chosen one
My secret sister and lover

I was going until siku have Lost with night
Slowly I turned around
The shining of comet drew
a cold shadow on my way
I offered her as sacrifice the fear
I drank the light like blood
My pain was soaking in with rain into the...
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Midnight. Alone in my cold bed. Near outside, so cold. In my dirty white dress with symbols all over them. No corsets, stockings, au shoes. Not like the Queen. Not like her. Evil Queen. Evil of the most wretched and heartless. No one here. No one to talk to. My pale, snow colored skin so pale in the moonlight's reflection from the sun above. No one likes that kind of talk. Science. They think it's evil. They almost put me to death because I spoke of Aristotal's theories and ideas. I spoke of Leonardo Da Vinci's beautiful artwork and inventions. I was usually tortured au harmed physically for...
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posted by sawfan13
Trapped in the dark kengele Tower
Nothing here

As I lay here bleeding
My blood and my enemy's
Combined in enraged togetherness
As I scream

What have I done?
I have killed and killed
My own true justice was killing my enemy
But now I should die

I have harmed too many people
Too many to count all together
I am evil
I don't want to be
But I am

I can't turn good
I have destroyed and burned and impaled
No one wants me

Just dump me into the ground and bury me
No casket
Unmarked grave
Just give me an unmarked grave
I don't deserve to be remember

Ruthless female woman
I am her
Please oh please
Do anything to...
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posted by sawfan13
The feeling wewe get when you're alone
The air gets colder and colder
I feel like I'm aging
I feel like I'm suffocating
The old is destroyed kwa the new
Morning seems like it doesn't exist
The moon controls all.
The wind blowing ever angrily
The storm clouds drown the stars
Dark and cold
New and old
Good and evil
Nothing makes sense anymore
The fear growing ever stronger
Making me feel weaker.
Lock myself up in the kengele tower
Oh yes, the kengele tower!
Where upendo and imagination are sweetest escapes
Oh please mind, take this nightmare away!
I hear the laughter and screams of terror
Sleep doesn't lurk here
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wewe laugh at me for being different.
I chose the life of open mind and imagination
While wewe go through every day, feeling bored and unhappy
Your immaturity kwa making fun of differences
Talking down to someone
Deep down, don't be afraid to admit
That it scares wewe to be odd
To open the door towards the other half of the mind.
Who are wewe to think that normality is the best part of life because it's "safer" and wewe have zaidi Marafiki and popularity.
You are so wrong
You are so blinded
You complain about not having good story ideas
Yet, wewe ask about how do I come up with such strange ideas.
It's not from...
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posted by sawfan13
Tried covering up these lies
With blush looking through a compact mirror
Nothing works, not even shopping
The plastic on her face is chipping off slowly

She tells her Marafiki everything's okay
They giggle and smirk, oh what a joyous day
But when wewe least expect it, she goes nyumbani crying
Trying to put the pieces back together.

This life is a lie
A trap she can't get out of
Popularity to her makes the world go round
Ignoring what she used to be

Parties when parents are away
Lead to messes and regret
She may be a young girl
But she tries to act older

Boys and magazines
People so beautiful and perfect looking
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posted by sawfan13
A poem based off of the Evanescence song Like you. I'm not copying the song, but I did listen to the song today and it inspired me, so I felt like uandishi this!*

My dearest friend
I can't believe it's true
I want to be like you

There's room enough inside for two
As I feel broken and dead inside without you
Oh how I long to be like you

The games as children we used to play
The years of adolescence we went through
The problems and solutions that we have had
Oh how I long to be like you

This ukuta between us
Separating us
Can wewe see me like I can see you?
Oh how I long to be like you

Revenge on my mind
To plot...
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posted by sawfan13
Locked in there
Snug and safe
Chained and locked
Gone insane

The evil Queen
She wants to behead the Queen
Evil throughout the land
As her son, the prince dressed in black asks for the prisoner's hand

The land does not accept the kind dark hippies
The hippies that are dark but will help all
They are beat and burned
She is the last one
Everyone gone
She feels alone

She digs a hole in the ground
Trying to make a chasm
The Queen wants one
Makes her work night and day

No chakula no water, the girl is parched and feeling hunger
The Queen just mocks her

Tea party time, chai party time
The Queen and her friends
Making fun of...
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And when he'll finally come for me,
The Purple Watchmaker of the Light,
and bring blue to my mind,
I will be bright and ready.

The days will flow down throughout me,
Floors and air will go out,
I will take my final look on everything,
And I will go, don't know where, forever.

And when he'll finally come for me,
The Purple Watchmaker of the Light,
and bring blue to my mind,
I will be bright and ready.

The days will flow down throughout me,
Floors and air will go out,
I will take my final look on everything,
And I will go, don't know where, forever.
posted by sawfan13
How everyone loves you
How everyone thinks you're queen
Do but they really know the true you?
Plastic little insignificance
One siku wewe will fall
Realizing that no one loves wewe after all
Always a smile on your face
Paparazzi cameras all on you
I know how wewe really are
And sweetheart, you're no star.
Little naive girls want to be you
A really bad influence covered in five siku old alcohol
Oh why do wewe think you're the best of the best
You were once a little girl
So real and true
But fame has made wewe forget
What you've really been through.
You're zaidi of a pest really
A disgrace to women everywhere
You're innocence...
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posted by sawfan13
The pain wewe have caused me
The way wewe hurt me
wewe cut me open deeply
Gave me an open wound

My moyo dead
Death at midnight
No air
No life
Bleeding bleeding bleeding

Was Poe wrong about death and love?
How death of women were beautiful to him?
Ha, I guess murder of women are beautiful to you
wewe sick murderous pile of vomit

I need a tourniquet
In order to live
I wanna live
wewe want me to die
Let's battle it out
kwa midnight's warning

Killing wewe would bring me life
Your death is my breath of air
I fight wewe in order to live

I finally defeat you
I do not miss your presence
My open wound healed
My moyo beats for life
I breath air now
I thank your death and your evil gone
For giving me breath of life and letting me see the beauty of dawn.
posted by sawfan13
Black widowed tarantula sized evil
Nurtures her children well
As they all take a bite out of human flesh
Watching them choke on their own blood

All little teeny tiny beady black eyes stare
At the chakula they see
They smell a human female
They'll have to take their bite

Poison scares the snakes that try to devour their mother's eggs
The snake drops dead after seeing the mother
Realizing that they're not bird's eggs

The children see their awful mother
Mean and cruel
Evil and heartless
At least cold and black hearted people have hearts

The children get sick of their mother's evil
So soon they prepare to defeat
The evil that lies beneath a thorax and eight legs
To them this is a Victorious fight

They look at their evil mother
They see what evil holds
They look at her and then they devour her

After kusoma about this
Little Carrie White looked at her own evil mother
Realizing with her abilities, she can do the same thing.