Grim Tales Dreaming a bad dream : junior's part

MahnameisNikkie posted on Apr 22, 2012 at 08:57PM
Dreaming a bad dream : another story ( Bonus )
*tic - tock*, the noise coming from my clock swirled around my still room.
I laid there on my bed, lost in thought.
"How... how am I going to tell her on that day?"
"Better yet, how will she take it?"
These questions have been following me for a week now- ever since I made that decision. I felt my heart bleed from the thought of making Minnie cry. 
"Maybe she'll understand ",I said , thinking out loud. "Yea, I mean, I'm doing it for her well being, for me to learn on my own, protect her."
'To protect her', those words echoed in my head.
The memory of her death  came to my mind. The sight of her tears and green blood ; the feeling of the small hands that helped me lingered. 
"Maybe I should tell her before I leave.But, for the time being I should treasure my last month with her before I leave."
I then remembered her smiling, being brave, being sweet, being dangerous, being cute, Minnie being herself.
I remembered all the adventures we had ever since our fist Halloween 9 years ago.
I smiled at the memories we made that only belong to us. 
"She'll be strong. She won't cry, definatly . I'll make sure to visit every now and then."I said my thoughts out loud again. 
I turned to my side and looked at the clock.
 It read " 12:04 A.M. " , 
*mummble please wait ......mummble ...... Noooo-*
I heard Minnie yell . Her room then fell silent.  
"Minnie...!", I got worried , she doesn't talk in her sleep. I got ready for the-worst-case-senerio by summoning flesh onto my bones.
" 12:05 A.M. " 
~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~ *tap-tap-tap*
The sound of my heavy feet echoed in the narrow halls of castle EverGrim. It still felt abnormal to me to be able to feel things. Even the feeling of my own plain white t-shirt and basketball shorts move around when I walk felt strange. But my concered feelings for Minnie helped me ignore the sensation.
As I neared towards my sister room, I heard her voice. It was faint, but still there. I had nothing to worry about.
I was about to return to my room, when I realized she sounded exhausted and like she was crying.
"Maybe I should check on her."
I silently moves closer to her room and began to knock on the door.

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