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 bella and cleo
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sanaa ya shabiki
just add water
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This H2O Just Add Water sanaa ya shabiki contains bikini, wawili kipande swimsuit, suti kuoga, mbili kipande swimsuit, and kuogelea. There might also be mwogaji, mwogaji ina, beachwear, and tub moto.

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She's got gorgeus eyes...I don't think she deserves last place, I think she has prettier eyes than Cleo!
Big,blue..What can I say zaidi than adorable.No one ametoa maoni on this one...I don't know why neither that au why she got out first, maybe they thought that they had to pick a mermaid with the prettiest eyes.That will always stay a $$MISTERY$$ xD
It's no wonder she got out next.Her eyes are just plain considering the other eyes.Very small, brownish-green.Some say she has the prettiest, we have different types of opinion!
"Cleo's eyes are okay, almost half of my Marafiki have the same...
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