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posted by Crazy-Chica
EPISODE 1 Lilly, Do wewe Want To Know A Secret?

Miley: "I say this because I care about you: get some help!"

Jackson: "Oh believe me, she's screaming in the inside."

Robbie: "This it this way Miley, he goes out with a girl, they fall in love, they get married and he moves out."

EPISODE 2 Miley, Get Your Gum

Miley: "Yes, and maybe just maybe that's insane!"

Miley: "Do u hear what you're saying au is there a big roaring in ur ear?!"

Miley: "Look at wewe all upside-right"

EPISODE 3 She's A Supersneak

Robbie: "Look at the size of this bad boy. We had quite a battle au two. First it was him, then...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Since everything Hannah Montana is inspired in the pop world it's logical to think the titles were inspired in maarufu songs of all times too... in fact it's pretty obvious on most! Here are some funny "conincidences", make sure to share yours over the FORUM! Have fun :D


Lilly, Do wewe Want to Know a Secret?
Song: "Do wewe Want To Know A Secret" (The Beatles)

Miley, Get Your Gum
Song: Annie, Get Your Gun (Squeeze)

She's A Supersneak
Song: (She's a) Superfreak (Rick James) Others: She's a superstar

I Can't Make wewe upendo Hannah If wewe Don't
Song: I Can't Make wewe upendo Me (George Michael)...
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 Hannah Montana Season 1
Hannah Montana Season 1
You get the limo out front............
best of both, best of both Best of both worlds!


While Lilly now knows Miley is Hannah Montana, Oliver still doesn't. When he tells her that he loves Hannah, Miley and Lilly try to get him to turn his attention to other girls, since Miley is worried that if she told him the truth he'd be in upendo with her too. The girls come up with a plan to get Oliver to hate Hannah. Oliver and Hannah meet up at the Malibu beach, pwani and she chews gum since Oliver hates it, but the plan backfires. Eventually, Miley reveals to Oliver...
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posted by nevenkastar
Season 1

1 "Lilly, Do wewe Want to Know a Secret?"
2 "Miley Get Your Gum"
3 "She's a Supersneak"
4 "I Can't Make wewe upendo Hannah if wewe Don't"
5 "It's My Party and I'll Lie if I Want To"
6 "Grandma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Play Favorites"
7 "It's a Mannequin's World"
8 "Mascot Love"
9 "Ooo, Ooo, Itchy Woman"
10 "O Say, Can wewe Remember the Words?"
11 "Oops! I Meddled Again!"
12 "On the Road Again?"
(Part three of "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana")
13 "You're So Vain, wewe Probably Think This Zit is About You"
14 "New Kid in School"
15 "More Than a Zombie to Me"
16 "Good Golly, Miss...
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Hannah Montana is an Emmy Award-nominated[1] American televisheni series, which debuted on March 24, 2006 on Disney Channel. The series focuses on a girl who lives a double life as an average teenage school girl named Miley Stewart (played kwa Miley Cyrus) kwa siku and a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana kwa night, concealing her real identity from the public, other than her close Marafiki and family.

On April 9, 2008, it was announced that Hannah Montana would return for a third season in 2008[2] and production started on August 4, 2008.[3]
The other side
The other side
The other side of me

By day, I play
The part in every way
Of simple sweet, calm and collected

Pretend, to my friends
I’m a chameleon
Can make a girl feel disconnected

Feel like a star
A super hero
Sometimes it’s hard to separate
(Got too much on my plate)

If wewe could see
The other side of me
I’m just like anybody else, can’t wewe tell
I hold the key (the key)
To both realities
The girl that I want wewe to know
If only I could show
The other side…the other side
I want wewe to see
The other side…the other side
The other side of me

Inside, I try
To make the pieces fit right
A jigsaw...
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posted by Zman30000
 What the hell!
What the hell!
Ay yo. I'm a guy who deeply in upendo with Miley Cyrus. I hate doing this but there's another side of Miley. They may not be real. I don't Know but it kindda scarey. If wewe can, respond. I may this jacked up. I wanna know. It's sickining.I have do this to post the article.sdfhsdufhuiwegfwegfuigweufgweuigfuwegfugeufguegfuegfegugfuegfegfgeufgegfegf euegrug eugreu eugruegr eugrueg uegreugr eugrueg eugrue uegrue gurgeugruegrue ruegre geugr eugr eugr ueg eg grgrgr gr gr gr gr grgr g rgr g rg rg rgr g rgrg
 Ok.... That's a little weird.
Ok.... That's a little weird.
 God. Please slap her out of it!!!!!!!!
God. Please slap her out of it!!!!!!!!
 Wow. Kissing a girl
Wow. Kissing a girl
 Damn! Kissing another girl.
Damn! Kissing another girl.
 Hannah Montana Season 1
Hannah Montana Season 1
You get the limo out front............
best of both, best of both Best of both worlds!


Lilly Truscott (Miley Stewart's best friend) buys two tickets to see a Hannah Montana tamasha for her and Miley. Because Miley secretly is Hannah Montana, she says she can't go, so Lilly goes to the tamasha with Oliver Oken (Miley and Lilly's friend). After sneaking into her dressing room, she finds out that Miley is Hannah Montana, so Miley shows Lilly her secret Hannah closet. However, when Lilly tries to convince Miley she should tell her secret to her school,...
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posted by anetted
Don't call me
Leave me alone
Not gonna answer my phone
Cuz I don't
No I won't see you
I'm out to have a good time
To get wewe off of my mind
Cuz I don't
And I won't need you
Time to dial 911
We're gonna have some fun
Hey boy wewe know wewe better run

Cuz it's a girls night
It's alright without you
I'm gonna stay out
And play out
Without you
You better hold tight
Cuz girls' nights without you
Let's go GNO
Let's go GNO
Let's go GNO
Let's go
It's a girls' night

I'll dance with somebody new
Won't have to think about you
And who knows what that girl will lead to
You'll here from everyone
You'll get the 411
Hey boy wewe knew this...
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posted by anetted
wewe walk away from me tonight
Not knowing the real me
'Cause wewe believe in all the hype
I just stepped out of a magazine

Take away the glamour the world that is show
And forget everything wewe know
Take away the mirrors, the limo's, the lights
I don't wanna dress up tonight

I'm gonna put on my old blue jeans
Gonna walk out of here into the street
Would wewe put up resistance
Would it make a difference
Would wewe know the real me
Me in my old blue jeans

You think I'm unapproachable
That I don't feel enough
Should read a book cover to cover
And not be so quick to judge

Take away the glamour the makeup...
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 By: CelebrityFan901
By: CelebrityFan901
Hey. This is the 3rd part of the story. And I hope wewe like it. And sorry for spelling and the grammar.
-In School:
When I went to school at the inayofuata day, everyone started bullying me and talking to each other BAD things about me! But I havent care; because I know they are bullying me about something STUPID. But I was sad. Anyway. And even my Awesome BFF Taylor was bullying me! But suddenly, a guy came and asked me:"Hey. I know you.." Then I let him to stop speaking to me, then I told him:"Hey! Your going to do for me something! Better to wewe do dont tell me anything...
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Alright, here we go
Follow me now
Hit it

Everybody do your dance
Ain't nothing better than an
All out jam, no, ha
Are ya ready for a little something new tonight
(Oh yeah)
I gotta brand new step I think you're gonna like
C'mon boys

Gotta do like I do, just follow my lead
Everybody let's chill

Do the ice cream freeze... strike your pose
Then ya do the maziwa shake
Shake it, shake it down low
Do the snow cone slide
Left to right
Put your hands in the air
We can party all night

Do the ice cream freeze... strike your pose
Then ya do the maziwa shake
Shake it, shake it down low
Do the snow cone slide
Left to right
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posted by 8mariea
I probably shouldn't say this
But at times I get so scared
When I think about the previous
Relationship we shared
It was awesome
But we Lost it
It's not possible for me not to care
And now were standing in the rain
But nothings ever gonna change until wewe hear
My dear
The 7 things I hate about you
The 7 things I hate about you
Oh you
You're vain
Your games
You're insecure
You upendo me
You like her
You make me laugh
You make me cry
I dont know which side to buy
Your friends
They're jerks
When wewe act like them just know it hurts
I wanna be with the one I know
And the 7 things I hate the most that wewe do
You make me love...
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***Spoilers inside*** fox, mbweha teen-targeted awards onyesha airs tonight, but winners are already revealed online.
The 2008 Teen Choice Awards ceremony is airing tonight on Fox, but all the winners got their partying done last night. That's because the actual awards fest was held yesterday in Los Angeles, and is being edited down to a neat two-hour package for broadcast tonight at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. Central).

The ceremony was hosted kwa Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus. Also performing at the event were dreamy teen trio Jonas Brothers and dance teams from America's Best Dance Crew.

The media was also...
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posted by 2468244
Oh yeah, mm
La da da
Don’t get me wrong - I upendo who I am
I don’t wanna be ungrateful - it probably sounds strange
I really upendo the role I play - the songs I sing - but with all the fame
The things that seem so simple - are suddenly so far out of reach
Wish that they could see that underneath

I’m just an ordinary girl
Sometimes I’m lazy - I get bored - I get scared - I feel ignored
I feel happy, I get silly - I choke on my own words
I make wishes, I have dreams, and I still want to believe
Anything can happen in this world - for an ordinary girl
Like you, like me, for an ordinary girl, like you,...
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posted by 2468244
Do me a favor
And tell me what wewe think about me
Tell me how wewe want this to be
Go out on a limb and just dream

Paint a picture
Choose your colors extra wise
Especially what wewe put on my mind
Imagine what it’d be like to touch the sky, yeayeah

Whoa oh, your thoughts are gonna pick me up
Do wewe know it’s good to feel too much

Whoa, wewe got my head in the clouds
Whoa, wewe got me thinking out loud
The zaidi wewe dream about me the zaidi that I believe
That nothing’s ever out of reach
So dream, dream, dream

I breathe your visions
They pull me through the coldest of nights
They steer me towards that moment...
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posted by anetted
Gonna stay in kitanda today
Cause i can't stand the light
Don't no why i get so down

It won't be much fun tonight
And i can't belive wewe still want to hang around
me it's not so pretty all the time wewe don't mind
to wewe it's alright.

As i am is how wewe take me never
try to push au make me different
when i talk wewe listen to me
As i am is how wewe want me and
i found the peice that missin
I'm looking at him

Not the girl wewe think wewe see but maybe thats a lie
you almost no me better then me, myself and I
Don't no alot of things, but i no what i got
It's not so perfect everyday I don't have to try...
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posted by anetted
We haven't met, and that's okay
'Cause wewe will be asking for me one day

Don't want to wait in line
The moment is mine believe me

Don't close your eyes
Cause it's a chance worth takin
And I think that I can onyesha you

I know where I stand
I know who I am
I would never run away when life gets bad
Everything I see
Every part of me
Gonna get what I deserve
I got nerve!

Electrified, I'm on a wire
Gettin' together and we're on fire
What I said, wewe heard
Now I've got wewe spinning

Don't close your mind
The words I use are open
And I think that I can onyesha you

I know where I stand
I know who I am
I would never run away when...
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posted by 16nat
 hannah on stage!
hannah on stage!
This makala was finished in April 26th 2009.

Born: November 23 1992
Real Name: Destiny Hope Cyrus
Name: Miley cyrus
By: Noor Al Thani

(Miley cyrus ROCKS) because she is cool and cute she looks good in all the colors. Her nickname is Miles and Smiley, when she is in Hannah Montana she weres a blonde wig to keep her in disguise of Miley and when she really wants something she does the puppy face to her dad. She likes clothes and other stuff such as accsecurize,shoes and bags.
she likes her best friend Mandy, Mandy is 20 years old and Miley is 16 years old. Miley also has loads of best friends. They...
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You get the limo out front............
best of both, best of both Best of both worlds!


Despite their father telling them that they can't go to a movie premiere to study for mid-terms, Miley sneaks out with Lilly and Oliver after they convince her, while Jackson sneaks out too separately with his friend Cooper. When they both find out that they each have sneaked out, they see Robby with a woman at the movie theater when he alisema he was attending a meeting, so they try to find zaidi information about the woman. Miley gets upset, thinking Robbie is trying to replace her mother, who passed away several years ago, which in the series is who she wrote the song "I Miss You" for.

Guest stars: Andre Jamal Kinney and Lindsey Stoddart
Hannah song featured: "Pumpin' Up the Party"
Miley song featured: "I Miss You"
Note: This was the only time that a Miley song was featured
 She's a Supersneak !!! (By Supergirl9374)
She's a Supersneak !!! (By Supergirl9374)