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Flippy:Just another siku in this boring old ne...Trucks stop at for Sale house inayofuata to Flippys.Three robots come out of the first truck one holding a Tails Doll.Flippy laughs.Metal Sonic:You got a problem with egh Tough guy.Flippy:No its just...YOU HAVE A DOLL.Burst out laughing.Tails doll:SHUT THE F**K UP BEAR.Walks away.Truck number 2 drops a girl.Flippy:...wow...Girl waves.Girl:Hi.Walks in house.Trucks drive away.Flippy:I have to go tell Flaky!...Flaky I got new neighbors to.They alisema there names were Sonic and Amy.Flippy:Cool.Flaky:I'm bored.Lets end the onyesha and go play checkers...You did take your pills today right.Flippy:Yep.Flaky:Then lets go.Flippy:Ok.End of Eps.1.
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