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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita haropuff95 said…
1116.the series is reasonable to reach 7 books;
to cover Harry's 7 years education at Hogwarts & each book bring on a stage of his advanture agaisnt Voldemort(except for the 3rd)& the stage is actually building something from one book to the next one.
while twilight,gah.."I love u,u love me,I love u,u love me,Edward's gorgous,Edward's gorgous..." *snort*
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita dobbyssocks said…
1117. twilight is a faze hp is a lifesaver

1118. when was hawt a word (besides a type of wand (hawthorn)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
iBaseCheerGirl has won the E-Cookie! I'll leave the title blank so the next person can get an E-Muffin.

haropuff95: I disagree, Twilight is more like the Barney song: 'I luv you, you luv me, we're one happy family...' *retching noises*
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita NevilleSeverus said…
I think Twilight is great, I read it when I am sick to induce vomiting. Works like a charm
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita NevilleSeverus said…
1119: Albus Severus is awaaaaaay better name than renesmee

1120: The adults even have story lines and history. All Twilight is, is omg edward is so dreamy. pffffffft
When will you relize he is a creepy pedifile and stalker and bella is a necrophilliac.
Harry potter does not have this unless you remus and tonks ( wich i don't)

1121: Harry Potters fanbase are not ditsy screaming annoying girly-girls.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
1122. If ANYONE, vampire or otherwise, drinks animal blood, they're not vegitarian. How does that even make sense? If a vampire does not drink PLANT blood, they're not vegetarians. And seeing as plant blood doesn't exist, logically, vampires are not vegitarians.

1123. High School Musical-singing and dancing+pussy vampires=epic fail. Every time.

1124. Stalking is not cute, it's ILLEGAL IN ALL FIFTY STATES. Yes, Twilighters, there are fifty of them.

1125. Cliches may enhance the plot, Stephanie, they should never BE THE PLOT.

1126. No one, NO ONE, would go through the horrors of high school over, and over, and over again. Learning something once is more than enough.

1127. The dialogue in Twilight is horrible: question answer, question answer, question answer, COME ON!

1128. Stephanie Meyer only writes for herself, she doesn't think about her upcoming audience. That doesn't bode well.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita NevilleSeverus said…
1129: Harry Potter has a musical. Twilight doesn't, and it is Hilarious,even though the twilighters won't understand it (for two reasons). The only funny things funny thing twilighters come up with is the dumb dialouge.

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita haropuff95 said…
LilysLittleTwin:except no one ever replay that Barny is gorgeous
113o.Everyone has to go on a hard time to achieve happiness in HP,I mean not just losing your bf for a while or turning yourself into a vampire,its like you've got to sacrifise many things & beloved lives to get through the hardness bcause happiness doesn't promise to come in HP,will Harry wins agaisnt Voldemort or get killed in effort,no one know and we doesn't need telling to know Bella'll be a vamp and live happily ever after with Eddy..
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita NevilleSeverus said…
1131: In Twilight, at the end you know that Bella and Edward would survive because Smeyer is not brave enough to kill of a main character. Harry Potter, on the other hand, you had know clue wether harry would survive or not, it was no predictable.Anyone coulfd have died at any moment, but twilight is to cliche and mary-sue, so you knew they wouldn't die it ended with a fully happy ending, un like harry potter where noone is ever truly happy
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita XDRoseLuvsHP said…
1132. When Irina dies in Breaking Dawn, the Cullens aren't upset; in fact, they don't care in the slightest. How can you say that they are "caring" or "selfless" or "amazing"? The Harry Potter characters felt pain when ANYONE died. Hey, Dumbledore caught Harry feeling pity for even Voldemort at one point. Now I would say that that in itself is pretty amazing.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
1134. HP fans hate Twilight BECAUSE of the books. Twilighters hate HP because it's threatening Twilight's universal popularity.

1135. HP fans don't say 'UR PATETIK U GET LIFE' as a response to a calm reason why HP is better.

1136. Would Bella stand up to the Death Eaters with Ginny, Neville, and Luna? NO.

Who's up for calling Count Chocula and making him own Edward?
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita haropuff95 said…
1133.the antagonist is someone pitiful when he's cruel & we're supposed to hate him!a hot antagonist that has fangirls can be found everywhere*yawn*
But Voldemort;orphan,dumped,poor,cannot love..T^T*sobs*
1134.the antagonist has connection & similarities with the protagonist other than the same species,can Twi beats that?
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
Soory, I just have to make fun of some people here:
'I'm sorry but I just can't picture myself on a flying train, eating chocolate covered frogs,' (quote from twitard) Ummm... where did flying trains and chocolate covered frogs come into play here?

'plus, sex scenes in Twilight.' ...That's why HP is better, not Twilight. You've mixed them up, dear.

'Because its just common sence to like twilight!!! Haha. Romance means everything. Bella and Edward are like, MENT 4 each other, and everything is just.... PERFENT!! In Harry potter, u would that that harry and harmonie would like... fall in love or something.... and then u watch people die in freaky ways, and then there creepy things....GAHH!!! but yea. (:' sorry I copied the whole thing but it was too stupid. I don't know where to begin here...IF YOU EXPECTED HARRY AND HERMIONE TO FALL IN LOVE AND HP NOT BE A ACTION NOVEL, RAISE YOUR HAND! *room remains still* How thick are these people?!

'one word....werewolfz!!! in Harry Potter there iz only 1 book with werewolfz!!' When did 'werewolfz' become a word? *begins sifting through dictionary*

'Harry Potter was boring ,seriously i tried reading it and i couldn't understand anything it was so boring and confusing. Cause I'm so dumb it actually hurts!!!!' ...so you admit you're an idiot?

'You can feel her confusion between Edward and Jacon.' OOOHHH! Who is this 'Jacon' you speak of? I would like to meet him!

'Because its a love story, who dosen't like love?' I like love, just not obsessive lust. And learn to spell 'doesn't' dear.

That's enough for now, but be sure to check out link for a laugh!
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
Sorry for all the posts, but I need reassurance from HP fans:

Do you think it's selfish (or somthing like that) of me to cry when Dumbledore died for 20%Dumbledore 20%Harry 20%Draco and 40%Severus. Dumbledore: well, he DIED; Harry lost his mentor, and Draco and Severus because I couldn't be there to tell them that everything is going to be alright. Anyway...well?

1139. Hary Potter has made me like songs, for example 'The Art of Losing'. While every time I hear 'Beautiful Nightmare' I can't help but think 'This wonderful song is going to be used in the sucky New Moon movie?!'

1140. Whiny Mary-Sues don't deserve their own books.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita dobbyssocks said…
LilysLittleTwin i dont think it is selfish or whatever, cause i did the same thing, we are just awsome
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita ZoeeHP said…
1141. JK Rowling actually developes her characters and gives them personalities unlike twilight where meyer just leaves bella boring and in a deep depression

1142. The fact that carlisle mostly changes TEENS into vampires is creepy. At least JK doesn't turn her characters into pedofiles.

1143. Bella teaches girls to let the man be in control of the relationship which for centuries women have been trying to stop, so that they can be strong and independent.

1144. Stephenie meyer's vampires sparkle. END OF

1145. Harry potter could kick edward cullens fat ass any day with his magical powers (y)

:D Woow! 1145,, impressive :) HP RULES xx
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita dobbyssocks said…
1146. the fact the when worntail was chocking himself harry and ron tried to stop him
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
dobbyssocks, thanks.

1147. The only two decent characters, (Alice and Jasper), SMeyer didn't even do anything with them!

1148. JKR gives at least a semi-developed history to all her characters. There are too many examples for me to pick.

1149. We don't know anything of the bad guys' histories. With Voldemort, you know everything, past, present,...well, not future but still.

1150. I used to hate writing anything, now I write and read fanfiction all the time, all thanks to HP! While twilight made me want to stop.

1151. You don't want to burn HP. Siriusly (I can't help it), look on youtube.

1152. Can you name one person that isn't nice to Bella? I didn't think so.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita XDRoseLuvsHP said…
1153. SMeyer is under the delusion that if you are a massive-depressive, that automatically makes you "selfless". (That's her "brilliant" reasoning as to why Bella and Edward are both "selfless")
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita XDRoseLuvsHP said…
This one was inspired by LilysLittleTwin's comment:

1154. Harry Potter fans know that the main male and the main female of a book do not have to fall in love JUST because they are the main ones. (I love Ron and Hermione together <3)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita PirateNinja3815 said…
Main themes in Harry Potter: love, death, friendship, bravery etc.
Main themes in Twilight: lust, pedophilia etc.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita PirateNinja3815 said…
1154. Twilight is just a innapropriate fantasy that Stephenie Meyer dreamed of and wrote down. Then random events were thrown in to try and boost the plot line. Harry Potter came in a thought in a train station and was carefully planned out before writing it.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita PirateNinja3815 said…
1155. Twilight relies SO much on surface beauty (come on, people wouldn't be drooling over Edward if he wasn't 'hot'). Harry Potter is about who you are inside.

1156. The way characters fell in love:

TWILIGHT - Edward and Bella
Bella's thoughts: ooh, look! that guy's hot
Edward's thoughts: weird, I can't read her mind. Let's go invade her privacy.
Bella's thoughts: ooh, the hot guy's my science partner.
Edward's thoughts: she smells nice
Edward: hi
Bella: hi
Edward: what's your favourite stone? where do you live? when did your parents divorce? why do you like standing in the rain? what's your favourite flower? do you know I'm a stalker?
Bella: what a beautiful field!
Edward: I shall run around this field in under a second then I shall smash a branch!
*BAM!!! they fall in love*

HARRY POTTER - Ginny and Harry
*they meet, they fight, they protect each other...A FEW YEARS LATER, they fall in love*
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
1157. Wet dreams are meant to be kept to yourself. Don't even tell your diary. Just, no. No.

1158. Why the freak did the Mike/Jessica pairing even happen?

1159. Has anyone SEEN the fight scenes in HP? A lot better than Twilight's.


1161. Twitards can't even come up with a real insult. Harry Pothead? That...why? Why?
Meanwhile, Me: Edward is a L.O.S.E.R. A Little, Over-controlling, Stupid, Ego-centric, Retard. Also, my famous Edweird and Edwart.
More proof that Twilight kills brain cells.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
EVERYONE COME QUICK! HAROPUFF95 HAS DISCOVERED THAT MAGIC IS REAL! That really explains so much. SOMEONE GET THE BASALISK FANG, SWORD OF GG (What? You know who I'm talking about.), OR FIENDFYRE! IT MUST BE DESTROYED! (along with my math book ;) Although I wonder if dear Eddy really does have magic since twitards attack HP fans. But maybe Dumbledore and Voldy wronged him and he devoted his life to attacking them. When he became a vampire, the Horcrux recognized him as dead so it 'activated' if you will. :D
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita taisa said…
@ LilysLittleTwin & haropuff95- ROFLMAO..

1162. Twilighters claim that twilight is better because its an epic love story. Okay, so it’s a love story. Big deal! I understand the argument: by the end of Breaking Dawn, we see just how much love there is between them because Bella allows Edward, for the first time, to see into her thoughts and he realizes no one has loved him as much as her, blah blah. That’s the most emotional scene in the entire series and it’s literally at the very end. Wow, what an original concept!

Bella and Edward are just flaky teenagers, but so many people are trying to pass it off as an epic love story. We may as well call them Heidi and Spencer! No? Tom and Katie? Miley and What’s-His-Face?

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
haropuff95: ROFLMAO! Grindlebella! On a more Sirius note: AHHHHH!!! Where are we going to get a Basalisk fang? The Sword of Godric Gryffindor? Fiend Fyre? Harry was a miracle and he was 17 with help and he only had to desroy 7! (Although I'll admit one of the was him.) First, we need recruits that know Twitards. I don't know any. Also, we need a cooler name than 'HarryPotterians'...How about Bellatrix's Army? She awesome and can kick serious butt!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita dobbyssocks said…
ever some twilight fans like my laptop background
 ever some twilight mashabiki like my laptop background
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita dobbyssocks said…
thats saying something
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita PirateNinja3815 said…
1163. Humour in Harry Potter is apparent throughout all the books and movies. The humour in Twilight is a few blonde jokes in the last book and the pathetic jokes swapped between Bella and Edward. Seriously, Bella found it funny when Edward said he had lots of free time and therefore can play the piano well.

[Slughorn is snipping tentacular leaves through a window in the greenhouse; Harry, who is walking by, notices Slughorn and walks up behind him. Slughorn is startled]
Horace Slughorn: Aaauughh!... Merlin's beard, Harry!
Harry Potter: Oh, sorry, sir, I should've announced myself. Cleared my throat. Coughed. You probably feared I was Professor Sprout!
Horace Slughorn: Yes, I did actually!... What made you think that?
Harry Potter: Oh, well, just the general behavior, sir - the sneaking around, jumping when you saw me... Are those tentacular leaves, sir? They're very valuable, aren't they?
Horace Slughorn: Ten Galleons a leaf to the right buyer!... Not that I'm familiar with any such back alley transactions, but one does hear rumors. My own interests are purely academic, of course.
Harry Potter: Personally, these plants always kind of freak me out.


Cormac McLaggen: What have I just eaten?
Harry Potter: (pause) Dragon Balls
Cormac McLaggen: *throws up on Snape's shoes*
Severus Snape: You've just earned yourself a month's detention, McLaggen...


"Vernon Dursley speaking." Harry, who happend to be in the room at the time, froze as he heard Ron's voice answer. "HELLO? HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME? I - WANT - TO - TALK - TO - HARRY - POTTER!" Ron was yelling so loudly that Uncle Vernon jumped and held the reciever a foot away from his ear, staring at it with an expression of mingled fury and alarm. "WHO IS THIS?! he roared in the direction of the mouthpiece. "WHO ARE YOU?" "RON - WEASLEY!" Ron bellowed back, as though he and Uncle Vernon were speaking from opposite ends of a football pitch. "I'M - A - FRIEND - OF - HARRY'S - FROM - SCHOOL!" Uncle Vernon's eyes swivelled around to Harry, who was rooted to the spot. "THERE IS NO HARRY POTTER HERE!" he roared, now holding the reciever at arm's length, as though frightened it might explode. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT SCHOOL YOUR TALKING ABOUT! NEVER CONTACT ME OR COME NEAR MY FAMILY EVER AGAIN!!!"......
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita haropuff95 said…
read the drama script provided by director:I know!can we use Cat Fangs instead?A really enormous & cold loli Ice-cream can hole a book.We can replace Sword of G with it.Many girls in my class are Twihards, lets see how many of them are imperiused before we holed the wrong novel with Cat Fang.Bellatrix's Army sounds good too,since Eddy tried to hurt Voldy,surely Bellatrix would like to recruit an army for him?what about Order of The Potter?or Dear Eater?
DobbySocks:nice laptop background :D
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita haropuff95 said…
1164.Harry Potter was translated into 67 languages while Twilight was 37
1165.Harry Potter novels have higher price than Twilights' in my country.Twilights' is around Mr.Midnight novels' which is peculiar because Mr.Midnight is Singapore's,so it'll be normal if its price+export tax is lower than Britain's or America's novels,hemm...
1166.When Rowling was writing Harry Potter,her mum passed away,that's why she write wells about Harry's feeling of lost because she knew what is it to feel when your parent left you.How can Twitards say HP is not emotional?
1167.The Harry Potter books have also gained recognition for sparking an interest in reading among the young at a time when children were thought to be abandoning books for computers and television,although the series' overall impact on children's reading habits has been questioned.source;JK.Rowling wikipidea
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita DracoFanGirl said…
1167: HP fans CRY when there's death. I never cried for anything (I'm a selfish brat, no?) But I cried when Sirius died, I felt bad when Quirrel died (because even the bad guys need that kind of attention).

1168: The fact that you can use Siriusly, and Why so Sirius? is just amazing. When all you can say for Twilight is...Erm, nothing?

1169: The fact that I have to deal with constant Twihards at school. Ther reasons for liking Twilight: Edward and Jacob are hawt! True story...

1170: HP has godo insults. Mudblood, for one, is WAY more offensive then "What a marshmallow."

1171: This is about a close to a stalker oyu can get: Sirius Black, using his powers of being an Animagus just to SEE Harry.
Or, of course, I always joke about following Draco around under an Invisibilty Cloak with a Maurader's Map.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita ms_draco_malfoy said…
seriously, i think my IQ just went down from reading the comment of one of those twitards. ew.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita haropuff95 said…
piertotum forum!Harry Potter is threatened!Join the forum,protect him,do your duty to our[beloved]novel!

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
haropuff95: Sure! Cat fangs will be a lot easier than Basalisk fangs. I like 'The Order of the Potters' or 'Bellatrix's Army' is good too. Every year we'll host a ritual where people bring a Twilight book of their choice and burn it in a bonfire.

1172. Harry Potter fans have a sense of humor, and not just for blonde jokes. (I'm blonde so you can guess how I feel about those)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita haropuff95 said…
LilysLittleTwin:that was...

1173.Harry Potter's themes aren't 'words speak louder than actions'.
When Jo says it is 'Love Conquer All',she does means like that.For example,Snape's love for Lily overpowered his intention to serve Voldemort,although he took a bit time to surrender to it.But who could accuse poor Sev?the girl he loves married the guy he hates,
at least he remains to love her & sacrificed a lot for her son.

oh & LilysLittleTwin,pity you for the blonde joke,really.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
haropuff95: I mean members will bring a Twilight book and burn it. It doesn't matter if they stole it or not. I have a name idea! Under 13 is Bellatrix's Army, and 13 and over is OotP. I didn't read beyond the first chapters of Eclipse so I didn't read the blonde joke but, you know, I heard about it so know I'm pissed off.

1174. You can like guys for more than just how 'hawt' they are. I'm sure Draco fangirls have a good reason. And you know Ron fangirls have a reason.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita bella113 said…
1175, harry potter was ORIGIONALLY made. jackob BLACK(twilight gah!) sirius BLACK, Bellatrix, Adromema, Naricissa BLACK catchin my drift? Bella (harry potter) Bella swan seeing another? JK Rowling is wayyyyyy more origional.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita DracoFanGirl said…
1176: As a Draco fan, i do say I have my reasons. But, we have so many reasons, we coukld go on...

1178: HP is set aside from all my other books, while Twilight is in my Mum's room.

1179: i'm listening to 'The Bravest Man I Ever Knew' my Ministry of Magic, while Twilight doesn't have awesome songs about it or any chracters.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita DracoFanGirl said…
1180: HP has it's ups and downs. For example: Harry figured out what his dream was about! He goes to save Sirius, and Bellatrix kills Sirius.

1181: Rowling doesn't write like she's Harry. We know what's going on with him, as though we can read his mind (sorry, forgot what it's called), his emotions, and what's going on around him.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita dobbyssocks said…
Dracofangirl- i think that that 3rd person narrative stuff but i dont know...

1182. i just found a website were you can get a close up view of the covers of hp, how cool is that

1183. You feel sorry for draco, Mr. malfoy (cant spell his first name but i do know it), and ever voldemort sometimes
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita taisa said…
1184. Harry Potter characters have depth.
It’s not as if we need to know everything about everybody. But with Twilight it isn’t so much that Meyer is leaving our imagination to cook up the mystery; it’s that there is no mystery.

Every Harry Potter character has a back story. We know a character’s personality, and know what is “like him” or “like her” and that is enough. At least Rowling gives us a creative mosaic to work with; Meyer’s is more like a brown paper bag – pretty drab. While reading Harry Potter, so much is left to our imagination that when we see it on the big screen, it’s almost a let down. It looks differently from how we imagined it in our mind. With Twilight, there is no let down because there is very little imagination involved in the first place

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita haropuff95 said…
LilysLittleTwin:its miracle if someone can escape safely.xD
1184.I found on a newspaper weeks ago during New Moon opened at cinema,an article about "Twilight Rules" stuffs by a female reporter.She wrote "goodbye Harry Potter & your dull-suburban wand,we have outgrown you".And guess what,she concluded that after interviewing some TEENAGE GIRLS & guess why they said like that;
"HP has no romance","Edward is perfect" & "HP is not emotional"..pfft..and guess what?next week,when I turned to the ICT column,they stated the TOP 5 MOST SEARCHED ON THE NET LAST WEEK,Harry Potter is no.4,above Obama,lost to MJ,Serena Williams & an actor who's famous for a controversy that week,some old actor.
NO Twilight.NO Edward nor Robert.NO Bella nor Kristen.NO Jacob nor Taylor.Twilight was out at the cinema last week.HP is far more left-over.Why many people still searching for it not Twilight on the net?*malicious smile*

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peaceoutsuckaz said…
1187. Twitards claim that you get lost in their saga...somewhat true...becauce it FREAKIN DESCRIBES EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! And its either stuff we don't care about or stuff they decribe on every page (you all KNOW where i'm going with this...)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
1188. Okay, this made me mad:
A comment to me: 'no one asked you b****'
My reply: 'Frankly, I don't care. When a fellow fan of Harry Potter is threatened, I spring into action. And no one asked for your language, I feel sorry for your parents.'
Can you just look at them? Thank you.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
haropuff, I thought up a battle plan! We set the Barney song to go on a continuous loop until the Edwartians and Jacomites are in a mindless trance. Then we grab our wands and haul them to Azkaban!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita dobbyssocks said…
Lilys little twin and haropuff

if you need a hippogriff i think i can get one
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita dobbyssocks said…
1189. all the mythology in harry potter helped me study for test when i was little
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LilysLittleTwin said…
I'm sure we wold like a hippogriff. We can dive bomb the Edwartians and Jacomites.