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It is an average siku at Camp Olympus. Suddenly, all of the campers are pulled up into the sky, out of their current position. A voice, feminine, but deep, booms in the sky, cloudy and compact, "Campers, prove your worth!". As fast as the awali pulling was, the campers are now pulled to Camp Olympus. The pull was like an invisible rope au a delayed magnet pull- smooth, but harsh. Finally, the campers opened their eyes and blinked; they could finally see now- godly presence can cause temporary blindness.
Before them, a giant tub of instant mac & cheese mix sits. Dazed and confused, the...
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" wewe were banished!" Alvin to Blaze, his eyes furious.

Alvin Hamilton III is a son of Poseidon and the First Ghost and Fifth Sentinel of The City. His eyes sometimes turn red, and he calls it the Sharingan and he can now do it when ever he wants.


He was born of a Grazer, Adrian Ewing and Poseidon. Poseidon ilitumwa like a mortal and mated with Adrian. Adrian thought Poseidon died in a shipwreck, sometime after Alvin was born. She didn't cry, she just got ready for Grazer duties.

Alvin lived fatherless in a village somewhere outside but near to Tokyo, but...
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Source: Don't know who made it, but thanks to whoever did.
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This for the Weapons of Blaze(just Blaze) of Camp Archeon. He has A LOT of weapons
The closet is pure silver and has two doors, it is as tall as two men, about half a God's size. The inside of the doors holds weapons too. His right door holds long weapons like spears, staves and long swords. The left door is for daggers and misshapen weapons like the Egyptian Khopesh. In Closet inside is for other weapons like shields, swords and weapons Blaze finds unusual.

Here are some of his weapons~

For the right door:
His birthday present from his mom

His Roman Spatha
His two staves

On the left:
His Egyptian Khopesh
His Roman Dagger

In the middle:
Blaze's favourite weapon, Pyro then turns from a pendant
to a red sword
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Source: Google, ghost recon future soldier, picha
posted by Nicolicious
 An Atlantan
An Atlantan
So, it's been three days since I was imprisoned and they have tortured me nonstop. But I managed to get out.

I wake up and find myself strapped to a table. "Joy." I mutter when three Atlantans walk in.
Now the thing is I can understand the Atlantans and so can Alex, but they speak a language I've never heard before, so I have no idea how I know what they are saying. I just do.
One if the Atlantans, that I have taken to calling Fredrick, walks towards me and picks up a large iron branding pole from a moto pit inayofuata to me.

"Is that why I was sweating Fredrick?" I ask the Atlantans and nod my head...
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 Cara's Combat Armour
Cara's Combat Armour
Cara Elise De'Lassio, First Sentinel and founder of The City

Cara De'Lassio is a daughter of Thanatos and the very First Sentinel of The City. Cara had two siblings, the last three children of Thanatos, but they were murdered kwa the Grazers in from of her eyes.

Cara was born in a tiny town called Bullsbrook in the farmlands of New South Wales, Australia. She lived with her older sister Tanaya and her younger brother George. At the age of eight(George was six and Tanaya was twelve)her sister Tanaya was claimed at the local school causing an uproar in the Australian Government. Only recently...
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posted by Rogue475
 Glock 17 loaded with Bronze Alloy Bullets
Glock 17 loaded with Bronze Alloy Bullets
Name: Alec Weston

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Immortal Parent: Hades

Mortal Parent: Diana Weston



Personality: Hot-Headed, Intellectual, Untrusting

Abilities: Shadow Travel, Hellfire

Weapons: Glock 17(Which he keeps hidden)
//Other Equipment: Bronze Koto Blade

cabin, kibanda Symbol: ♎️

Not much is known of the Eldest son of Hades, yet out of the ordinary, the man simply showed up at camp one day. Not a word was spoken, for his wounds were substantial, and the rule was "no demigod left behind."
This is the Character makala Form wewe will need to jiunge link

futa everything with ( )
Aspect goes as juu image, message me for details.


(Between the ages of 10 and 19)

Mutagen Aspect¬
(Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, message if wewe want another)

(Bold, Timid, Afraid)

(Pic will work)



(Below are the three aspects wewe choose from, at the start of the story, each character will begin as full straight up mortals, only to be introduced to the specified God Mutagen later)
 Zeus Aspect
Zeus Aspect
 Hades Aspect
Hades Aspect
 Poseidon Aspect
Poseidon Aspect
posted by JasmineValdez
wewe know you're Poseidon's kid when...

1)Water bottles explode when you're angry

2)Every vacation wewe go on is to a beach, pwani au lake

3)You sometimes forget your Marafiki can't breathe underwater

4)The only Blade wewe use on matunda Ninja is the water blade (with the tsunami background of course)

5)You've been jet-sking, whitewater rafting, tubing, and cliff-diving but dislike "extreme sports"

6)Dolphins and samaki follow wewe in the water, which wewe find creepy

7)Horses feel the need to call wewe boss

8)You have a collection of dorky ocean metaphors that no one understands

9)You fight the urge to hide under your...
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"I'm a Ghost of your past" - Blaze to his mom

Blaze Takumi Phoenix(炎 拓海 鳳 Blaze Takumi Phoenix) is a son of Ares and a Ghost of The City. He has the powers of a link as Ares cast a spirit of one into him. His real name is Kaji Takumi Feng

He was born of a Grazer, Erza Takumi and Ares. Ares had posed as a mortal and mated with Erza. She thought that Ares, under the Alias of Kishimoto Feng, died in a plane crash when Blaze was born.

 Erza weeping for her lover
Erza weeping for her lover

Blaze lived fatherless in a village somewhere outside but near to Toyko. He made many friends...
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posted by Nicolicious
 Dj, my baby <3
Dj, my baby <3
I've decided to make one cause everyone else is. So...yah.
Salut. I'm Nicolicious, my real name is Cara/Kara, I'm 14 and also the creator of this club and I live in Western Australia. W.A. is pretty strange. One siku it's pouring with freaking rain au hail, the inayofuata it's as windy as a goddamn cyclone and the inayofuata it's nice toasty and warm. As wewe can tell I don't like the cold. During summer I sleep under a doona with a blanket over it and in winter I sleep with all that plus two zaidi blankets and sometimes a -5 sleeping bag. Well now wewe know my sleeping habits...so yeah.
I live near a kichaka it's...
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posted by Spikegilfer1997
Dalton Beckett is best described kwa the following phrase: A cool, calm, collective, free-lance spell-sword. He's a eighteen year-old, 6'1, pale, slender but muscled, son of Hecate, legacy of Circe, Englishman with hair that's about a mwezi out of buzz cut and stubble lining his subtle jawline. He has dark blue eyes that dance with a almost sarcastic amusement when interested, as if he finds the fact something has dared to not reveal it's secret's to him funny. The behavior exhibited kwa him is bereft of the arrogance of the awali statement but entirely encapsulates the interest based personality...
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posted by darkling_menace
Darcel was once the leader of a tribe of ancient humans in what is now known as modern England, he was a sorcerer who used his magic as an advantage over everyone else, it seemed that his people respected him, but in reality, they feared him. he killed anyone who defied his rule, but he would not do it himself, he would influence others in his tribe that whoever was against him wanted the tribe to fall, so he had them be killed kwa their own peers. The tribe executed traitors kwa tying them and sending them to a bottomless pit where it is alisema that they will fall for an eternity, never seeing...
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posted by Nicolicious
Hey Dear Dumb punda Book

Nothing absolutely nothing has made me happy...oh did I forget to mention its been three months? No? Well it has. I have like this empty hollow feeling in me and it hurts....it hurts so bad. I buried Alex. I buried him under a mti in front if the tower that housed all the statues of the Titans, Gods and Elder Deities. I call it the Sentinel Tower. Inside there was the hall with statues lining the room. There was a large stone rectangle meza, jedwali in the centre of the room. There were five chairs behind that table. To me it looks like a courtroom without the court...but yeah....
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posted by ShadowRanger
so this is Demigod Worlds History since I couldnt write everything in the description there.


when mortals found out about demigods, they sent them away, looked them up, made them slaves and many more. the gods got angry because their Heroes were treated badly, so they made an entire new universe for the demigods, Demigod Worlds.

here the gods made different worlds for each of the Olympians and some other gods with some extra worlds for the demigods to live in peace.

when the Gods first made Demigod Worlds, the monsters found the Transporter on Earth and they invaded Olympia. they took over...
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(----------------->> Right Is Mark At Age 20 >> )
The mwaka is 2040, three long years since i last saw the Heroes of the Pitt...

My Past is dark and tragic, but none the less I have become better from the hardships I have faced...
I am Mark Ivory... and This is my story:

The mwaka was 2027, I was only eleven when my parents were killed kwa a son of Poseidon... I clearly remember that dark night all those years ago...

My family lived in Washington D.C., the north district. Life was simple back then: go to school, come home, eat and go to sleep. But that all changed when I met Percy Jackson......
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