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Without a doubt Heroes was one of the huge breakout hits of the 2006/07 televisheni season. The onyesha almost cured me of my Lost addiction (at the very least it made up for Lost's lengthy mid-season hiatus).

One of the best aspects of Heroes was the series' creators willingness to "play for keeps". zaidi specifically this meant that the stakes in the story were high. Characters would be sacrificed to propel the story along. Some would die tragically others might be "collateral damage". Either way, the writers' aimed to keep us on our toes and realize that the threat of death au permanent injury...
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posted by Miss_Dreamer
-Hayden has appeared in over 50 commercials, and she was just 11 months old when she starred in her first one for the toy brand Playskool.

-She was nominated for a grammy award in 1998 for best spoken word albumn for the voice recording she did on the A Bug's Life Read along recording.

-Haydens a vegan and she has two mbwa called Penny Lane and Madison.

-In 2008, Heroes co-star and on-screen uncle Milo Ventimiglia announced, in an interview on a british radio onyesha that she was dating Hayden.

-Hayden, also a talented singer, recorded a song called "Try" for the soundtrack of the 2007 movie Bridge to Terabithia.

-Hayden is a avid animal rights activist. She has helped to raise money for SavethewalesAgain.com and was awarded a compassion in Action award kwa PETA for her efforts to prevent a dolphin hunt in Japan.
 Nissan Versa. Nissan Versa.
Nissan Versa. Nissan Versa.
Tim Kring is a genius. Masi Oka is a rockstar. Ali Larter and Hayden Panittiere are smoking hot. NBC's new onyesha Heroes is the talk of the town and for good reason. But there's one very big and painful problem with the onyesha that could only get worse with its popularity...selling out to big corporate ad dollars.

Never before have I seen such blatant product placement in a televisheni onyesha until the siku I saw the pilot episode. Every time I see that Nissan Versa au the mention of it on the onyesha makes me cringe. The apple iPod video was a little less blatant, but irritating nonetheless. Product placement...
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posted by HeroesUnited
 Save Heroes, and Save the World!
Save Heroes, and Save the World!
Save Heroes, And Save the World!

Join the Movement! Calling Every Member, of Every Group, on Every Site, Everywhere In the World.. United to take the stand and make a difference. Our Heroes need us now zaidi than ever.. be a hero. Save Heroes and Save the World! For Up to tarehe current info and latest Heroes finds go here.

1) The petiton for NBC itself. (read this entire bulletin befor posting)

2) G4 is going to air the entire series in September!
Staging a must watch event with every Heroes shabiki kwa then is important. To let G4 know how much interest there really is for heroes,...
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posted by Miss_Dreamer
The Helix comes up zaidi often than wewe may realise.

-On the cover of the Isaac Mendez-drawn comic book 9th Wonders!, where hiro cheers his teeportation to New York, "yatta!")
(Don't look back)

-On the map in Chandra Suresh's apartment
(Various episodes)

-On the sketch Peter draws in hospital
(Dont look back)

-In a crime swimming pool that Matt Parkman investigates.
(Don't look back)

-On the cover of Chandra Suresh's book about genitics and superhuman abilities: Activating Evolution.
(Various Episodes)(Picture shown below)

-On the side of claires Geometry textbook
(One Giant Leap)(show below)

-Drawn all...
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posted by SebiBaires
Recently Heroes has taken a downturn in the ratings and been widely criticized kwa the press (and some fans), who cite a notable dip in quality in Season 2. There is some speculation these factors also contributed to Origins current demise, though Variety's sources say that is not the case. Reports say that it's unlikely that any Origins scripts had been completed, however during IGN TV's September interview with Kevin Smith -- the first writer to sign on to the spinoff -- he alisema he was in the middle of uandishi his installment.

On his website, John August writes about Origins being scrapped, saying "I had literally just hit 'Print' on my revised outline when I got the call from [Heroes executive producer] Tim Kring. So, yeah. I'm bummed. But I get it: It was a lot of money to spend in a very uncertain time. And if the labor situation resolves in an orderly fashion, the series could find itself out of the deep freeze for inayofuata season."
 Doc Brown prepares to explain a timeline tangent in Back to the Future Part II
Doc Brown prepares to explain a timeline tangent in Back to the Future Part II
This makala will be an attempt to describe the multitude of timelines featured in Heroes, a onyesha with a heck of a lot of time travel and prophecy aversion. As of the end of the fourth season, there are twenty-nine (or seventy-four; see below) different timelines in the Heroes story – wow! Hopefully this can help with wrapping our brains around the complex plot. Note that this will not cover any alternate timelines that may be featured in the graphic novels, as I haven’t read all of them and I don’t have a good grasp on their goings-on. This is complicated enough already.

The first timeline...
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This chemsha bongo was originally ilitumwa kwa Miss_Dreamer soooo... thanks Miss_Dreamer!

Answer the following questions, then simply tally your scores (under questions) and see which hero wewe are......

Which hero are you??

1. One Morning wewe wake up with super powers. How do wewe react??
a)Jump for joy and pnone all wewe Marafiki and family
b)Burry your head in the sand and carry on as normal
c)Switch immediatly into hero mode and test out your newfound powers
d)Panic au cry (probally both)
e)Devise a plan to make all your wildest dreams come true

2. What would be your ideal super power?
b)Being able to...
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posted by want2watcheroes

Mohinder and Matt are arguing about being covert as well as being out in the open, they meet Peter who shows them a drug to help them capture Noah, they get in the car and drive off.
Meanwhile, Noah is in a pub drinking whiskey and talking to the bartender, he slowly loses his vision and falls unconscious, he is lifted up kwa Matt, Mohinder and Peter who start interrogating him in an apartment.

Five weeks ago... Noah and Angela are discussing the Company and Noah argues that even without Primatech, the company should still be operational, she disagrees and hands him a letter and a watch...
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posted by docarzt
In the tradition of the "Nuts!" campaign that compelled CBS to resurrect Jericho kwa shipping hundreds of pounds of nuts to CBS's corporate offices, link has begun a movement targeted towards the networks and the AMPTP to urge them, through the nuisance of shabiki activism, to bring the strike to an end so our inayopendelewa show(s) can songesha forward.

Our plan is to have fans, as many as we can get, to mail the studio head of their choice a lovely, but very inexpensive, Roller skate charm. A "Cheap Skate" for a bunch of Cheap Skates.

For this effort to work, we need to bring national attention to it. wewe can help kwa digging this article:


And of course telling mashabiki everywhere to visit, sign up, and speak out at link.
posted by Miss_Dreamer
Flying solo may be one of Peter's superpowers. But Milo Ventimiglia's dream of being a fighter pilot was ruined when he discovered it made him nauseous.The Heroes nyota was desperate to fly the high speed vehicles, but soon found out that having a weak stomach could prevent him from ever being a pilot.

"I had a couple of options of what i could do with my life" Mil told the Monsters and Critics website. "One, i wanted to be an actor. Two, i wanted to be a doctor. And three, i wanted to be a fighter pilot"

During the writers strike, when Hollywood was shut down, I went up in a fighter plane. And...
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posted by Miss_Dreamer
 holly Dale
Holly Dale
This episode was dircted kwa first time Heroes director, holly Dale!

Holly’s credits:

I’m going to keep this one short. An cold took me down over the American Thanksgiving holiday and I'm prepping to direct Episode 19 so I have limited my time.

Only one au two notes:

The guys at Optic Nerve created a really cool appliance for Zach Quinto for the moment when Jack Coleman slits his throat. We shot film of Jack really cutting this appliance which gushed blood. It was freaky. But in post-production we found it zaidi powerful to have Jack do the slice off-stage in a close up and then cut wide for...
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posted by SylarNight
Sylar blinked. "You do?"

Dorian nodded. "People like to think that they can change, I guess. But they don't. They never really do." she paused, and continued, when Sylar looked as if he wanted to interject. "Yes, people never change, Gabriel. But, they can always... change back."

"Change...back?" repeated Sylar slowly. "What do wewe mean?"

"They can change back into the person that they were, before."

"Before what?"

"Before the doubt. The pain. Before the loss... and the corruption. It just takes one simple thing."

"And whats that?" asked Sylar, his eyebrows furrowed for a moment.

"You have to want...
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posted by Dragonclaws
 Hiro: "I don’t understand. Takezo Kensei, the legendary Samurai master my father read me tales of is a gaijin?"
Hiro: "I don’t understand. Takezo Kensei, the legendary Samurai master my father read me tales of is a gaijin?"
When Heroes first aired, I fell in upendo with it. What a powerful show! Uh, no pun intended. Heroes really seemed to capture this feeling of realism, a part of which was its internationality. wewe really got the sense that people of all sorts are developing powers all over the world. Since the first season, however, the show’s quality has gone down, and has become increasingly ethnocentric and racist.

In the first season, we were introduced to the world of Heroes from the perspective of Indian scientist Mohinder Suresh. While there were several protagonists, many of them zaidi recognizable to...
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posted by Miss_Dreamer

- "This is usually the part when people start screaming."

- "Turns out you're the villian, Peter. I'm the hero."

- "I remember you. You're like me, aren't you? I'd like to see how that works."

- "I wasn't begging for my life. I was offering wewe yours."

- "I am the natural progression of the species."

- Sylar: "You're broken."
Brian Davis: "What?"
Sylar: "Suresh was right, it's so clear now. How it all works...pieces fitting together. It is in the brain."
Brian Davis: "So wewe can help?"
Sylar: "Don't worry Brian...I can fix it. It's an evolutionary imperative." (crushes Brian's skull with a rock)...
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posted by Miss_Dreamer
 Elle Bishop
Elle Bishop
Elle Bishop: (Dedicated to Chels125843!)

- Peter: " I'm not in the mood today elle"
Elle: "Just a little one? I'll up your dose

- (Talking to Peter)
"I accidentally set my grandmothers house on moto when I was 6. Caused a blackout in 4 counties in Ohio when I was 8. I spent my 9th birthday in a glass room with an IV of Lithium in my arm. I've lived in this building for 16 years, ever since the shrinks diagnosed me as a sociopath with paranoid delusions, but they were just out to get me because I threatened to kill them. I'm 24 years old and I have never gone on a date, never been on a rollercoaster,...
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 Claire Bennett
Claire Bennett
The Claire Quiz, The majibu are at the bottom under the questions. GOOD LUCK

1: According to Broody Mitchum in Collision, what does Claire never drink?
a:Plain Milk
b:Chocolate Milk
c:Orange juice

2: In season 2, Mr Bennet gives Claire a present, what is it?
A new dress
b:A car
c:A new cheerleading outfit
d:A golden locket

3:What does Claire's dad bring back from his 'Buisness trips'?
b:Teddy Bears
c:Cuddley Rabbits

4: In season two's Lizards, what does Claire retrieve for her mom from the pan of boiling water?
A ring
b:A coin
c:A cell Phone
d:Her Keys

5: What is Claire's family...
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posted by harold
Most hivi karibuni sasisho made on 7 December 2007.

This is an expansion of the foramu thread, link, listing all the significant characters on the onyesha and a brief description of what we know about them as of the most hivi karibuni episode. This means that this is chock-full of spoilers, and should not be read kwa anyone who hasn't seen all the episodes au doesn't want to find out about character developments outside of the pacing of the onyesha itself.

OK, with that caveat, here's the list, divided into three sections: characters with powers, characters without powers, and deceased characters. I've included only...
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posted by sevendeadlysins
10) Carnival Theme: It seems like the carnies have proved themselves worthy as they enter the superpowered world. One thing I find interesting is how they center around them as the main theme. Of course, the theme is redemption, but as a side note, this made it very interesting - not to mention made for disturbing-yet-interesting storyline.

9) Mr. B finds a girlfriend: It pissed me off zaidi than I can ever express to find that Noah had been cheating on Sandra behind closed doors. I despised Lauren for it, as well. Of course, they reunited and my feelings changed. Though the age difference is...
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posted by Dragonclaws
Heroes is a dramatic onyesha that has many common themes, such as sexuality and violence. A theme that runs between those two is that of rape and other sexual assault/violence elements. Some of Heroes’ sexual predators have been used to bring sex appeal to the show, engaging the viewers while simultaneously repelling them, while others are meant simply to disgust and terrify. Characters Brody, Doyle, Sylar, Flint, and even Elle to some extent have threatened our protagonists with sexual violence.

Despite having no powers of which to speak, Brody is perhaps the most disturbing. He doesn’t start...
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