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Okay, this is pretty much what the title says. I'mma put who I'd think as who, and why I'd make them the alisema prince. :D Enjoy!!!!

Flynn(Tangled): America
Eric(The Little Mermaid): Italy
Naveen(Princess and the Frog): France
charming(Cinderella): China
Phillip(Sleeping Beauty): England
No name(Snow White): Japan
Shang(Mulan): Germany
John Smith(Pocahontas): Canada
Adam(Beauty and The Beast): Russia
Aladdin(Aladdin): Prussia

My reasonings:

Russia as Adam

Well, I believe this one would just fit. I mean,...
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posted by -Breadqueen-
The inayofuata morning Finland wakes up with a smile as usually,ready to make the Nordics breakfast.
He changes quickly,then of to the kitchen.As he walked down quietly he saw that Sweden was a wake.
Finland:Goodmorning Sweden wasn't thinking wewe were going to be up this late.
Sweden:Goodmorning wife,no am just kusoma this makala about Hanatamago.Finland:I see!WHAT,HANATAMAGO IS
ON THE NEWSPAPER???Finland looked a little confused knowing he didn't share this with anyone that night.

Mintutes later
Denmark and Norway were training with each other,fencing.While Iceland was shoving the snow somewhere else....
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posted by suiteheartamy
Matthew Williams, better known as Canada. Not that anyone cared about either of his names. Sometimes it got a bit tiresome. Whenever he tried to speak up, he was always answered with "Who are you?" au "Did wewe hear something?" or, even better, he was ignored.

Now, wewe see, being ignored wasn't the problem. Sure, it got annoying sometimes, and it made him feel insignificant. Butit didn't matter if he got ignored kwa everyone, just as long as his brother, dad, and uncle cared.

Lately, though, it seemed like no one had time for him anymore. America was always off somewhere else with someone else....
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posted by NekoTheif
Maria hated school. Summer au any vacation was treated like heaven kwa her. She slept in, pigged out, did some training, played some video games, and talked to her awesome friends. School was a drag for her. "I hope your not wasting our time I'm not getting in trouble again because your late" Sophie came in. "Can it wewe kinanda playing moron!" Maria yelled angrily at the Austrian. "Tch just hurry up" and then the girl left.

Maria pulled on her uniform, that was the worst part there was a fucking uniform! Blue skirt, white button down other than that wewe were free. So she pulled on her high white...
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posted by Rainbowtalia
Hey! I have decided to take up this 100 fanfiction challenge where wewe make a fanfic a siku for 100 days. These will all be oneshots- HetaOni Songfics Nyotalia Kikotalia Chibitalia, And just plain Hetalia! I cant wait to start! This will be a HetaOni songfic! In the words of our favorate plumber- Lets a gooooooo!

"This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here huge success."
Italy looked up to the sky,tears in his golden eyes.
He widened his mouth to a smile laughing slightly out of madness.

"Its hard to overstate my satisfaction."
He brushed his reddish brown hair from his eyes smearing blood on his...
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In my right hand there's amor!
In my left hand there's a carnation!
Today, it's an abundant cosecha parade!
Towards the enchanting wold Bienvenida!
Take your hands, spin, and that's the earth.
Without forgetting asista, I'm intop form!
Roja and amarillo makes the Rojigualda
Let's all give our thanks to the sun.
Today, it's an abundant cosecha parade!
Sound your instruments, it's time to march!
If everyone at 'one-two' makes the ensemble,
The one and only song will be complete.
With the flamenco guitar, gitaa it's me Spain!
"Romano! Look carefully how cool your Boss is!"
The city of art, Barcelona Madrid...
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posted by T045tToastToAsT
This is just my opinion. So I'm sorry if I offended you. Also, there may have been a similar article, so sorry if it seems like I copied off of someone. Anyways... Moving on!
Okay, all over the internet, I've seen people getting bashed on because of their religion, just because they didn't like yaoi. (Mainly kwa Hetalia fans.) It just sickens me so.

I mean, really?! For all wewe religion bashers out there: Do wewe really have to go so far to bash someone's religion? wewe are dissing a whole group of people that haven't done anything to you. All because of one person stated...
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posted by kid_symmetry
Birth month:
1) I gave money to...
2) I got drunk with...
3) I went to the bar with...
4) made chajio, chakula cha jioni for...
6) I called the cops on...
7) I made pasta, tambi with...
8) I studied with...
9) I had a sleep over with...
10) I went on a tarehe with...
11) I created a bomb with...
12) I ran around the mitaani, mtaa shouting, "NEIN!" with...

1) Denmark
2) Poland
3) France
4) Britain
5) Iceland
6) Sweden
7) China
8) Egypt
9) Italy
10) Japan
11) Canada
12) Russia
13) Romano
14) Prussia
15) Lithuania
16) Spain
17) Germany
18) Latvia
19) Greece
20) Switzerland
21) Russia
22) Thailand
23) Finland
24) Norway
25) Austria
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What I noticed in this fandom is that people seem to argue of ships (aka pairings).

For example let's say that wewe ship FrUk but wewe see someone make fanart for UsUk. What is the right thing to do?

A. Ignore it.
B. Send them hate comments.
C. Tell them how wrong they are to ship UsUk.

If wewe picked A then wewe are correct.

However from what I noticed some Hetalia mashabiki choose B and C. Guys, it's just a pairing for fictional characters can we not fight about it? It doesn't even matter.

I also noticed that on YouTube people make video for their pairings which is nice UNTIL someone makes a hate maoni au makes a maoni saying how wrong this person is to make the video because they don't like the pairing.


Also another thing, they aren't real, they are not real countries, it's not offensive wewe ship IcelandXHong Kong because they are not real characters.
posted by T045tToastToAsT
Okay, in my opinion, the Hetalia fandom is scary. There are shipping wars, sub vs dub wars, and God knows what else is out there.

Personally, it makes me sick. =_=" I'm tired of this. There's some people in this fandom who seems like they want to start a fight au something. If wewe ask me, it's pretty immature. I want this fandom to be a peaceful place. I want to know if there's also an anime au manga fandom that is not as crazy as this. I mean, what makes people start fights? Can't we all get along??? Why can't we make this the most peaceful anime fandom?

Before wewe even diss others, think of...
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posted by NekoTheif
Anya disappeared into the locker room. Like that game hadn't happened. Like it was normal for her. It spiked Amelia's attention (after having her face checked of course) the Russian girl hadn't broken anything but she did leave a bruise of the American girl's face. Amelia looked around the locker room "hey! Hey!" she frowned. "Looking for me?" Anya appeared from the shadows making her jump. "Nice game wewe totally like rocked the court" America grinned.

"it's just a game" was the reply. "Yeah but dodgeball is like the best gym class ever!" Amelia grinned her blue eyes sparkling it made Anya...
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posted by iluvbats
**SUNFLOWERS is now online**
**Cheezburgers is now online**
**SmexyFrench is now online**
SUNFLOWERS: wewe one with Russia, da?
Cheezburgers: No...
SmexyFrench: ACK!!! ITS AMERICA!!!
**Kawaiipandies is now online**
Kawaiipandies: Kon'nichiwa Francis-kun, Ivan-kun, Al-kun
SUNFLOWERS: wewe one with Russia, da?
Kawaiipandies: Of course not n00b
**SUNFLOWERS is disconnected**
Cheezburgers: ...Japan?
**Kawaiipandies is disconnected**
SmexyFrench: This is not good... hujambo America?
Cheezburgers: What?
SmexyFrench: *kisses* -3-
Cheezburgers: :O
SmexyFrench: ;9...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
This is how I see the characters, my opinions so not everyone will agree with me. Will add zaidi to the orodha if I think of them.

France and America- friends/could be lovers
France and England- frenemies/lovers
France and Italy- brothers
America and England- brothers/father and son
France and Canada- brothers/father and son
America and Canada- Twin brothers
America and Japan- friends/lovers
Italy and Germany- friends/lovers
Italy and Japan- friends/could be lovers
Italy and Romano- brothers
France and Spain- friends/could be lovers
France and Prussia- friends
Spain and Prussia- friends
Prussia and Germany-...
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This is actually the most populer chapter I've done so far. Turns out I made a new populer saying everyone is using now. XDD


Roderich stared in shock. "Y-You?! Vhat are wewe doing vith her!!"

The blonde smiled, waving at him "Bonjour Roderich, you've missed all ze fun." (__f/n__) smiled up at him, giggling "Look Papa, I made a new friend. He even showed me how to make these" her little hands holding up maua, ua wreaths. "I made one for you, Papa." Francis petted her head "Ohonhon, you're just to adorable."

Roderich glared at Francis "You vine sucking son of a b-"

Francis put his hands over (__f/n__)'s...
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posted by HeartfulStitch
I just recently wrote this one on my Quizilla account and decided to share it with you~ I tried my best describe the picture. Please enjoy and thank wewe for reading~!

Fear. The one thing that, if not controlled, can over take one's soul very quickly. Though fear can easily be soothed, can it be taken away? Can one release fear into the wind? Never to be felt again? We may not be able to erase them but, we are able to confront and let them go. A Nation who has felt fear before, chose to let his own fears go into the wind. In the form of a tiny paper airplane. On a sunny, breezy siku at the shore,...
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posted by USUKfangirl
Chapter 1:Introduction
Hey.So I bet you’re wondering why I haven’t updated my other story,right. Well….before wewe come at me with pitchforks and torches, let me explain. I have been having serious writer’s block and I don’t know what to do next. So go check it out,for I have ilitumwa a notice on the last chapter. Anyway, this story takes us back in the midst of WWII in Europe June 6th 1944, the siku the Allies stormed the French beach, pwani of Normandy to surprise the Germans. This format will be in journal entries of Alfred, Arthur, and Matthew, the 3 countries who paricipated.It may skip...
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posted by JapanHetalia
Our lands are left to rubble and the few who survived are suffering. After America's violent rage when England died many of us were killed. Now the three of us remain.
The Asian Nation of China, the southern part of Italy ,Romano, and I the Dutch country of Belgium are all that are left. America took his own life not too long ago. The strongest nations in the world were easily defeated kwa the pool of rage and anger that America had become. The three of us China, Romano, and myself allied with each other to defeat America with everything we had, but we also essentially became three different...
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posted by Malalani_Hawaii
Texas walked to the buffet tabled and piled his plate high. Everywhere, the nations went up to him and tried to speak in a Texan accent. It was actually quite sad, almost all of them sounded like an accent from Louisiana’s place.
Texas sat down at one of the few folding tables and started eating some of the finger foods, starting with the jerky and then heading for some of Delaware’s cupcakes. After his first sweet bite of frosting, he looked up to see a nation pull out the chair inayofuata to him and sit down.
Hungary, he remembered her name was. He swallowed and smiled, “Hi. I’m Texas,...
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England and Italy were standing inayofuata to each other while stand underneath a double upinde wa mvua and they were swaying their hips. England looked pissed while Italy still looked as happy as ever while the muziki played imba "DOUBLE upinde wa mvua ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY WHAOO WHAOO WHAOO!!!! SO INSTENSE!!!!" suddenly America, France, Germany, and Japan came out of nowhere and screamed "SO INTENSE!!!" on the SO INTENSE PART "DOUBLE upinde wa mvua ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY!!! OHH MY GOD LOOK AT THE RAINBOW!!!".

1 you've drink too much vodka
2 you've had a rape face
3 you've shouted pasta, tambi 100 times waving your flag
4 you've chased a Italy cosplayer with a shot gun cosplaying as Switzerland
5 you've turned into America as a hero shouting I'm the herooooooo!
6 you've eaten too much burgers
7 you've gotten drunk with Germany and Prussia
8 you've expressed your utter disgust in front of Austria
9 you've slept with Finland
10 you've turned into a potatoe sucking bastard
11 you've gone ape on Italy for nothing
12 you've been brainwashed kwa Italy like Japan and ended up saying pastaaaaa!
13 you've jumped out of...
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