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 white police
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white police
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posted by suiteheartamy
Matthew Williams, better known as Canada. Not that anyone cared about either of his names. Sometimes it got a bit tiresome. Whenever he tried to speak up, he was always answered with "Who are you?" au "Did wewe hear something?" or, even better, he was ignored.

Now, wewe see, being ignored wasn't the problem. Sure, it got annoying sometimes, and it made him feel insignificant. Butit didn't matter if he got ignored kwa everyone, just as long as his brother, dad, and uncle cared.

Lately, though, it seemed like no one had time for him anymore. America was always off somewhere else with someone else....
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posted by NekoTheif
Maria hated school. Summer au any vacation was treated like heaven kwa her. She slept in, pigged out, did some training, played some video games, and talked to her awesome friends. School was a drag for her. "I hope your not wasting our time I'm not getting in trouble again because your late" Sophie came in. "Can it wewe kinanda playing moron!" Maria yelled angrily at the Austrian. "Tch just hurry up" and then the girl left.

Maria pulled on her uniform, that was the worst part there was a fucking uniform! Blue skirt, white button down other than that wewe were free. So she pulled on her high white...
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posted by Rainbowtalia
Hey! I have decided to take up this 100 fanfiction challenge where wewe make a fanfic a siku for 100 days. These will all be oneshots- HetaOni Songfics Nyotalia Kikotalia Chibitalia, And just plain Hetalia! I cant wait to start! This will be a HetaOni songfic! In the words of our favorate plumber- Lets a gooooooo!

"This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here huge success."
Italy looked up to the sky,tears in his golden eyes.
He widened his mouth to a smile laughing slightly out of madness.

"Its hard to overstate my satisfaction."
He brushed his reddish brown hair from his eyes smearing blood on his...
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In my right hand there's amor!
In my left hand there's a carnation!
Today, it's an abundant cosecha parade!
Towards the enchanting wold Bienvenida!
Take your hands, spin, and that's the earth.
Without forgetting asista, I'm intop form!
Roja and amarillo makes the Rojigualda
Let's all give our thanks to the sun.
Today, it's an abundant cosecha parade!
Sound your instruments, it's time to march!
If everyone at 'one-two' makes the ensemble,
The one and only song will be complete.
With the flamenco guitar, gitaa it's me Spain!
"Romano! Look carefully how cool your Boss is!"
The city of art, Barcelona Madrid...
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