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When it's time to put fresh sheets and pillowcases on a bed, do wewe have to hunt thru the stack of bedding to find all the pieces to the set?
Here's a simple way to keep the sets together, and tidy up the linen closet at the same time.
Things You'll Need:
•    Sheets
•    Pillowcase(s)
1.    Step 1
Match up the juu and bottom sheet to a set, and find the matching mto case(s).
Neatly fold the juu and bottom sheet separately and stack together.
If there are two pillowcases that match, fold one and place on juu of the sheets....
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There are many things that wewe can do to improve your child's bedroom and one of them is to provide the proper children's bedding. Since a child's bedroom is his/her little private place, it is essential for it to have the comforts that he au she needs.
In your quest for the proper children's bedding, it is important to note the following things:
1.    Your child's inayopendelewa colors. It is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing for your child's bedding. Bold and vibrant colors that are pleasing to the child's eyes are also essential for his/her growth and...
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IKEA is a privately-held, international nyumbani products retailer that sells low-price products, including furniture, accessories, bathrooms and kitchens at retail stores around the world. It became famous for the fact that the customer has to assemble many of the products.The company distributes its products through its retail outlets. The chain has 260 stores in 37 countries; most of them in Europe, and in the United States, Canada, Asia and Australia. 2006 saw the opening of 16 new stores. There are plans to open another 24 stores in 2007.

jiunge here if u like IKEA
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In this series of posts, Victoria form Victoria's Deco will teach wewe how to transform your curtains from simple to chic in one afternoon kwa adorning plain, ready-made panels.
Modern Sheers
A translucent curtain with polka-dot pattern strikes a sophisticated balance with velvet ribbon trim to complete the look.

What wewe Need
•    2 curtain panels
•    2 yards of sheer fabric
•    Velvet rib
•    Needle and thread    
•    Fabric glue

How to Make It
1.    Stitch the sheer fabric to curtains.
2.    Use fabric glue to adhere the velvet ribbon on the sheer fabric edge.
wewe are zaidi than welcome to write me emails at victoriasdeco@gmail.com and visit my website at link
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