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Answer: I like this one
Answer: best onyesha ever <33 *fanatic fangirl scream*
Answer: Here is my sexy Rob Pattinson with Kristen Stewart...
Answer: haha kinda weird looking! ^^
Answer: John Barrrowman close up :) HOT au WHAT?
Answer: white T-Shirt
Answer: Matthew's brother, Andy playing a instrument.
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Answer: Here is my Rob with wet hair.It is from a picha sho...
Answer: haha as if he put his finger into the electrical ou...
Answer: my cutie
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Answer: my gorgeous man <33
Answer: Robo is good at being angry
Answer: Matthew as Jack in a blurry picture. :)
Answer: Alex Pettyfer
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Answer: what a pout haha
Answer: dunno if it's the sun actually ... =/ - but they sh...
Answer: purple striped shati
Answer: rob sitting on a box thingy
Answer: I upendo this pic of my sexy,hot Robert Pattinson.
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Answer: a bit bleeding from his mouth
Answer: Forbidden Zone Danny Elfman betrayed Satan.
Answer: Rob was born to wear leather jackets
Answer: most awesome couple in the world <33
Answer: Josh Bowman♥
Answer: Ryan Phillipe, Robert Knepper and Adrien Brody
Answer: imo highly kissable
Answer: John Barrowman with an machungwa, chungwa sweater♥
Answer: My bad boy, Matthew wearing glasses in this pic. <3...
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Answer: hahaaaa!! I never het tired of shipping them!! XD
Answer: Daniel Sharman's Beautiful eyes
Answer: Some actors laughing :)
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Answer: Rob and Hiddles is on it as well
Answer: super cool doll
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Answer: would be too cool to have it
Answer: :D
Answer: Totally gonna buy that one for X-Mas!! *-* Gosh I'm...
Answer: my Robert Pattinson on his 2013 calendar
Answer: So hot!! *-*
Answer: <3
Answer: there are only two things Rob is good at: one is ac...
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Answer: my vampy Rob
Answer: Promo for TVs best villains and it's official: Rob...
Answer: Robert >childish< Downey Jr. during an interview wi...
Answer: Lee Pace <3
Answer: I upendo the maoni
Answer: how much swag can a picture bear?
Answer: Oh Rob, your creepy eyes make me weak
Answer: Small pic... but still hot!
Answer: Do wewe like my collection? ahahahaha Do wewe recogn...
Answer: The devil himself
Answer: Super Robert come to save us!! :)
Answer: haha pure evil is hot
Answer: I´ve seen every episode of Torchwood. John is real...
Answer: hot and funny XD
Answer: shirtless.....and wet..... mmmm
Answer: I upendo this one... Such a perfect body <3
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Answer: Chris looking HOT as always!
Answer: Chris is HOT!
Answer: Benedict :)
Answer: Hot picture of Jude ;)
Answer: upendo this one
Answer: goofy tony <3
Answer: Tony is even cute as demon
Answer: His shati looks cool!! :)
Answer: I upendo this one <3
Answer: Oh wewe brat! ahahah so hot <3
Answer: He's got a very nice smile! :D
Answer: a pic I haven´t seen of him yet
Answer: With pleasure!!!!!!!!!!! Here is my pic of the very...
Answer: Here's mine..his smile *-*
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Answer: sorry, I have only Tony
Answer: Promo pic from the first episode of CULT!!! <333
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Answer: being bad punda
Answer: :D AVENGERS <3
Answer: my Rob wearing yellow
Answer: John barrowman doing sit ups ;)
Answer: haha Robbo style! ^^ -I've seen all films there! <...
Answer: carnival <33
Answer: Tyler Hoechlin <3
Answer: I upendo this so much <3 he's nearly crying
Answer: oh...that's...hot! :O
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Answer: mid 30 Rob. looking totally different than today
Answer: Ehehe ))