waigizaji maarufu Who is the hottest actor?

Pick one:
Chad Michael Murray
Paul Walker
Kiefer Sutherland
Channing Tatum
Hugh Jackman
Milo Ventimiglia
Added by Charlottka
Johnny Depp
TinkyWinky(T- eletubbies)
Added by pingu
John Krasinski
Added by neeki
garrett hedlund
Added by meme6
Orlado Bloom
Added by berly
James Franco
Taylor Kitsch
Added by cutie_1574
Jesse Spencer
Added by iluvjesse
Elijah Wood
Added by BlueSound88
Added by omgyjya
Patrick Dempsey
Added by tkizzle
Brandon Routh
Added by ktlady
Gerard Butler
Added by Gabitha
James Marsters
Added by Angie22
Gaspard Ulliel
steven strait!!!& lt; 3
steven strait!!!<3
zac effron
Added by geishakin
Jesse McCartney
Added by nancy101
Too many to choose from! Ahh!
Too many to choose from! Ahh!
Added by Sawyer_cat
David Bonez (spellin)
Added by jess_welsh
Adrian Pasdar
Added by mrooffka
James Mcavoy
Added by Sissalady
Daniel Radcliff
Added by princesscool
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Added by Visitor
Robert Pattinson
Added by Bitbit-girl
Holy Damn...which one to choose?
Added by Stavilynn
Added by hellomotooxx
Paul, Johnny, Gerard, Brandon and Patrick!!
Paul, Johnny, Gerard, Brandon and Patrick!!
Added by XenAshley
Hayden Christensen & amp; Tom Walling
Hayden Christensen & Tom Walling
Jude Law
Added by sissy92dk
Leo DiCaprio
Added by Leo_Lover
Jackson Rathbone
Jackson Rathbone
Michael Weatherly & Carmine Giovinazzo
Added by Tatty86
Ben Barnes
Ben Barnes
Added by Lostie
robbert pattinson and jackson rathbone
robbert pattinson and jackson rathbone
Added by 2ki8jess2ki8
Jensen Ackles
Added by sisi92
zac and jesse
zac and jesse
Added by modernfan
Ed Westwick
Added by edwestwick
Hugh Laurie
Added by Mafz
Will and Skandar
Added by Rayefire
Alexander Skarsgard
Added by SK17
Tom Felton
Added by BellaCullen96
Cam Gigandet <3
Added by tooch
Jeremy London
Added by shomill
Shia LaBeouf
Added by princess829
Michael Weatherly :D
Added by Lie_to_Me_123
jackson rathbone and kellan lutz
Drew Fuller :)
Added by HaleyDewit
Pierce Brosnan!
Added by pkah
Mitch Hewer
Added by victoria7011
Chad Michael Murray Garred Orlando Zac Pattinson...
Chad Michael Murray Garred Orlando Zac Pattinson Leo Jensen Acles Jared Padalecki
Added by Tia_Torres
tom, johnnyand pierce
tom,johnnyand pierce
Added by h4ever
Sterling Knight
Added by Amberla
Josh Hutcherson!
Josh Hutcherson!
Added by AvaMarch
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Taylor Lautner
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Taylor Lautner
Added by Diane1
Jason Isaacs
Added by Narusasu4EVER
Ewan McGregor
Added by roxyiscool999
Anthony Head
Added by Trials
Robert Knepper
Added by T-cup
Lee Pace <3 <3 <3
Added by spongesrule
jensen ackles, paul walker
jensen ackles,paul walker
Added by boness
Ian Somerhalder
Added by Delena4eva
Skandar Keynes XD <3
Added by Firebender-16
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Added by Hughmygod
Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford
Added by gwfanforever
Jared Leto!!
Added by partymark
Corbin Bleu
Crispin Glover
Added by Bluekait
Tom Hiddleston
Added by LokiAvengers
Will Smith
Added by JDAMDAN1
Chris Paul (CP3)
Added by CP3num1fan
Nate Robinson
David Krumholtz
Added by miniclause
Tom Hardy
Added by wenj68
Jared Padalecki
Added by bfeucckhis
Chris Evans
Added by shinju-chan
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