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2:59    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
Reporting for duty
2:59    Tom O\'Neil: yes, there's a delay. This chat is moderated. We can't let everything fly through at once. sorry
3:00    Tom O'Neil: Hi E
3:00    Tom O'Neil: HI HUGH
3:00    [Comment From Loretta]
Good afternoon, Mr. Laurie ;)
3:00    [Comment From Donna]
hi hugh!
3:00    Tom O'Neil: Are wewe an ace typist?
3:00    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Hello Hugh! Hope wewe are well
3:00    [Comment From Carolyn]
Elvis is in the building! :)
3:00    [Comment From Nadia]
OMG !! i'm really impressed!
3:00    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
I type about 4 wpm - kubeba with me....
3:01    Tom O'Neil:
Are wewe frustrated kwa the Emmys? At the Globes you've won twice already, but keep in mind that the Emmys have a delayed reaction. It took Mary Tyler Moore, Carol O'Connor, Kiefer Sutherland and many others years before they finally won.

3:01    [Comment From Chris]
Thank you so much for the opportunity of this chat, Mr Laurie!
3:01    [Comment From Rory]
he's probably an ace everything.
3:01    [Comment From tania]
hi hugh , i' m a shabiki from mexico, really enjoy the show!!!!
3:01    [Comment From Audrey]
House + Cuddy = upendo
3:01    [Comment From Debbie]
How awesome....Hugh Laurie is here!
3:02    [Comment From Guest]
Bonjour Hugh Laurie
3:02    Tom O'Neil: One of our moderators will change your status here, Hugh, so that wewe can post in instant time
3:02    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
Not frustrated kwa the Emmys at all. Great to be considered, and so on...
3:03    [Comment From Daniel]
Hi Hugh, how do wewe feel about doing the onyesha now that it's been so many years?
3:03    Tom O'Neil: Hugh, tell us why wewe chose the episode wewe did to submit to Emmy judges. It's always interesting for us to hear what nominees think when they make those choices.
3:03    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
Lucky. very lucky. I still feel proud of some of the things we do. We don't get it all right, kwa any means, but it's enough to make me puff my chest out when no ones looking
3:04    [Comment From Anna]
Hi Hugh! Have wewe ever considered taking on other projects while also doing House? I'd upendo to catch wewe on the big screen again!
3:04    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
Hi Tom - I actually put the episode choice in the hands of others - I'm not good at watching myself, and worse at knowing what people like au are impressed by, so I canvassed opinion and let it roll
3:04    Tom O'Neil: Hugh, let me pass off to the posters here -- respond to their questions, pls
3:05    [Comment From Greg Maragos]
Mr. Laurie, are wewe a shabiki of the Dr. Who TV show? I, for one, would upendo to see wewe as Dr. Who in a movie. Would wewe play that role if they offered it to you?
3:05    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
Got it
3:05    [Comment From Andrew]
Do wewe have a inayopendelewa episode of House?
3:05    [Comment From Zap2it] users just voted wewe Best Doctor and Best Antihero. Seems kind of oxymoronic. What do wewe think?

3:06    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
I also upendo Dr Who. Grew up with it. I'd play anything that involved less than five hours in the make up chair
3:06    [Comment From tania]
what is your inayopendelewa episode of dr house?
3:07    [Comment From defiszon]
Hello! Do wewe have a dream role? :)
3:07    [Comment From Elyse]
HI Hugh, when is your sekunde novel, The Paper Soldier, coming out? I upendo your uigizaji work, too, don't get me wrong!
3:07    [Comment From Audrey]
Oh .. And I hope you'll get an Emmy ! wewe deserve it :D
3:07    [Comment From Joanna]
Since doing Monsters vs. Aliens are wewe inclined to get back into zaidi voice over work (audio books, adverts, etc.)?
3:07    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
Not sure about episodes. I haven't seen them all yet. But I have favourite moments...
3:07    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Hi Hugh! Do wewe ever Google yourself?
3:08    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
Maybe, but a good oxymoron, no? oxycool
3:08    Hugh Laurie: upendo doing voice work. Wear your own clothes (if wewe want) and read from a script
3:08    [Comment From Robert Ayers (UK)]
The Series are hard work to film do wewe get time for other projects?
3:08    [Comment From Jon I.]
Are wewe still in touch with Stephen Fry? wewe 2 are hilarious together
3:08    Hugh Laurie: I have googled myself. I don't recommend it. Googling yourself I mean. Not me.
3:09    [Comment From Mac]
What do wewe do to be relaxing after a hard shooting day?
3:09    [Comment From Flo]
Are wewe still uandishi songs, like Mystery and other masterpieces;)?
3:09    Hugh Laurie: See Stephen a lot - hope he'll be coming over to LA soon
3:09    [Comment From TooMuch]
Moments? Tell!
3:09    [Comment From Lyly]
Would wewe tell us one fav moment of yours?
3:09    [Comment From Tony Murchison :)]
Good question!
3:09    Tom O'Neil: Hugh, wewe chose "Under My Skin" as your Emmy episode. What are your thoughts about your performance in it?
3:09    Hugh Laurie: Thank wewe ma'am wewe are too kind - I noodle around when the house is empty...
3:09    [Comment From Saida]
Lots of upendo from Kazakhstan! I know that Stephen Fry is a big shabiki of "Norwich City" FC. And what about you? Do wewe follow any football club?
3:09    [Comment From Celia]
How do wewe know wewe have screen chemistry with colleagues such as RSL & LE. Can wewe tell at the firstread with one another ?
3:10    [Comment From NateDoggg]
Any scoop on upcoming guest stars? And who would wewe like to guest?
3:10    [Comment From Sarah]
Talking of Stephen, you've both been teasing us with the idea of him being on "House" for several years. Is this dream ever to come to fruition?
3:10    Hugh Laurie: Tom, I let others choose - much better that way - I don't know about my performance - try not to think about it....
3:10    [Comment From Sandra]
Do wewe miss the actors from the original team? They haven't been around much on the set last season, right?
3:10    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Thanks for answering my earlier question! Hope you're well. When HOUSE is over, do wewe think you'll stay in the US au songesha back to the UK? If its the latter, would wewe be interested in doing some British comedies again?
3:10    [Comment From kazuyo from Japan]
do wewe remember anything about having rowed in Soukei Regatta in Tokyo, Japan, back in 1981?
3:10    Tom O'Neil: OK, I'll letcha off the hook on this
3:11    [Comment From tata cocach]
will ther be zaidi huddy in the inayofuata season?
3:11    [Comment From Serena]
- Soo...are we ever gonna see Stephen Fry on the onyesha as the man with two limps?
3:11    [Comment From NateDoggg]
Emma Thompson would be so great on House! Please get her to guest!
3:11    Hugh Laurie: Don't know about chemistry - but I just like RSL and LE so much - and all of them, come to that.
3:11    Hugh Laurie: I will try and get ET. She's awful busy....
3:11    [Comment From Theodore, Greece]
How do wewe imagine the "HOUSE" 's ending? What would wewe like to happen to House, Wilson, Cuddy and everyone else? Good luck at the Emmys, Sir!
3:12    [Comment From Jordon (Toronto, ON)]
Who was an inspiration in your life for wewe to become an actor?
3:12    Hugh Laurie: Thank you! Just an ending that satisfies, is all. That does justice.
3:12    [Comment From Kate]
I upendo the episodes with the original team. Do wewe ever miss working with Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer.
3:12    Hugh Laurie: James Stewart, probably
3:12    [Comment From Jake Willis]
Is your acceptance speech completed for when wewe win the Emmy for best actor in a drama series?
3:12    [Comment From BarbaraWombat]
Hello Hugh! Is is fun to portray a mentally not-so-stable person this season?
3:12    [Comment From Guest]
Will wewe ever direct a House episode?
3:12    Hugh Laurie: Jenn and Jess have some great stuff coming up - we've been working a lot the last three episodes au so
3:13    [Comment From nathaneal]
would wewe ever considered guesting in an another tv show?
3:13    [Comment From Karen]
Would wewe ever consider directing an episode of House?
3:13    [Comment From Baptiste (France)]
good swali jake
3:13    [Comment From Olya]
What modern blues / jazz artists do wewe like?
3:13    Hugh Laurie: I'd upendo to direct, as the cliche goes, but then I'd lose any right to complain about how hard I work - and I do upendo my complaining.....
3:13    Hugh Laurie: Dr John. Begins and ends.
3:13    [Comment From Carrie]
Can wewe tell us which episode you're working on now (number)?
3:13    Tom O'Neil: There's a lot to be alisema for bitching.... feels great
3:13    [Comment From Sheelagh]
Have wewe learned anything from playing out House's journey ?
3:14    [Comment From knackeredwriter]
upendo your work with BFTV, any plans for new covers with wewe on vocals?
3:14    [Comment From Julia]
Do wewe have a inayopendelewa cane from the show?
3:14    Hugh Laurie: Not sure. Less than I have learned being an actor who plays that journey. the experience of doing this has been extraordinary
3:14    [Comment From Mélodie, Belgium]
How do wewe explain that "House M.D." has zaidi success in Europe (in Spain for example) than in USA ?
3:14    [Comment From Michelle]
Who has been your inayopendelewa guest nyota
3:15    Hugh Laurie: I liked the flame cane. I'm that kind of fool.
3:15    [Comment From NateDoggg]
Please do zaidi comedy! wewe are so funny! Anything upcoming?
3:15    [Comment From Jordon (Toronto, ON)]
Could wewe give us an idea of what your siku is like during filming?
3:15    [Comment From JoAnna Dennis-Fulton, MO]
Hi Hugh. I just want to congratulate wewe on your nomination. Do wewe know which clip from "House" they will be using on emmy night? This is a real treat wewe talking to us"CD. Listening to it has made me want to play the kinanda again.
3:15    Hugh Laurie: All guest stars are wonderful. That's official government policy.
3:15    [Comment From Monika]
Hello! It's 2:14 of the night now in S-Petersburg.
3:15    [Comment From Alice]
I upendo it when wewe play tricks with your cane! got any new moves coming up?
3:15    Hugh Laurie: Thanks!
3:15    [Comment From Cathy]
wewe mentioned James Stewart as an inspiration - Spielberg is doing a remake of Harvey - would wewe be interested? :)
3:16    Hugh Laurie: No, I need to work on cane tricks - getting rusty
3:16    [Comment From ally]
Hi Hugh ! what do wewe think about House cooking? Is he going to learn with wilson?
3:16    Hugh Laurie: Harvey, heck yes...
3:16    [Comment From Lisa]
When is Paper Soldier coming out?
3:16    [Comment From jo in London]
How did wewe come to write cuddy's serenade. Does house play kinanda differently to you?
3:16    Hugh Laurie: H obsesses over cooking the way he obsesses over everything else
3:16    [Comment From Suzanne]
You'd be great as Harvey, not to mention having fun
3:17    [Comment From Krista]
What other character whether it be from books, tv au theatre would wewe like to attempt?
3:17    [Comment From NateDoggg]
Lisa Edelstein has some good comedy chops too. Do wewe crack each other up off the set?
3:17    Hugh Laurie: Hm Obviously H can't play things that I can't play, so that's a kind of parameter. but I thought of what might be on his mind while he's at the kinanda
3:17    [Comment From Ines]
Can wewe 'disconnect' easily from your character (especially his sarcasm)?
3:17    [Comment From Amber (Manhattan Bch, CA)]
Do wewe miss uandishi skits like back in the A Bit of Fry and Laurie days?
3:17    [Comment From Ayumida]
Do not be afraid of the ageing, wewe are szexy very much! Be Happy!!! :)
3:17    [Comment From huddy1821]
hugh are wewe a huddy shabiki like many of us?
3:17    Hugh Laurie: LE makes me laugh a lot - I try to get her when the camera's running
3:17    [Comment From Kathi]
LOL Ayumida ;)
3:18    [Comment From Ali in Omaha]
Will this upcoming living arragement with Wilson be very different than the awali time? Those pranks were HALARIOUS!
3:18    [Comment From sherlockjr (Los Angeles)]
How involved are wewe in choosing the muziki for the show?
3:18    [Comment From Michelle]
Is there any significance for House always having a red lollipop?
3:18    [Comment From Victoria]
Off topic! How do wewe deal with jet lag? wewe do so much long distance flying...
3:18    Hugh Laurie: If it's done well, why not?
3:18    [Comment From Camille Trinidad]
Can wewe tell us about the actress who's shown in the promo the one wewe kiss
3:18    [Comment From Sarah]
Could wewe tell us a little about (your forthcoming novel) "The Paper Soldier"?
3:18    [Comment From Mac]
I like the flame cane too. And I congratulate wewe to your emmy nomination and i hope wewe win!
3:19    [Comment From Baptiste (France)]
wewe will win for sure at the emmy, wewe are the best
3:19    Hugh Laurie: The Paper Soldier is late. very late, Very very late.
3:19    [Comment From vanny]
wewe used to have a twitter account, what happened? do u got bored?
3:19    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Thanks for answering my earlier question! Hope you're well. I'm pretty DESPERATE to know this one! Which English football team do wewe support? I know Stephen is a Norwich fan. But somehow I've never been able to find out who wewe fancy. Please let us know!!!
3:19    Hugh Laurie: my twitter time was an experiment. didn't quite work for me
3:20    [Comment From taloson]
Do wewe have any inayopendelewa TV shows? (other than your own, that is)
3:20    [Comment From Christina, Greece]
Oh please, get LE while she puts pranks! We need a good blooper extra on the DVDS!!!
3:20    [Comment From Olga (Barcelona)]
How about the film adaptation of The Gun Seller? Also very very late?
3:20    Hugh Laurie: I married into an Arsenal family
3:20    Hugh Laurie: Daily onyesha
3:20    [Comment From sanman]
will house have to come to terms with God/faith/spirituality at some point, au will he always be comfy as an athiest?
3:20    [Comment From catch23]
Could wewe say something about H's decision to visit a shrink in the past season ? Something spoilery would be great!
3:20    Hugh Laurie: Adaptation's harder than the original - don't ask me why
3:20    [Comment From Olya]
Who is your inayopendelewa actor
3:21    [Comment From Sandra]
What was the craziest shabiki like you've ever met?
3:21    [Comment From maest]
Do wewe have any classic favourite actress?
3:21    [Comment From Cody]
What is the story behind the Colbert picture on House's dawati on the set of House? I know that he has your picture on his set, how did that start?
3:21    Hugh Laurie: Judy Dench
3:21    [Comment From Rym(Tunisia)]
what's your nickname?? :)
3:21    [Comment From NateDoggg]
Are wewe a member of the TV Academy? Do wewe vote for the Emmys?
3:22    Hugh Laurie: I think H is a pretty confirmed atheist - au he's religious, but reason is his religion
3:22    [Comment From Karen]
wewe had alisema wewe wanted to tour the U.S. on your bike. Any plans to still do that?
3:22    [Comment From Katze]
Is there anything new wewe can tell us about Season 6. Greetings from Germany
3:22    [Comment From Malvie, Poland]
Do wewe have big influence on storyline of the show?
3:22    [Comment From JoAnna Dennis-Fulton, MO]
I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Harmon in May in Oklahoma at his charity event. It would be a pleasure to meet you! I think wewe are exceptional. Do wewe know of any contests coming up to visit the set of House?
3:22    [Comment From maest]
What is your favourite heshima from the House MD set?
3:23    Hugh Laurie: I think I'm a member of the academy. I didn't vote
3:23    [Comment From M.]
What did wewe get Stephen for his birthday? :D
3:23    [Comment From Serena]
Spoilers please? Maybe something about Cuddy, since we couldn't get any.
3:23    [Comment From Nicka]
Hugh! many thanks to wewe for all your roles! We upendo you! Good luck!
3:23    [Comment From Debbie]
Would wewe consider uandishi an episode of House?
3:23    [Comment From Patricia]
Do wewe think that David pwani doing another TV onyesha will affect HOUSE?
3:23    Hugh Laurie: Don't tell him but i haven't got S a present yet. I'm thinking socks.
3:24    [Comment From Adrian]
What is your favourite House-ism?
3:24    [Comment From SemperFi]
Hugh for Praisdent xD
3:24    [Comment From rita]
Socks is a great Chanukah gift.
3:24    Hugh Laurie: upendo to write an episode, but not equipped. Those guys are cleverer than cats.
3:24    [Comment From Carrie]
Have wewe read any House fanfic?
3:24    Hugh Laurie: I haven't read any housefic. Any good?
3:25    [Comment From Marjorie from France]
What is your inayopendelewa moments in the season 4 ??
3:25    [Comment From run-lola-run]
Scary zaidi like xD
3:25    [Comment From Kathi]
"cleverer than cats," hehe, I knew I loved this man :)
3:25    [Comment From Gabrielle (Quebec,Canada)]
Losing it on !

3:25    [Comment From flippet]
Re: fic - some's excellent, most of it's crap. Like anything.
3:25    [Comment From Rory]
Are there any similarities between wewe and House? besides the obvious ones! ahaha. Good luck with the Emmys!
3:25    [Comment From SueN]
Why were there no bloopers on the last two House DVD sets?
3:25    [Comment From Mary , France]
Do wewe think that House will be happy someday ?
3:25    Hugh Laurie: Me and H we're the same height. And we both floss intermittently.
3:25    [Comment From Karen]
What is it like walking down the streets of LA and looking up to see a Billboard with yourself on, it's a long way from London :D
3:26    [Comment From Anna]
your hillarious and smoken hott
3:26    [Comment From Theodore, Greece]
Do wewe agree with House that "everybody lies"?
3:26    [Comment From Baptiste (France)]
Do wewe ever planned House's death ? au the last scene wewe will have to shoot ?
3:26    [Comment From soso75]
what are the scenes the most difficult to shoot in House ?
3:26    [Comment From tata cocach]
what's inayofuata for Cuddy and House?
3:26    Hugh Laurie: I'm not sure - I think there were so many bloopers about it seemed like we should go a different way?
3:26    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Hi Hugh! Which other actor/actress on primetime televisheni do wewe greatly admire?
3:26    [Comment From Anna]
whos your inayopendelewa costar
3:27    Hugh Laurie: Weird seeing yourself on a billboard. Really weird. No seriously. I mean REALLY weird.
3:27    [Comment From Rym(Tunisia)]
the snakes on a cane thing was your idea?brilliant !!
3:27    [Comment From Suzanne]
Do wewe do much ad libbing?
3:27    [Comment From Claudia]
no: we upendo bloopers
3:27    [Comment From arumbaya]
housefics => some are very very disturbing => do not read
3:27    [Comment From Rhys]
Is there anything wewe miss from England that wewe dont get in America?
3:27    [Comment From sherlockjr (Los Angeles)]
But we upendo the bloopers. zaidi zaidi more! (If wewe have any say in the matter.)
3:27    [Comment From Me]
Has your American accent gotten easier to do over the years?
3:27    [Comment From Allie]
hujambo Hugh! That this duka in London where wewe found House's flame cane still exists? :) Greetings from Poland!
3:27    Hugh Laurie: The logo was my idea - did it for a crew t shati - but the phrase was someone else - I'm no good with puns... au buns.
3:27    [Comment From Ada]
what is your inayopendelewa country au city? I'm sure wewe visited a lot
3:28    [Comment From misanthrop]
Can we buy the shati in some months?
3:28    Hugh Laurie: I upendo London. I really do.
3:28    [Comment From Volly]
Hugh... could wewe say a few words about Lisa Edelstein please?
3:28    [Comment From Elyse]
who would wewe thank if wewe win the Emmy this year?
3:28    [Comment From Lark]
Why do wewe feel there aren't zaidi metal sporks?
3:28    [Comment From Rory]
IF he wins it? I think it's pretty obvious that he will =)
3:28    Hugh Laurie: I miss rain. I mean I upendo sunshine too but there's something odd about a place this green that has no rain. Feels wrong.
3:29    [Comment From jo in London]
NW London misses wewe Hugh!
3:29    [Comment From Nezumi]
Russians upendo you, Hugh (=
3:29    [Comment From yasmin]
if wewe win too many, would wewe sell an Emmy on ebay?
3:29    [Comment From Alice]
Hi Hugh! How do wewe prepare the scenes wewe have to cry/have to do a very emotional permorfance?
3:29    [Comment From luli @ argentina]
I always wondered why was hanson´s mmbop chosen as house ringtone? have wewe chosen it?
3:29    [Comment From tash]
How many episodes have been filmed so far?
3:30    Hugh Laurie: Lisa E is amazing. I saw a whole gaggle of women from some TV onyesha - the funny one, the sexy one, the stern one etc - and I thought Lisa does all that every week on her own
3:30    [Comment From tata cocach]
Lisa loves you!
3:30    [Comment From Debbie]
What's the reason for your short hair? upendo it, kwa the way!!
3:30    [Comment From Sandra]
What about Jennifer Morrison?
3:30    [Comment From Mary , France]
She is perfect , like wewe ;D
3:30    [Comment From NateDoggg]
Kal Penn thoughts?
3:30    Hugh Laurie: Short hair. Just felt like a change. Also felt institutional....
3:30    [Comment From Anastasiya from Moscow]
Hi! do wewe think wewe would make Marafiki with Gregory House? Thanks for being here with us - lots of upendo from Russia
3:31    [Comment From Baptiste (France)]
France loves House (and wewe btw ;))
3:31    Hugh Laurie: I think I wd like GH - friends, not so sure
3:31    [Comment From cuddyx]
yes!!! Lisa loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:31    [Comment From Clem]
After 5 years, how does the onyesha can innovate? Aren't wewe afraid that it could go round in circles and be always the same ? Do wewe think the scriptwriters then need to work zaidi on characters and relationships than on medical investigations?
3:31    [Comment From Chanelle (UK)]
Do wewe miss working with Kal Penn?
3:31    [Comment From Rei]
What do wewe do on Monday nights when House airs. Do wewe watch it? au are wewe doing something else?
3:31    [Comment From ChrisMarques]
What was the weirdest gift wewe have ever received from a fan?
3:31    [Comment From Kathi]
oh simmer down, Huddy people :)
3:32    Hugh Laurie: I am anywhere but in fron of TV on Monday nights. I suddenly find chores in the garage.
3:32    [Comment From Gisele from Brazil]
good questionm Clem
3:32    [Comment From G1 from Korea]
@ Rei I bet he's doing something else, anything to avoid ppl from watchin it
3:32    [Comment From Aura]
What's the last movie wewe saw in the theater?
3:32    [Comment From Melissa]
Are we going to get zaidi clinic patients this season?
3:32    Hugh Laurie: So sorry i can't keep up - I'm taking whatever swali comes up in front of me when the last one goes....
3:33    [Comment From BertieWoosterfan]
All the best on Emmy night!!
3:33    [Comment From rita]
You're doing a great job.
3:33    [Comment From flippet]
Chats are hard - we understand.
3:33    Hugh Laurie: can't remember the last movie i saw = don't get out much I'm afraid
3:33    [Comment From Patricia]
Sorry to overwhelm. wewe have many, many people who admire you!
3:33    Hugh Laurie: Thanks!!
3:33    [Comment From mindy]
please tell the writers that we miss the clinic scenes, we would upendo to see them zaidi often!
3:33    [Comment From Kristina in San Francisco]
Any possibility of a House Movie?
3:34    [Comment From Mac]
What do wewe think about the kiss in season 3 between Cameron and House? Why House kisses her back?
3:34    Hugh Laurie: I will tell them - I think they miss them too but struggle to fit them in sometimes
3:34    [Comment From Me]
Do wewe think House will ever find anyone au will he end up alone?
3:34    Hugh Laurie: Not sure about a House movie - what would we do differently?
3:34    [Comment From johnny]
Consider being an American Idol guest judge?
3:34    Hugh Laurie: I think he will find someone.
3:35    [Comment From Zosia, Poland]
House's writers are some of the best on TV, but if wewe had the chance to write 'House' would wewe change anything in the plot/characters/relationships? au is there something that wewe would have handled differently?
3:35    [Comment From misanthrop]
Which episode do wewe just take? Have wewe been already at the set today?
3:35    [Comment From knackeredwriter]
will stephen guest nyota before the series is over?
3:35    Hugh Laurie: I wd upendo to be an AI judge. I'd also be hopeless.
3:35    [Comment From Mina (Massachusetts)]
Does your family ever watch any of the episodes?
3:35    [Comment From George from Russia, SPB]
He wil find Margaret Tatcher)))
3:35    [Comment From Karen]
I guess you've already done the movie with this 2 saa premiere though!
3:35    Hugh Laurie: I really hope SF guests.
3:35    [Comment From Lois]
Any movie roles coming up au romantic comedies in the works au animated movies.
3:35    [Comment From HanTeR [Latvia]]
Will House's beard get zaidi bigger?
3:35    [Comment From Kay]
What's your inayopendelewa quality in House? Btw, you're brilliant.
3:35    [Comment From Ali in Omaha]
do wewe own an ipod? what is your inayopendelewa song on it?
3:35    Hugh Laurie: MT? Huh??
3:35    [Comment From SemperFi]
too many people want ask wewe a queation wewe should stay here one week to answer everyone xD
3:35    [Comment From Linda]
I would upendo to see wewe and Sir Paul McCartney jamming together, two of my favs.
3:36    [Comment From Guest]
So do your kids think Dad's cool au are they typical teens who are embarrassed kwa good ol' Dad?
3:36    Hugh Laurie: Not sure what my favourite song is right now - all kinds of stuff on there
3:36    [Comment From huddy1821]
How many hours a siku are wewe on the set?
3:36    [Comment From sherlockjr (Los Angeles)]
What's the best thing that's happened to wewe because of HOUSE's success?
3:36    [Comment From Theodore, Greece]
Would wewe play in a James Bond movie? And if yes, what kind of role would wewe prefer?
3:36    Hugh Laurie: Varies. we're trying to keep it down to 12 a day, otherwise people burn out
3:37    Hugh Laurie: JB villain - best gig going
3:37    [Comment From Baptiste]
Will House travel abroad someday ?
3:37    [Comment From Fanny]
Please, please, please, any spoilers on Huddy ?
3:37    [Comment From di]
What do wewe think about HAMERON!?
3:37    [Comment From JoAnna Dennis-Fulton, MO]
Just don't get burned out. Trust me I know from experience
3:37    [Comment From Loretta]
You'd make an AWESOME villain
3:37    Hugh Laurie: I have taken a Huddy oath. Not a word shall pass these finger tips.
3:38    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Hi Hugh. Do wewe miss doing sketch shows like A Bit Of Fry & Laurie?
3:38    [Comment From Jackie]
I would upendo to see wewe release a solo CD of your music! Any possibility of this?
3:38    [Comment From jo in London]
YAY - spoilers spoil - stay away!
3:38    [Comment From Katrine from Norway]
How old were wewe when wewe first got into acting?
3:38    Hugh Laurie: I do miss sketches whenever I see someone else doing them - and I miss working with S a lot
3:38    [Comment From barb]
Will there ever be a House Musical episode?
3:38    [Comment From BrittanyS]
Are wewe doing something special for the night of the series premier?
3:38    [Comment From Kirara]
Does uigizaji like House become easy for wewe kwa now?
3:38    [Comment From Carrie]
Oooh, good question, barb.
3:39    [Comment From Olga (Barcelona)]
will ever band from tv play in europe?
3:39    Hugh Laurie: Wd upendo to do a CD - even though actors' muziki never quite works, does it?
3:39    [Comment From Libby]
wewe are naturally funny. Does the rest of your family have a sense of humor like you?
3:39    PatrickDay: Before wewe did this chat, were wewe aware the onyesha had such a large following all over the world? au does shooting a network onyesha in the states keep wewe in a bubble?
3:39    Hugh Laurie: I never find uigizaji easy. Always nervous. Every shot.
3:39    Hugh Laurie: Yes definitely we work in a bubble. Strange when it bursts....
3:40    [Comment From Mary , France]
after the PH , is House going to work in Princeton Plainsboro quickly ?
3:40    [Comment From huddy1821]
Is it hard talking in the american accent?
3:40    [Comment From Melanie]
wewe don't need to be nervous! You're awesome!!!
3:40    [Comment From Rei]
Do wewe encounter mashabiki a lot? Is it scary?
3:40    [Comment From Cindy]
How did wewe find shooting Kutner's suicide? Was it emotionally draining?
3:40    Hugh Laurie: Yeah. au is it yeeeaah, au yep?
3:40    [Comment From Marieke]
Have wewe ever seen yourself as House but dubbed in another language?
3:40    [Comment From Stephanie]
What has been the most difficult scene for wewe to shoot?
3:41    Hugh Laurie: mashabiki are almost all lovely. Trouble is, the really crazy ones don't wear a hat that says Really Crazy.
3:41    [Comment From didi]
stop being modest! you're great! wewe know it, don't you?
3:41    [Comment From Sean]
wewe referred to "favorite moments" earlier. Any one au two wewe could mention?
3:41    Hugh Laurie: Never seen myself dubbed. Must be v strange
3:41    Hugh Laurie: Wilson on speed
3:41    [Comment From Sabrina (germany)]
wewe should sell those hats
3:41    [Comment From Guest]
Could wewe tell us any examples of improvisation on set, non-scripted sentences au situations? (i.e. like RSL once told about"Blue the janitor" joke)
3:42    [Comment From Alisha]
Wilson on speed is possibly my inayopendelewa moment EVER.
3:42    [Comment From Claudia (netherlands)]
they should make those hats, though: cool idea.
3:42    [Comment From Daviddd]
have wewe ever encountered a real House while visiting a hospital?
3:42    Hugh Laurie: Can't claim any lines. the scripts are so good.
3:43    [Comment From Zosia, Poland]
How do real doctors react to wewe when they see you?
3:43    [Comment From Andrea from W Palm Beach]
Do wewe have to practice being Mr. Crankypants au does it just come naturally for you?
3:43    Hugh Laurie: Yes, I have met a real H if wewe mean someone abrasive - don't know they had the redeeming skill tho
3:43    [Comment From Missy]
wewe are so gracious kwa taking all of these questions! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!
3:43    [Comment From Eve (The Netherlands)]
Have wewe arranged any muziki for Season 6 ?
3:43    [Comment From Katrine from Norway]
Have wewe ever been hurt on the House set?
3:43    Hugh Laurie: I am naturally cranky. It's how they found me.
3:43    [Comment From Carolyn]
Mr. Crankypants! LOL
3:43    Hugh Laurie: Thanks
3:44    [Comment From Tanya]
Is it difficult do not laugh whan wewe act?
3:44    [Comment From Allie]
Hey, Hugh! Can U tell me, that this duka in London, where U found House's flame cane still exists? :)
3:44    [Comment From sherlockjr (Los Angeles)]
What is the greatest challenge in playing House?
3:44    Hugh Laurie: I bang myself every now and then, and have to fall over sometimes which gets sore kwa take 9
3:44    [Comment From Zosia, Poland]
How do real doctors react to wewe when they see you?
3:44    [Comment From tata cocach]
is it dificult to change your accent?
3:44    [Comment From Margot]
Thanks a lot for being here with us. You're such a great actor.
3:44    Hugh Laurie: Just getting it right. Getting it as good as the scripts deserve
3:44    [Comment From Anna]
Who is the cast member who is most likely to make wewe laugh in au out of character?
3:45    [Comment From Sarah S]
Is it harder for wewe to do comedy au drama?
3:45    [Comment From Romi85]
Do wewe worry that Gregory House may typecast wewe as an actor?
3:45    [Comment From Kathi]
Never seen wewe "get it wrong" yet. Amazing.
3:45    Hugh Laurie: They can all make me laugh - they're a very funny bunch but R and L especially
3:45    [Comment From Huddy]
Are wewe going to be on Ellen anytime soon?
3:45    Hugh Laurie: If I'm typecast kwa H, well there are worse things
3:45    [Comment From Erika]
Will there be a season 7?
3:45    Hugh Laurie: Don't know about E
3:45    [Comment From Aura]
do wewe like doing the red carpet and all the other awards onyesha stuff?
3:45    [Comment From HanTeR [Latvia]]
wewe should make comic vitabu abut House ;D
3:46    [Comment From Rory @ Uruguay]
Do wewe guys improvise? good luck at the emmys, and wewe are just amazing! =)
3:46    Hugh Laurie: Who knows? Depends how this one goes
3:46    [Comment From Me]
wewe are so cool, Hugh!!
3:46    [Comment From Elizabeth (Canada)]
What is the craziest (or oddest!) gift you've ever received from a fan?
3:46    Hugh Laurie: The red carpet I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
3:46    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
When HOUSE is over, do wewe think you'll stay in the US au songesha back to the UK? If its the latter, would wewe be interested in doing some British comedies again?
3:46    [Comment From Cindy]
What book is currently on your nightstand?
3:47    [Comment From Liann]
wewe are doing a great job keeping up with these questions!
3:47    Hugh Laurie: Isaiah Berlin. how's that for pretentious? but it's true
3:47    [Comment From Lark]
Do wewe write your own award presentation skit at the Golden Globes au Emmys? wewe should host it, obviously!
3:47    [Comment From Kristen]
In what direction do wewe want to see House (the character) evolve?
3:47    [Comment From Me (Canada)]
Any plans to do projects back in England?
3:47    [Comment From jen]
What muziki are wewe listening to lately?
3:48    [Comment From Gabriella Talisa.]
What's something Lisa does that makes wewe crack up?
3:48    [Comment From Anna(VA)]
who are wewe taking with wewe to the emmys?
3:48    Hugh Laurie: I don't mind what direction, as long as it's done with style
3:48    [Comment From Chantal]
Maybe wewe would feel better if it was a blue would match your eyes?
3:48    [Comment From oksana]
Hugh, thank's for this chat from Ukraine! Good luck at the emmys, and wewe are amazing!
3:48    [Comment From Lorette]
have wewe the time to read some fans' letters?
3:48    Hugh Laurie: The coasters
3:48    [Comment From Ali in Omaha]
Do wewe have any maswali for the FANS?
3:49    [Comment From Adrian]
Can wewe tell us something about the upcoming House M.D. PC game?
3:49    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Do wewe get fed up with the paparazzi following wewe on your bike everyday?
3:50    [Comment From Rei]
do wewe keep tabs on the mashabiki reactions to the episodes?
3:50    Hugh Laurie: swali for the mashabiki - hmmm - who sent wewe the nicest reply to a letter?
3:50    [Comment From rollstone]
wewe ;)
3:50    [Comment From Olga (Barcelona)]
Did wewe watch any medical drama before getting involved with House?
3:50    [Comment From Narenika]
3:50    [Comment From Amber (Manhattan Bch, CA)]
wewe did! I got a signed picture!
3:50    [Comment From run-lola-run]
Darren Shan, the writer. He was lovely. Handwritten too!
3:50    [Comment From Canada]
Santa Claus
3:50    [Comment From abbytaZ]
Congratulations on your Emmy nomination. Best of luck for the new season.
3:50    [Comment From Mary Ventura CA]
Glenda Jackson!
3:50    Hugh Laurie: paparazzi are a bit annoying but they have to make a living
3:50    [Comment From Guest]
nobody majibu mine :(
3:51    [Comment From Cindy]
Ideally, what would wewe like to focus on after House ends?
3:51    [Comment From Gaby]
Loved when wewe mocked Lisa's laugh at the Paley event. Do this often? she has the most contagious laugh!
3:51    Hugh Laurie: like to focus on sleeping in
3:51    [Comment From Guest]
Can wewe tell us which one of the awesome House writers wrote the season premiere?
3:51    [Comment From Olya]
Is there any book, movie au piece of music, about which wewe can say that it has turned your life?
3:52    Hugh Laurie: Hope wewe don't mind y'all but I have to slip away in a dakika - how about we say 5 zaidi answers?
3:52    [Comment From HanTeR [Latvia]]
Will wewe take part in making House PC game?
3:52    Hugh Laurie: Don't know what the PC game is (that's not one of the 5)
3:52    [Comment From Amber (Manhattan Bch, CA)]
Any plans to be on Craig Ferguson
3:52    [Comment From tanya]
What classic caracter would wewe like to play?
3:52    [Comment From Eve (The Netherlands)]
thank wewe so much for doing this !!
3:53    Hugh Laurie: If the great man calls, I will don my talk onyesha pants and leap into the car.
3:53    [Comment From Christine C]
Did wewe learn french in school? wewe had spoken french in one of the emmy's a few years back, and you're really good!!
3:54    Hugh Laurie: we had to learn french at school. part of the agincourt reparations.
3:54    [Comment From Guest]
what episode are wewe shooting right now?
3:54    [Comment From fryandlaurielover]
Congratulations Mr. Laurie on your Emmy nomination!!!I really hope wewe win this year. It's long overdue. We all know wewe deserve to win. You're such a brilliant,talented,amazing actor, well not just an actor but as a person as well. and i wish wewe all the best in everything that wewe do.
3:54    [Comment From fryandlaurielover]
Congratulations Mr. Laurie on your Emmy nomination!!!I really hope wewe win this year. It's long overdue. We all know wewe deserve to win. You're such a brilliant,talented,amazing actor, well not just an actor but as a person as well. and i wish wewe all the best in everything that wewe do.
3:54    [Comment From Aurélie (France)]
Don't wewe get slightly hypochondriac after kusoma House's scripts?
3:54    Hugh Laurie: We're shooting episode 5 now, about to start 6
3:54    [Comment From Lois]
Any uigizaji scenes wewe haven't done that you'd like to do?
3:55    [Comment From flippet]
Which of your motorcycles is your favorite?
3:55    [Comment From Holly, UK]
What's the sexiest word in the english language?
3:55    Hugh Laurie: No, never been a hypochondriac - got lots of other neuroses but not that one - my dad was very wise about the odds
3:55    [Comment From steedenhu]
Would wewe please consider doing this again. Talking to the real mashabiki who upendo you? x

3:55    [Comment From snowflakesister]
Do wewe spend your free time with the member of the staff? With Robert, David, Lisa... etc.
3:55    Hugh Laurie: Triumph Scrambler. a gem.
3:55    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Dr. Cockroach was SO awesome. How did wewe come up with THE laugh?
3:55    Hugh Laurie: Sexiest words are Triumph Scrambler
3:56    [Comment From sherlockjr (Los Angeles)]
We really appreciate you. Thanks so much for doing this!
3:56    Hugh Laurie: Vincent price
3:56    [Comment From jen]
what is your inayopendelewa guitar, gitaa and inayopendelewa thing to play to relax?
3:56    Tom O'Neil: Hey, Hugh, I just want wewe to know that it's a bee-itch working on the media side of the red carpet too. Not easy coming up with all those stupid questions. We journos just make them LOOK stupid. That's how secretly brilliant we are
3:56    [Comment From Debbie]
Thank wewe so much for doing this.
3:56    Hugh Laurie: it's been a real pleasure - thanks all of wewe for checking in and I'm sorry for all the qs i couldn't get to
3:56    [Comment From huddy1821]
Thank wewe hugh for doing this. good luck at the emmys!!!
3:56    [Comment From huddy1821]
Thank wewe hugh for doing this. good luck at the emmys!!!
3:56    [Comment From HeidiMercedes]
Thank you, Hugh, for being awesome!
3:56    Tom O'Neil: THANKS, Hugh!
3:57    [Comment From Cathy]
Good luck at the Emmys!
3:57    [Comment From SemperFi]
are wewe still boxing?
3:57    Hugh Laurie: Tom you're right - we're in the same hellish dance - and yet we upendo it really????
3:57    [Comment From Jenny]
Guitar; fender au Gibson ? Thanks so much ,-)))
3:57    [Comment From Jesse]
Bye Hugh, thanks so much!
3:57    [Comment From Pauline]
Thanks !
3:57    Hugh Laurie: Bye everyone and thanks !!!
3:57    Tom O'Neil: Today we had 5,899 Emmy voters here for the chat -- so wewe are a SHOO-IN to WIN

oh my god: i was Ali from Omaha, three of my ?'s got up there!!
After watching last night's finale, I can better understand Lisa's decision to leave HOUSE and I can see why Hugh is hinting that inayofuata season will be his last. I imagine he wishes he had never signed on for Season 8.

I have always been a big shabiki of HOUSE, Hugh (especially Hugh!) Lisa and Huddy. But after last night's fiasco I'm wondering if this episode was written kwa the proverbial group of monkeys locked in a room with computers. Unless the finale is explained as another dream sequence au ndoto (lame) I can't see anywhere left for this story to go.

House's medical genius has been rendered...
continue reading...
 thx so much to PLH for this
thx so much to PLH for this
Alright before I start I’d like to apologize to the participants in this makala who have been waiting for about 2 months for me to post this. Frankly I have no excuse, just being lazy and massive writer’s block. But lol I got it done so here it is, now for my little intro before the tour.

So again the time has come for me to look around the House MD spot and to pick a few individuals to highlight on their achievements of being active, posting lots of stuff and generally helping to keep out spot active and an interesting place to be. Its nice being a verteran now and seeing the newbies...
continue reading...
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Their very last scene :'(
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promo for House S7E01, with plenty of new bits.
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preview of House S6E21, aired over closing credits of "The Choice." FOLLOW me on Twitter for sasisho on new House Previews, Sneak Peeks and more... link
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Scenes of about "Wilson's porno" from season 6 episode 15
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NOT MADE kwa ME! Made kwa Whatevrmakesyoubreak. RIP Kutner :(
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