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Trailer of a short movie Tell -Tale
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posted by awesomeradish
This may seem kind of irrelevant to people that are later in/have finished the series, but I'm currently on episode 10 of season 3, and thought I'd share my insight on the relationship between Dr House and defective Detective Michael Tritter.

I'm finding these two characters' interaction to be the most interesting in the series yet - not because of clashing personalities, but because of their astounding similarities. Comparing them in terms of motive and how they execute achieving it, they are basically identical.

If wewe go back an episode au two before Tritter is introduced, House is harassing...
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Pretty surprising for a season many people consider to be the worst one yet.

6x01.02 BROKEN - 9.6/10

6x03 EPIC FAIL - 8.5/10

6x04 THE TYRANT - 8.9/10

6x05 INSTANT KARMA - 8.5/10

6x06 BRAVE moyo - 8.6/10

6x07 KNOWN UNKNOWNS - 8.4/10

6x08 TEAMWORK - 8.3/10

6x09 IGNORANCE IS BLISS - 8.5/10

6x10 WILSON - 9/10

6x11 THE DOWN LOW - 8.9/10

6x12 REMORSE - 8.8/10

6x13 MOVING THE CHAINS - 8.2/10

6x14 5 TO 9 - 8.2/10

6x15 PRIVATE LIVES - 8.3

6x16 BLACK HOLE - 8.3/10

6x17 LOCKDOWN - 8.5/10

6x18 KNIGHT FALL - 8.1/10

6x19 OPEN AND SHUT - 8.2/10

6x20 THE CHOICE - 8.7/10

6x21 BAGGAGE - 9.2/10

6x22 HELP ME - 9.3/10
posted by lovehousemd_frv
I feel really depresed.What the hell happen to house.I see the ratings.Omg!What happen.Whe was the onyesha with the most we are 4th @the list.And te stupid child tv onyesha Hannah Montana can have zaidi mashabiki than us.(i'm just really depressed.sorry to all Hannah Montana fAns).I watch ep19.this is the only house episode that i not watch to end.I not really know.Oh god!We was the most watched Tv onyesha around the world.And now..and now.Now where we are.I really not want to say it But i can stop to watch house.Yes.I upendo Jesse Spencer.Yes.I upendo Chameron.But if the finnale ratting is 8 mllion...
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posted by DemzRulez
House Season 1 Episode 13: Cursed

Full Recap

In a dusty attic, a young boy, Gabriel trips as he gets together with some other boys for a club. They start playing with an Ouija board and when asked who will die in a year, it "spells" out Gabe's name. A week au so later, Gabe comes down with a fever then collapses. He's taken to the clinic where House suspects pneumonia, particularly since Gabe's parents are major donors to the clinic. Signs of a rash suggest something else and they suspect ticks au any sexual activity. It soon becomes clear that the father is a bit of a control freak and the parents...
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