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namida no oku ni yuragu hohoemi wa
toki no hajime kara no sekai no yakusoku

ima wa hitori de mo futari no kinou kara
kyou wa umare kirameku
hajimete atta hi no wewe ni

omoide no uchi ni anata wa inai
soyokaze to natte hoho ni furetekuru

komorebi no gogo no wakare no ato mo
kesshite owaranai sekai no yakusoku

ima wa hitori de mo ashita wa kagirinai
anata ga oshiete kureta
yoru ni hisomu yasashisa

omoide no uchi ni anata wa inai
seseragi no uta ni kono sora no iro ni
hana no kaori ni itsu made mo ikite

Vocals: Chieko Baisho
Lyrics: Shuntaro Tanikawa
Composition: Yumi Kimura
Arrangement: Joe Hisaishi






Vocals: Chieko Baisho
Lyrics: Shuntaro Tanikawa
Composition: Yumi Kimura
Arrangement: Joe Hisaishi
The Promise of the World

The smile that trembles deep behind your tears
Is the promise of the world since the beginning of time

Even if I’m alone now, from our yesterdays
Today is born sparkling
Like the siku when we first met

You’re not in my memories
wewe turn into a breeze and touch my cheeks

Even after our parting in the afternoon with the sun beaming through the trees
The promise of the world won’t ever end

Even if I’m alone now, tomorrow is limitless
wewe taught me about
The kindness that lurks in the night

You’re not in my memories
So live forever in the song of the streams
In the color of this sky, in the fragrance of flowers

Vocals: Chieko Baisho
Lyrics: Shuntaro Tanikawa
Composition: Yumi Kimura
Arrangement: Joe Hisaishi
posted by hinatarocks
Ever since birth, Sophie Hatter had been destined for something that was quite out of her reach to change—her future, her success, they were measured only kwa the folklore and general understanding that surrounded the country of Ingary. Actually, one could argue whether it was Sophie's birth that had decided the whole matter of her well-being. Instead, it was probably the birth of her younger sisters that led the way to spell disaster for poor Sophie.

Her father owned a modest hat duka in a dowdy but still fairly interesting town called Market Chipping. Unlike the capital, Kingsbury, this town...
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posted by moodystuff449
Thing are going round and round my head, au maybe my head is going round and round in things. -(Diana Wynne Jones)Howl's Moving Castle

Sophie, I'm dying of boredom in here, au maybe just dying. -(Diana Wynne Jones)Howl's Moving Castle

"You must admit I have a right to live in a pigsty if I want." — Diana Wynne Jones (Howl's Moving Castle)

"’I think we ought to live happily ever after,’ and she thought he meant it. Sophie knew that living happily ever after with Howl would be a good deal zaidi hair-raising than any storybook made it sound, though she was determined to try.

‘It should be hair-raising,’...
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posted by shortynme
A funny poem I wrote for kicks and giggles :)
Please, don't take it seriously, it's just for laughs! Written December 18, 2008

Anime guys are like dreams come true,
doesn't matter your taste there's pleanty of them to choose.
If wewe like them pale, angry, and immortal, Sesshomaru would be your best choice.
Perhaps Howl and his moving castle, although his name has nothing to do with his voice.
If tough Shinigami guys are zaidi your taste,
Bleach with Ichigo and Renji is your perfect place.
If genius, and a little darkness, is your desire,
Light Yagami and L would be best with their angst like fire.
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Out of some of Hayao Miyazaki's most well known sinema wewe always have one main girl and one main boy. Such as:
Princess Mononoke: Ashitaka and San
Spirited Away: Haku and Chihiro
Castle in the Sky: Pazzu and Sheeta
Howl's Moving Castle: Howl and Sophie

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but out of these four guys, Howl is the only selfish one! :)

Ashitaka risks his life to save San and the forest she loves. He freaking gets shot in the chest to get her out of harms way! He's Awesome!
Haku helps Chihiro sneak around, taking her to see her parents who were cursed to be pigs, saving her clothes...
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