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posted by emzypemzy
Absolute Clarity…

I read an barua pepe interview with Lisa E on Cuddy and Huddy and it got me thinking…

My feeling after watching the kiss (phwoar! H-O-T! wasn’t it?!) is that Cuddy was in such a dark, painful place that when House looked at her he saw himself reflected in her eyes: She was feeling the kind of pain he feels and I think for him to see the woman who is always so strong and the only one to really stand up to him in such pain made him realise how much he needs her in his life as the strong, sassy, and don’t forget sexy, woman who is his sparring partner and gives just as good as she gets, if not zaidi sometimes. She is, as Lisa E said, House’s ‘heart’ and I sure as hell think she is IN his heart, as well as being the one to appeal to his moyo and his softer side (that he only ever shows to her, and Wilson once au twice.).
The Huddy banter in ‘Joy’ was phenomenal and she had such great comebacks to his remarks. I think she realised that House was being House-ish, but it still hurt her, as it would, I mean he was pretty mean. She was so happy (and tried so hard to convince herself that she was) in this episode and I think House didn’t like it, as he was no longer going to be the main focus of her life if she got the baby. His feeling, I think, was that he is her ‘baby’, the one she has to keep in line and have spats with, he didn’t want anyone else to be vying for her affections as he knew that she would upendo the baby zaidi than she liked him. He was (and still is) struggling with his feelings for her and so the fact that there would have been another person in her life to occupy her time would annoy him to no end as then he would not be able to figure out what was going on in his head.
I think that when House saw her in so much pain and she STILL stood up to him, questioning his motives and forcing him to swali his own motives, her strength amazed him and he didn’t say what else I am sure he had planned to say (probably a lot zaidi snarks!). I think that her reaction was the BEST reaction we have had so far and it was spot on, he was being a b*stard when he alisema she didn’t want this baby and would be a sh*tty mother. I think that, as much as she denies it, his remarks do get under her skin, especially to do with this subject. I think the fact that he came and annoyed her, causing her to fight back wither words brought a tiny bit of normality back and reminded her of her stronger, sassier side which I think will help her through and get her back to her old self (although still ‘damaged’ and slightly sad) quicker, as she seems back on juu form in the promos.
Just a bit from the inerview :
“Have to ask about a teaser scene (for tonight’s episode “Joy”) which showed Cuddy in tears with a very serious looking House, very near to her. Can wewe tell me anything about that without divulging too much about the episode?
I upendo that scene. It's the closest we've yet to see these two people. Cuddy is in so much pain that in a way, they can see each other eye to eye for a moment. Absolute clarity... ”
I thought this was so spot on that I had to copy it here. Had to stop myself from just putting the whole interview in!

This makala started off about the kiss and I seem to have gone off track a wee bit! So, to the kiss now….
Well, what can I say? WOW. Very H-O-T! =P
It was the looks that they shared before it and his almost dry-throated “I don’t know” that got me, I mean the honesty in those looks was so amazing, they basically laid themselves bare (pardon the pun!) especially House who showed what he will end up feeling was too much (IMO). House initiating it and Cuddy reacting immediately, pulling him to her showed that both really wanted it to happen, House because well, he loves Cuddy ! J And, Cuddy because maybe she just craved some physical contact, something to onyesha her life is not all crap! House kissing her gave her that as he showed her some emotion, which is so hard and so rare for him that it gave her some hope that not all was lost, if House could onyesha he cared then she could pick herself back up from this and carry on.
I think that the kiss was zaidi than just a kiss in that I think it was House saying sorry for his ‘you would be a terrible mother’ maoni and inaonyesha her he could be human. In leaving in true House fashion, it showed that, yes he had really wanted it, but he thought he had exposed himself too much, even though it was Cuddy. I think his joking about it in the promo is his way of protecting himself from dealing with what it means.
The look on Cuddy’s face and the forced out ‘good night’ was heartbreaking, and so telling at the same time. It told me that she had been shocked kwa the kiss but oh so chuffed too! She was so shocked kwa it, but the fact that she basically sucked his face off and couldn’t take her eyes off of him as he left showed that she definitely enjoyed it! I think that her lack of response was because she couldn’t quite compute what had just happened as I am willing to bet that she thought it never would (although she probably wished it would =P) and so it was all so overwhelming. Also, I think that maybe the fact that she was so sad and depressed before he came and then when he was talking to her, but I think her body would have reacted to the kiss before her mind had a chance to process what was happening, and so the very speedy transition from sad to hot probably screwed with her head, making it even harder to work out whether au not it was what she had wanted and if it was as good as she thought, au just really good in comparison to how sad she had been.

I was so blown away kwa the uigizaji in this episode, and the writers did one hell of a job! I think that in this season the uigizaji and stories will only get better.

(p.s. I am ignoring the Wuddy references in the promo until I see the inayofuata episode as my brain is still trying to detox from the Huddy kiss!!)

Hope wewe like my take on this stuff! Seriously, I recommend wewe read the interview with LE because she gets it dead-on, I mean wewe expect her to as she plays Cuddy, but some of the stuff she says is exactly spot on. (well I think so anyways!). I recommend wewe read it if wewe haven’t already. Here’s the link : link
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‘Oh my god Lisa’ She thaught to herself. It must have been wrong so she tried another. After her 3rd one she did a test in the hospital. This one would definitely tell her the truth. She waited for 3 hours and at 2 in the afternoon she ran down in private and checked her results: Positive. Cuddy couldn’t believe it. She had spent so much time and money trying to get pregnant with artificial crap when really all she needed was good ol’ fashion sex. Then it hit her who the father was: House! She was so happy but so horrified at the same time. What was House going to think, would this...
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It was fifteen dakika to eight o’clock; House had a bia in one hand, while the other was playing a slow jazz number on the piano. He was dressed in a midnight black blazer, black corduroy pants and a clean white shati with a black t-shirt underneath. The lights were dim; his curtains open to let the moon light in.

An apprehensive knock on the door, made him hold the last note. He slowly got up, and walked towards the door; opening it with a smirk on his face. Cuddy stood in the doorway, her perfect curls barely touching her bare shoulders. She was wearing a strapless, short, black lace...
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Cuddy and her tarehe Jason, had pulled up outside her home, they sat in silence for a moment; which felt like a lifetime, before Jason cleared his throat.

Jason: So, are wewe going to invite me in, au should I wait another five dakika before wewe ask me?

Cuddy scoffed at his forwardness, and felt it was similar to House’s persona.

Cuddy: It’s late, I’ve got work in the morning; I’m sorry.

Jason nodded and smiled, obviously knowing he had put his foot in it.

Jason: I guess this means goodnight then.

Cuddy smiled sweetly at him, before she left his car; regretfully walking away and to her front...
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Cuddy was sitting at her desk, doing paperwork. House barged in Cuddy’s office a big smile on his face.
    “You will never believe what the nurse down in Cardiology said,” House began, plopping down on the couch.
    “Wait, the nurse that slept with the guy from Pediatrics?” Cuddy absent-mindedly asked, doing zaidi paperwork.
    “Didn’t she sleep with the guy from Radiology? Whatever, anyway, she was comparing a zucchini to a banana, and she said-,”
    “House, do I really need to hear this?”...
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Question: Now that we've seen the big House-Cuddy smooch, what can we expect inayofuata from these two? -- Samantha

Ausiello: They're moving in together on Dec. 2! Sort of. The collateral damage resulting from the upcoming hostage crisis at Princeton Plainsboro will force Cuddy to temporarily songesha into House's office, which creates an even bigger crisis. Picture War of the Roses only with different leads and only slightly less attempted murder.

Question: Any info wewe have on House and Cuddy would be great! Will there be another kiss? -- Kourtney

Ausiello: No kissing in the immediate future, although...
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I understand how Huddy mashabiki got extremely angry about this particular episode (I'm one of them). It was an unecessary emotional rollercoaster.
For one, Cuddy knows House, which means she just shouldn't let her feelings be so exposed in front of House, when they were on the "Are wewe Screwing with me" part.
But hey, we can't really blame her. The fact that she committed that "mistake" of exposing herself made everyone clear about her feelings - She cares for him enough to want to let him know - and I feel that from now on things will change, for real (don't wewe think that whole "We should kiss...
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