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Chapter 15: sometimes I think I’m evil, but I hope you’ll forgive me. Enjoy this new chapter, and sorry if it’s short, inayofuata one is almost over.

The room is dark, there is no noise, only her breath drills the silence. MacEnzie feels weird, a little dizzy. Suddenly, she moves in the bed, he roots to the spot, but phew! It was a false alarm, she still sleeps. She’s so beautiful, simply breathtaking, he thinks and nears her very slowly, he doesn’t want her to wake up. His blood runs faster in his body, his moyo beats faster in his chest. He sits down in the kitanda inayofuata to her and remains...
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Source: La letra de chokoleti es de Jesse y Joy
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A story focusing on the soon to be Huddy sex for "Under My Skin". Basically, what's going down in his bedroom. *Wink* *Wink*.

Warning: If wewe do not like smut, then don't read this.

"I always want to kiss you." Kept ringing through her head, as her back was pressed against his solid white closet door. She breathed heavily, lingering away from his face, a few inches, as their lips had stopped battling. His pale blue eyes, stared into her's, with mischief, at every inch. At that moment, she felt the rough palm of his right hand, sprawled across her right...
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A HUDDY fanfic: ‘’Love and T-shirts’’ Chap. 2

Cuddy: ‘’Yes I think wewe look pretty go……..’’

Then House kissed her, Cuddy put her hands on his chest.
House’s hands were around her hip.
House then began slowly ,with still kissing Cuddy, moving to the showers.
Just before House lead them to the kuoga they needed some breath ,so they both taked 1 deep breath and House started kissing again Cuddy couldn’t resist.
When they arrived at the kuoga the kuoga began to run automatically with ice…..cold water, House began to smile. Cuddy felt that House was smiling so she smiled to,...
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NOTE: This fanfic is rated M due to violence and mildly graphic rape. Sorry under 15's.

The familiar crashing of my office doors once again startled me. There stood the man that I hated, yet somehow loved. My moyo lept hysterically. My face burnt red from anger. I looked up to see a man holding a gun to his head.
It all happened so fast from there.
The gunman punched and then ordered Gregory House to shut and lock my door as well as closing all the blinds to my office. I was confused as to why the gunman had chosen my office.
He spoke, au should I say, he yelled, "Are wewe Doctor Lisa Cuddy!?"
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House and Cuddy have been dating for about a mwezi now and they wanted to celebrate there mwezi anniversary. And as they waited for their chakula none of them alisema anything and the silence was broken kwa the waiter.

“Grilled steak, mnofu with Béarnaise Sauce and French fries.” The waiter said, startling them a little.

“Gee! What are wewe a zombie?” House paused, putting a hand to his heart, “I almost had a moyo attack for Pete’s sake!”

The waiter alisema nothing and kept his stern, composed face to the task of serving them as properly as one could in this situation. He put down their plates...
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One of my fave huddy video made kwa cicitvshowfreak