jibu swali hili

Hunter x Hunter Swali

Who's stronger? HISOKA au ILLUMI?

I think Hisoka and Illumi's fight is gonna be epic. Cards vs needles. Both of them are great, can't think if who's gonna win if there's a battle gonna happen between them.
 IwantDEATH posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Hunter x Hunter Majibu

arhriablank said:
Hmm hard to answer this.. I dunno , maybe hisoka because he's very quick on his feet and seems to be able to get out of any situation . I feel like if it was true and raw power , Illini would come out on juu but hisoka would be able to twist words and use illumi's weaknesses very efficiently
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
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