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I am trying my hardest to keep up with my writing. This time around, Twinleafshipping and Penguinshipping will also be a part of this story. Sorry that I don't have any Ikarishipping pictures for this one. This will be back in only Dawn's point of view. I hope wewe enjoy.

Dawn wrote in her new diary.

Dear diary,
I have been bored lately with a lot of free time on my hands, but nothing to do. Piplup dragged me outside to go for a walk earlier, and the strangest thing happened. I didn't realize that Paul wasn't the only one who liked me. My Marafiki say that with my looks and kindness combined, I...
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posted by Marth911
The wind blow as paul waked in the fosted it was one of the coldested siku of the yaer but paul was like a rock he was not cold at all.He was feet deep in the snow all of the suden paul saw a pink dressed girl but went she turn arowed he saw it was that girl that was taveing with ash what was her name why do I care so much about her he blush then he saw she was shakeing she will daed like that but befor he could fell face fisted in the snow paul did not think about what he was going to do he ran to were she had falln. Paul picked up dawn and ran to the neres cave he could help but blush went...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
"Uhhh...Paul..." I try to say. "You don't have to say anything, Dawn. I used to have feelings for you. But now..." I blush. How was I supposed to know my crush liked me back?! "I-I-I don't know what to say." "You just did." Paul walks away from me. I never knew somone who hated me would fall in upendo with me!

I get to the hotel in Snowpoint City. Opening the door, I enter. I see Ash petting Pikachu and Brock caring for Happiny. Everything's fine until they start asking me questions. "What happened?" "What did he say?" "What did he do?" I smile innocently. "He...didn't exactly...uhh, how do I...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Paul and Dawn are walking towards a hotel and try to book a room for them to stay in.

Secretary: So, will that be a 2 kitanda bedroom and a small living room?

Paul: Yes.

Secretary: Alright, sign here and here. *shows him a piece of paper*

Paul: *signs* Come on, Dawn.

Secretary: Here are your keys, good day! *gives keys to Paul*

They enter the room.

Dawn: *sits down on the couch* Boy, am I tired.

Paul: wewe tired?

Dawn: Yeah.

THE inayofuata MORNING

Dawn is with a girl named, Carla and she's giving...
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Ikarishipping =)
posted by AmyelKitten
Sorry about the really long wait. I have been very busy and I had little to no time to spend uandishi stories. Again, sorry. Also sorry that I can't post a picture. This will be back to both points of view. Hope wewe enjoy!

(Paul's POV)

Me and Dawn have been walking for hours, and though my legs are a bit sore, I don't complain. I look over at Dawn who is looking around curiously. She seems calm now, and that makes me wonder what happened in her dream. I songesha closer to her and reach over to hold her hand, and she looks at me and smiles. We keep walking untill my new curiosity breaks through.

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posted by rufi
mom why should i go to work i am the sinnoh grand festival winner dawn told .Because miss sinnoh grandfestival winner your old enough to care for your self i have a friend in hearthome city she got a job for wewe and even a house to stay johanna told
johanna persuaded her daughter and dawn was off to hearthome city .It was the first siku of dawn's office.
I can't beleive i agreed to mom i am the grandfestival winner she told herself.Just then a black skoda fabia entered.paul? she told what are wewe doiing here she asked.How did wewe get in ? and what do wewe mean why i am here this is my office from...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
I run down the stairs with my hair in a long braid and I'm wearing my usual outfit. Dark blue long sleeve shirt, magenta skirt, upindo and black sandals. My mom turns around to see me. "Hm? Dawn what are wewe doing?" I widen my eyes. "Well, wewe see mom, I'm going on a tarehe with Paul tonight." Mom raises her left eyebrow. "Are wewe finished with your homework?" "Yes?" "Ok."

I arrive at Sandgem Town but I don't see Paul anywhere. "Hm. Where could he be?" There's a figure on the juu of a big nyasi green hill. "Dawn!" Paul? "Up here!" he yells to me. I run up the steep kilima and reach the top. "Ah!" I'm about...
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Dawn was getting ready for her inayofuata contest in Celestic Town.

Dawn: Hmmmmmmmmmm......

May: *runs towards her* Hey, Dawn!

Dawn: Oh, hi May!

May: Dawn, I just saw Paul in the sekunde row. Is he gonna, like, try to win wewe over?

Dawn: Nope. *puts her hair in a pigtail* He already did.

May: *happily shocked* Oh my god, really?!!?? *romantically* Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.........!

Dawn: I know! We're officially together!

May: When and why didn't wewe tell me?!

Dawn: I'm sorry, but it happened, like, 3 days ago.

Vivian: And now, we're about to start the 15th Sinnoh contest!

Dawn: Well, were up.

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posted by StarWarsFan7
Dawn was starting to pack her things in order to go on a journey with her boyfriend, Paul:

Paul: *knocks on door* Can I come in? *comes in*

Dawn: *giggles* wewe just did.

Paul: So how's it coming along?

Dawn: I just finished. *puts the last pair of shirts in her backpack* There! Done!

Paul: wewe ready?

Dawn: Yep.

Ash enters the room.

Dawn: If you're gonna start yelling at Paul, please leave.

Ash: *looks at the ground* Don't worry. Paul, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry.

Paul: *shocked* HUH?!

Ash: Dawn, it's fine if wewe leave with Paul. I won't get mad au anything.

Dawn: Thanks Ash. *smiles*

Paul: Let's go....
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Dawn was crying until she felt like stopping.

Paul knocks on her door.

Paul: Hey, can I come in.

Dawn: *sniff* I...I...don't know... *sniff*

Paul comes in the room anyway.

Paul: Dawn, I'm sorry.

Dawn sits up.

Dawn: No, I'm the one who should be sorry. *sniff*

Paul: No. I am. *holds her hand*

Dawn: *blushes*

Paul: I have an idea. How about wewe meet Reggie?

Dawn: But I've already met him.

Paul: Not entirely.

Dawn: Okay. We live in Veilstone so maybe we can travel there on foot.

Dawn: Are wewe inviting me to travel with you?

Paul: Well, will you?

Dawn: Yes.
posted by StarWarsFan7
THE inayofuata MORNING

Dawn: *mumbles* I...I...love...love...you...mom....

Paul: Dawn. Dawn. Wake up.

Dawn opens her eyes.

Dawn: Paul?

Paul holds out a little bag with berries in it.

Dawn: Breakfast?

Paul: Yes.

She eats a berry and closes her eyes.

Dawn: MMmmmmm....

Paul takes a pile of berries.

Dawn: Paul, when are we going to get out of this place?

Paul: *gets up* Right now.

He gets an Escape Rope out from his backpack.

Dawn: What are wewe doing?

Paul: *throws the rope onto the nearest branch and it stays*

Paul: Come and climb!

He starts climbing...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Dawn: Paul? Paul! I mean, what do wewe want?

Paul: Dawn, please let me talk to you.

Dawn: *turns away*

Paul: Dawn, please listen to me.

Dawn looks at Paul.

Paul: Look, the siku of the kiss, I knew wewe wouldn't take it very well. But I couldn't let my feelings stay in me. I had to express my feelings for wewe and I'm so sor-

Dawn's lips interrupt his "speech".

She lets go.

Paul: *shocked* So do wewe forgive me?

Dawn: wewe tell me. *kisses him*

Ash and Brock: O.O (again)

Paul and Dawn walk towards Ash and Brock.
While walking, they are holding hands.

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The inayofuata morning after the kiss, Dawn wanted to ignore Paul until she was ready to make contact with him.

Dawn: *while putting her hair in a ponytail* There! I'll be ready in no time.

Ash enters her room.

Ash: hujambo Dawn! I hope you'll do great at your contest tonight.

Dawn: Thanks.

Brock: Dawn are wewe still angry about what happened yest-

Dawn: Ugh. Don't remind me.

The computer turns on and Paul appears on it.

Dawn runs away from the room.

Ash: What do wewe want Paul? Dawn doesn't want to talk to you.

Paul: I know that, wewe idiot. I wanted to talk to you.

Ash: ME?!

Paul: Yes. I'll be looking mbele to...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
The inayofuata morning, Dawn is wondering why Paul had invited her near the Sycamore Tree.

Piplup is about to go with her when she sees him.

Dawn: Piplup, no. Please stay here.

Piplup: Pip. Lup.

Dawn walks out the door of the hotel.

She enters the woods.

Dawn: *thinking* Okay Dawn. No need to worry about a thing. He just wants to meet you, that's all.

She sees Paul setting up a picnic of breakfast.

Dawn: Paul, what's this?

Paul: Good morning to wewe too, Dawn.

Dawn: Oh, sorry. Hi Paul! What's this?

Paul: I just thought maybe we can get to know each other more. While eating.

Dawn: *sits down inayofuata to Paul* Thanks....
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