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1:she's a zombie that stils souls from the dead
2:she took the half of the juwle(spelling)that Inuyasha had and gave it to naraku
3:she tried to take Inuyasha to hell with her wile(spelling)inuyasha was unconsie
4:she tried to kill kagome
5:she tried to kill inuyasha
6:in Inuyasha movie 1 she pushed kagome down the well telling here yet she is dead
7:she took half of kagome's soul
8:every time she falls off a cliff she somehow maneges to survive
9:she shot Inuyasha with an arrow binding him to that tree
10:when ever she comes around Inuyasha always gose to see her wich resalts in her makeing kagome cry it's not inuyasha's falt if kikyo would have stayed dead kagome and inyasha woulden't have to cry all the time. and theres my ten resons for hateing kikyo.
 Main Characters: Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kirara and InuYasha.
Main Characters: Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kirara and InuYasha.
Many of the shabiki letters I receive ask the swali “How old are Inuyasha and the other characters?” Some mashabiki make guesses. The character with the greatest range is Miroku, with guesses ranging from the late teens to late twenties… I basically think it's all right for the readers to view the characters as whatever age they see fit, but since so many people ask this, I'll answer with the ages I have in my head as I work.

It is clearly stated that Kagome's age is 15, so for balance, Sango is about 15 au 16, and Miroku about 17, 18. I think of Kikyo as having died at about age 17… Demons...
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posted by deathchick9
I take no creidt for this!It all belongs to EternalSailor on DeviantArt.

1. Ask Kagome on a date.
2. Admit his burning upendo for Kikyo.
3. Pick Kikyo over Kagome.
4. Tell Kagome thats shes fat.
5. Pretend his human form is actully his He-Man form.
6. Admit his brotherly upendo for Sesshoumaru.
7. Call Kagome a bitch, kahaba when shes not looking.
8. Tell Kagome to fuck off when she tells him to sit.
9. Laugh at his own doggie ears.
10. Eat Kagomes nyumbani made cooking.
11. Say the words "Shippou will wewe marry me?"
12.Dress up as Naraku for halloween.
13. Turn down the chance to kill a demon.
14. Start communicating with...
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posted by jacqulene11
The gang is walking on a path to a nearby village, hoping to get some R & R after fighting a huge demon...

Sango, looking up at the sky: Ahhh, today is a beautiful day! Don't wewe agree ,Miroku?

Miroku turns to her, smiling: I know something even zaidi beautiful.

*Sango looks down, blushing*

Kagome(in back): Awww! That's so sweet!!!

Shippo: Yeah, after Miroku proposed to Sango, they have been getting kinnda "comfy" together.

Inuyasha, yawning: Yeah right! Like it's gonna last long, besides, their not even officially married.

Kagome glares at him: Oh, don't be stupid , Inuyasha! This is gonna last...
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Now just so everyone know, I've only watched the shows. I've seen every movie and every episode of Inuyasha. But I haven't read the manga so do not be upset with me if some of my thoughts are different.

I believe that Sesshomaru, at any point in time could have killed Inuyasha. Yes, their father did leave Tenseiga to Sesshomaru and Tetsusaiga to Inuyasha, making it futile for them to fight. But look at everything that happened.

In the early episodes, Sesshomaru used a human arm from Naraku and showed Inuyasha the Wind Scar. He could've easily just used the Wind Scar on Inuyasha.

The episode where...
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I'm just doing this to be silly..I'm in my silliness mode today so I thought of some things that might piss them off.I do not mean any offensive to these Inuyasha characters,I upendo them myself.Enjoy!

Ways to make Inuyasha mad:
1)Pet his ears
2)Call him doggy!
3)Ask him why he likes Kikyo/Kagome
4)Try to make him "Sit!" and epically fail at it.
5)Shove ramen, mashua in his face 24/7(Ok that might not make him mad)
6) Mock Kagome
7)Try to trip him
8)Say his tetsusaiga is a piece of crap
9)Shout out "INUYASHA!" "KAGOME" a million times mocking the both of them.
10)Try to scare him kwa saying "I See you..." in the...
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posted by chocolate18
manga volumes from InuYasha have been maarufu in Japan, taking high places in rankings listing sales.[38][39] In 2001, the manga won the Shogakukan manga Award for best shōnen manga title of the year.[40] In North America, the manga volumes have appeared various times in the New York Times[41][42] and Diamond Distributions juu selling lists.[43][44] Moreover, in 2005 InuYasha was one of the most researched series according to Lycos.[45]
The anime of InuYasha was ranked twenty kwa TV Asahi of the 100 best anime series in 2006 based on an online survey in Japan.[ In ICv2's "Anime Awards" from...
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Once Janis climb out of the well, she sees many trees and other greenary...

Janis: Where am I?

She looks around slowly, taking in the scene.

Janis: This is unreal... I was in that Shinto shrine just a few dakika ago, but now... Now it looks like I'm in a completely different world. What's going on here?

Janis regains her composture and slowly makes her way through the forest. After a while of looking around, she comes to the Tree. Monk Sen is standing underneath it.

Monk Sen: So wewe came...
Janis: You're...Monk Sen. What are wewe doing here?
Monk Sen: I've been waiting for you... This world is not...
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posted by jacqulene11
wewe have always been there for me.You have never let me down. Now it's my turn to step up and stay beside you.
I will let no one harm you. wewe must always be safe. wewe are the light that opens my eyes gazing into yours.
The sound of your voice takes my breath away. When wewe smile at me my moyo skips a beat. I want to be in your arms forever, never leaving your side.
I upendo you. Your eyes are zaidi gorgous than a waving ocean. The way wewe get a faraway look when wewe stare into space gets my mind thinking of what wewe are thinking.
I can never let wewe go out of my grasp. wewe are made for me and I am made for you. We are one with each other. Its my destiny to be with wewe and yours to be with me. I upendo you.
posted by punkhellokitty1
Kagome was picking out addesinal herbs for Sango for she got wounded when they fought one of Naraku's reincarnations for a jewl shard. Inuyasha, sitting on a branch high in a tree, watched Kagome blushing madly noticing her her skirt, upindo was riding up. When Kagome looked up at him he jerked back so hard he fell to the ground."You ok Inuyasha?"Kagome asked."Yeah even though my face is on the ground."Inuyasha muffled. "Kagome, Inuyasha chajio, chakula cha jioni time Kaede made kitoweo, mchuzi hurry up." Yelled Shippo.
As everyone was eating Inuyasha pricked up his ears and alisema "I smell wolfs!" He ran out side as Kagome followed...
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posted by Skyadami
Well there's been a huge debate on the whole 'Inuyasha should have been with Kikyo' au 'I'am gald Kagome and Inuyasha are married' thing I've been hearing lately online,and at school -_-.(Well before summer break)
In my belief,they both had postives and negetive points to them.NO,I'AM NOT CHOOSING A SIDE!
1)Inuyasha seemed to love,care and understand Kikyo more.He wasn't shy around her unlike Kagome.He expressed his feelings and emotions around her.
2)Kikyo and Kagome brought out the good in Inuyasha.It wasn't just Kagome people,it both of them.
3)M'kay some of wewe are forgetting...
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posted by jacqulene11
Ok Kagome was travling with the band of seven. Bankotsu kissed her while she was sleeping and she woke up. Kagome was about to say something until Inuyasha came flying in the air.
kagome:Inuyasha, Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt!!!
Inuyasha getting up:I know your mad Kagome but we need to talk.
Bankotsu:She doesn't want to talk to wewe mutt face. Kagome is with us now so go back to your clay statue Kikyo.
Inuyasha:I am no longer with Kikyo and don't get so cocky just because wewe left Naraku a few months ago.
Kagome:Leave me alone. I don't want nothing to do with you. You've hurt me too much this...
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posted by LidiaIsabel

► Water god arc: saving Inuyasha kwa giving him CPR.
► His fox, mbweha magic to get out of the Sage box.
► Taking the Jewel and hiding it from Ryokan's wolves.
► Getting Satsuki away from the mjusi demon with his fox, mbweha magic.
► Using mushrooms to get Inuyasha's attention when abducted kwa Koga.
► Retrieving Inuyasha after Mukotsu abducted Kagome.
► Holding up Kagome during the Mt. Hakurei collapse.
► Retrieving Inuyasha when Kagome was abducted kwa the Infant.
► Carrying Kagome AND Inuyasha when the Zushi Nezumi attacked.
► Retrieving Totosai after the Dragon-scaled Tessaiga aftermath incident.
posted by deathchick9
1. Bring out his own fitness video.
2. On fitness equiptment saying "This is great! wewe should buy this aperaturs!"
3. Win a Bafta at the soap awards.
4. Purchase a Happy Meal with an extra large banana, ndizi milkshake.
5. Sing the hockey kockey at the children's krisimasi party.
6. Run like David Hasslehof down a beach.
7. Make ice cream and jelly for wewe and your Marafiki .
8. Be a male underwear model.
9. tangaza the new LINX spray for men.
10. Pose for family photographs.
11. Become a sales assistant at 'New Look'.
12. Babysit.
13. Graduate from beauty school and become a professional hair dresser.
14. Become...
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"Inuyasha" which use the most advanced thinking is the reincarnation of this concept, I went through a lot of information. Japanese Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism is different, and link their monks can get married and have children, but no nothing concrete to say. Can be basically interpreted as humanely is used to get rid of the scourge of the body, no other significance. This is zaidi obvious in the "Heike Monogatari".

The reason for talking about this, on the one hand, to explain why Maitreya children, on the one hand, I have to explain the micro-Ge relationship with Campanulaceae. kwa the traditional...
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posted by InuYasha101
i was only 12 years of age when i ws able to go into the futal aira kwa myself. i went the same way as me mother and father went. when i got to my fathers aira i looked all over for them i couldn't find them i walk over to a village to stay for the night. they alisema that it was alright for me to stay. they guided me to the hut. i thank them and go right to sleep. in the middle of the night a demon comes and trys to distroy the village. i wake up right before the demon crushes the hut i was in. i ran far away from the demon but i tripped over a rock and the demon grabbed me. i screamed...
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Campanulaceae can be alisema as the saint of that era, everyone he is at arm's length, respect her, but also afraid of her, and link her nature is typical of traditional Oriental women like the 16th night princess, gentle and virtuous, the totalthinking of others, do not want others to be hurt.

However, because of her strength she had a major mission - the eradication of monsters to protect people. This mission she had all their emotional repression buried. As she alisema that she must not reveal the vulnerable side
link of the slightest, otherwise the monster will swoop.

Therefore, no matter how much...
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posted by khanna266
One night while Kagome was trying to sleep she kept struggling and finnaly sensed something similar to a jewel shard."I sense a jewel shard she b lurted out waking up the others,"Kagome are wewe sure it's a jewel shard wewe sense?(yawns)"shippo asks in exhaustion when all of a sudden he finds a girl with a huge smile standing in front of him. "Now aren't wewe adorable"she squealed tightly picking up shippo."p-p-please l-let me g-go."shippo pleaded not breathing,"i'm sorry i did'nt mean to hurt wewe because thats not what godesses of joyfulness do"She apologized in a baby like voice as she noded...
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The following morning Hatchi meets up with Miroku alone. He tells Miroku what happned yesterday. Mioku then went to Inuyasha and Sango and made them confess. They did not know what he was talking about. He told them then they looked at eachother and smiled. They both blushed in a flash. Miroku was real mad at Inuyasha but he just walked off. Leaving the two "love-birds" behind. He returned an saa au so later finding only Shippo and Kagome. He looked in the hut where they slept. He found them asleep inayofuata to eachother. Miroku was now completely jealous! He wanted to get back at Inuyasha for...
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