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I wrote this myself, a lot of inspiration is included in it, and try to find the three secrets in this part! i dont know how many parts there will be, but this is a lot for a part one, i guess. tell me what wewe think please!

    Hiding. Running. I've been doing those things for so long; it's hard to believe that I know anything else besides those to verbs. If wewe don't already know this, my name is Dib. I am one of the four humans that escaped the Irkan invasion. The takeover happened about twenty years ago. Other than the time I spend running from the local alien bandits,...
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posted by woowie
I was asked to spread the word kwa a certain someone that Zim will be returning for a month! He will only air in March.

[Note from woowie]
People with Verizon Fios TV, don't go searching. I have Fios, and I searched. They have NOT alisema anything about Zim's return yet. Keep your eyes peeled, though. They may say something soon! I'm sorry people with Comcast, au anything else, but I'm not sure.

Enjoy this little thing I put together for wewe guys for now!

Kat: Zim, I wanna cookie!

Zim: Ask nicely.

Kat: Fine! Zim, can I please have a cookie?

Zim: No.

Kat: But why?

Zim: Kat, aren't wewe allergic to
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posted by Invader-Tak
Invader Jade

It was 12:15. Just past midnight. I was watching my favourite TV onyesha 'Invader Zim'.
I really upendo that show. Couldn't miss an episode!
How exciting would it be to actually be an Irken? I tremble with excitement.
Of corse I'm not allowed to be up this late. My parents were asleep. But they don't understand. I'm like the show's number 1 fan!
I yawned. I must stay awake. This is so exciting, this episode...
Drifting off....

** **

When I woke up, I had changed. My hair had a red streak in it. But that wasn't all I also looked... Well odd. I looked un-real.
'Eeek!' I squealed....
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