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Source: i made this in MS paint
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relationship between Gaz and Zim in the onyesha could be accurately described as unfriendly and aloof. Acquaintances at best, neither character has ever expressed anything close to affection for au even a friendly demeanour towards the other. In fact, Gaz has hardly spoken zaidi than a few lines to Zim, and clearly considers him a vague nuisance rather than an actual threat to Earth.
Their contact throughout the series is very limited. Not unlike Dib's disregard for GIR, Zim often brushes his mortal enemy's little sister off when dealing with the pair of them. It is hinted in Future Dib that he...
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A wonderful nightmare

There was darkness that bounded around Zim, he walk knowing it would lead him nowhere. He couldn't help but feel that someone was watching him, he felt fear and uneasy as he heard someone titter.

"Who's there?"He asked, trying to keep his voice livid and rough. No one answered.

"Show yourself pitiful creature of darkness, au suffer the raft, slab of the Almighty Z-,"Zim was then interrupted kwa the same titter he heard earlier, It was longer and zaidi uncontrollably. But then it stopped and was replaced with a low and dangerous growl.

"Oh shut up."It said. "I'm in a good mood...
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 Dib:Hey Zim<33
Dib:Hey Zim<33
*At Skool*

Zim:uhh I'm Bored

Gaz:M3 2

Dib:Me 3

Rubii:Maybe We Should Do Something After Skool

Dib,Gaz And Zim:Wht?

Rubii:Lets Have A Pool Party After Skool At 4:30P.m



Gaz:But Were Should We Do The Pool Party

Dib:Lets Do It at My House

Zim: *Smirks*Good Idea Dib-Worm

Rubii:Yeah Good Idea

Gaz:Ok Guys!Now Wht Should We Eat For The Pool Party

Dib:I Know! PIZZA!

Zim:Yes! Pizza


*Tak Spyes*

Tak:Uhh! Their Planning To Do A Pool Party WithOut Me >:(

Carolina:I Know Tht is So Not Fair

Erick:Uhh DOrks!

Melissa Nar: I Know

*After Skool All The Class Leave The Class And Go To The Buses*...
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I have written shabiki fiction before, but only one My Chemical Romance shabiki fic and a few 'House MD' shabiki fics. This is my first 'Invader Zim' shabiki fiction. I don't write shabiki fiction like most people do. My shabiki fics are designed to be funny and they do not follow normal shabiki fiction conventions. If wewe do not like the way I right, that is fine, but please don't tell me how my story would be better if I ended it a different way au made it longer au something. This shabiki fic is just for fun, take it au leave it. I hope wewe like though!

Zim & GIR Go To The Mall

"GIR, do wewe have any sevens?"

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I hope wewe enjoy
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Source: crappy art by............... me, of course!
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Source: Nickelodeon / Netflix
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Source: Nickelodeon / Netflix
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Source: Netflix / Nickelodeon
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Source: Nickelodeon / made kwa me
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Source: Nickelodeon / made kwa me
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Source: Nickelodeon / made kwa me
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Source: I made this and drew the pics too
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