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posted by teranne
I was making my way back to Konoha. I was very scared, 'Am not used for walking in the forest alone. I never thought it will get any worse , but all of sudden ,I couldn't see anything , because of the mist. Than ,I pimped into somebody's arm. I dropped my bag to the floor, and fell backwards. "very sorry, I didn't see u ." I said. the guy didn't answer me, but he glared at me. There was somebody with him , which looked like fish. He had an huge blade. "What about paying back, Itachi-san?",said the samaki face.He wield his blade. " Stop it! Remember why were here." alisema that guy, whom I pimped into his arm. Did he just say Itachi? OH , gosh! That guy who killed his clan . Should I start begging for my life? I closed my eyes.............

{ To Be Continued ....}
posted by Sasuke_Fan17
It was really a silent and peaceful moment. I usually talk a lot,but now the words are missing because I laid inayofuata to a gorgeous guy who kissed me! "You are so quiet, how come? I thought,girls are talking a lot!" Itachi finally broke the silence. "...I don't know," I said. "The words are missing." He still was shirtless (Kyaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!). I upendo his skinny body I hugged right now.Then I turned around to face him and kissed him. Again this silent and peaceful moment. I couldn't say something,I was really quiet. I didn't know this about myself,that I am so quiet. Suddenly he broke the hug,stood up and put his shati and vazi, pazia on."You can come with me,"he said,and I nodded. I still was quiet. I upendo it when I was once quiet. Well, this wouldn't change until he is dead au something else. But I upendo him and it wouldn't change either. I didn't hope he would be killed. But I have to fight for him,even when I am weak.
posted by itachiluver234
I had finally lay into my bed, after hours of homework. I turn over to stare at the scroll poster of Itachi. I stare into his eyes, and i suddenly fall asleep. I woke up when water was splashed into my face. " W-where am i?" I was on a raft, floating down a river. I started to panic. " Help!" i screamed. Multiple times I yelled help and no one came. I heard a sound like thunder. I turn around to see a waterfall. I thought to myself"oh no..." The raft, slab was at the very edge, i was helpless. I crossed my arms in front my face into a protective position. The raft, slab fell. I couldn't scream, I was in...
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posted by teranne
"LEAVE ME ALONE!"I yelled. I started running around
, than, I turned on the light. "AAA!" I screamed , there was a dead women in my living room.
And, it was my mother. than someone from behind smacked my head, and I fainted.I found myself in the hospital. I started crying once more.I wasn't crying for that women, whom I never known. I was crying,
because that person was haunting me. I started thinking , and I even thought that I was going crazy. My hands, legs, and my whole body was shaking.Naruto walked in. Than he said,"Teranne-Chan,you okay?Sorry for what happened to you're mother." Than Sakura walked in,"NARUTO, STOP ANNOYING TERA-KUN! Isn't enough what happened to her already ?" Than she smacked his head. " A aah....let's leave TERA-KUN alone."Kakashi said. After they left
in 30 min , Itachi appeared . I wanted to yell , but my voice is very week from all that yelling....

{to be continued}
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