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IU is back with "Twenty-three," which will get wewe up on your feet to dance with her!

Although she's been mostly active in the indie sphere as of late with guitar-laden, sweetly sung tracks, she has returned with a catchy dance track! She's as lovable and cute as ever as she talks about being twenty three.

[IU, who showed the development as a musician kwa creating the bond of sympathy among many mashabiki with her delicate and unique emotions expressed through awali albums and songs made kwa herself, expanded her scope of participation to producing and tightly filled the album with her voice.] Added kwa MissDIU.

Listen above!

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After her agency confirmed that the singer and Jang Ki Ha are dating, IU herself reached out to her fans.

IU wrote on her fancafe website (Uaena):

“It’s been almost two years since we’ve dated. I fell for him immediately after meeting him for the first time through a radio show. He is a boyfriend whom I have a lot to learn from and I am thankful for that. We are dating like any other couple, having good times, fighting, getting disappointed, and feeling thankful.”

“I was thinking about what would be a good way to tell everyone about this but my turn was taken from me. Haha, it’s sudden,...
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Another nyota couple is born! IU and Jang Kiha, who share an 11-year age difference, are currently dating.

IU confirmed she is dating Jang Kiha herself through a post on her official shabiki cafe on October 8.

IU wrote, "Sorry for not letting wewe know sooner. We′ve been dating for close to two years now. We met for the first time during a radio show, and I fell in upendo with him at first sight."

She continued, "He is a boyfriend I have a lot to learn from and am really thankful for. We′re in a normal relationship, where we′re fine, we fight, we feel sorry and we feel thankful."

IU wrote, "I was...
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