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Title: Rumors Hurt
Author: Jewel_2
Sumarry: Title: Rumors Hurt
Author: Jewel_2
Sumarry: Demi gets a hurtful e-mail from a suppose friend.
Author's Note: I don't own anybody but Georgia. This is one of my takes on the whole Demi sad thingrumor thing. I will be doing another one that i thought of as i was typing this one so keep your eyes peeled. Please review.

Ok so coming nyumbani to find my wife sobbing at the computer with her phone in her hand isn't the welcome I was hoping for. I was hoping that my wife would greet me at the door with a kiss and a hug so I need to go over there and make my girl...
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posted by jonash12341
"Leave! I upendo him and he loves me!"
"He doesnt upendo and care for wewe like I do!"
"Plea" she stopped dead in her sentence; taking in the words I said, she looked down. At this time, all I wanted was to sprint right through the door and never look back. But my feet were glued to the ground. My throat fell dry and my moyo beat had stopped. Taking a deep breath, I finally said,
"I know it wasnt what wewe expected. but I cant hide the fact that Im totally in upendo with you. Ever since 2 nd form, on Valentines siku at school when wewe gave me what was our friendship bracelet on the stairs, I fell. And...
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posted by jonash12341
I could hear her breathing becoming harsh and I knew she was struggling to say something more.
"Its your life, live it"
Her hand then slid from around my neck and I heard her drop possibly dead to the floor. I reached out to her but I felt a hand on my shoulder.
And for that moment I felt, for once in my life, that everything was going to be okay.

I woke up gasping for air and sweating very heavily from that nightmare I just had woken up from. It was not yet daylight and after checking the time on my phone, I nearly screamed in my mto knowing it was just half past two. In fifteen hours...
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"Hi, Im Cody Linley "
I just stared at him and then pulled my leather koti, jacket tighter as I noticed the sudden change of temperature.
"And wewe are?" he asked dropping his hand, finally getting the idea I wasnt going to shake it.
"Listen Nick, I dont know what game wewe are playing but-"
"Game? Nick? This is Cody, a new fifth mwaka transfer student from France" alisema Chelsea interrupting me. I looked over at him again, seeing the same smirk before exiting the cafeteria. I went to my first class, History of Magic and sat at the back trying to process all that just took place. My brother, here but under...
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posted by jonash12341
Living the life
Hello my mane is Demetria Devonne Lovato but for now wewe can call me Demi. I have almost everything life has to offer. I’m rich, a princess, beauty, clothes etc. So what maybe be missing from my perfect life? Love. The upendo of my life died in a car accident on what was supposed to be our weeding day. It was an arranged marriage but that didn’t mean I didn’t upendo him. I’m 19 now and will be going on to 20 soon. My mom has been pressuring me to marry so that I can become Queen but after Cody, I just couldn’t bring myself to it. My best friend Selena has been there for...
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I hope wewe like this! if its bad
i dont blame you. Im not really a good writer
I used some things I read from different jemi articles.
i decided to change it.
" hujambo get away from me" Joe yelled at two bullies that cornered him at lunch.
"We will go away as soon as wewe give us your lunch money" One of the bullies alisema in a cold tone ". wewe win" Joe alisema in deafeat he handed the boys his money. " Iike taking Candy from a baby" The other bully alisema in a moking tone as they walked away.

I sat down alone at a meza, jedwali no one liked me just because im new! Joe thought. But then a little girl with a sweet...
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